Blue's Defeat
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Zuko finally woke up sometime later, a sack on his head, tied down to a chair. He tried his best to burn the rope but he couldn't even scorch it at all. He only burned the bag off of his head, it was bow that he can see a strange figure standing in front of him. He looked next to him, someone else was tied up too. Zuko made a small blaze on the bag and burned it away, not hurting the person in it of course. It was Tom! They both looked at each other stunned.

"Well that ruin the suspenseful fun now does it?" a voice rang out. Zuko and Tom looked around and then saw something in the shadows. It was too dark to see who it was, so they both can only tell who it is by voice.

"Who's that?!" Tom demanded.

The thing didn't reply at first, sounding as if he was thinking of something to say.

"The name's is Blue you simpletons. Now listen up, you two just relax and things will go along swimmingly. But if anyone makes a peep or calls for help, I saved a lovely spot on my mantle for you. Dig?" Zuko suddenly got very angry. He remembered Blue a long time ago during the North Pole incident and isn't going to let him try anything else.

"Oh no. I need to get help, but I can't say anything," Tom thought. He turned to Zuko and got his attention. "Zuko, don't worry, I'll get some help." Tom whispered. He concentrated hard, only focusing on what to do. Zuko wasn't sure what he was doing, but all he did know is that he better be quick about it before Blue figures it out.


Meanwhile, far away back at the ship, the crew had stopped at an island for a while. The fleet was all asleep...all but one. One of the members, named Hook, was trying his best to get some sleep. Hook is a spotted Labrador that was found with Mel and had agreed to join the fleet. Tonight he wasn't getting much sleep. He was having a crazy dream now. In it, Hook was with GB, Mel, and Smith with a dog laying on a road. He then saw Weed rushing over to him. But then Blue grabbed hold just as a giant object ran over them both. "WEED!!!" Hook shouted. But suddenly, in both the dream world and real world, his head suddenly ached, as his dream suddenly turned into a dark room. He looked around and then saw Tom standing In front of him. "Hook-San! We need your help! Zuko and I are being held captive by Blue and we need to escape. Please help!" Tom said. He faded away as Hook awoke shocked and scared. He had only one thing to do, he quickly got to his feet and rushed outside to Zuko's room. When he looked in he screamed to the top of his voice...Zuko was gone! "Zuko!! Oh no! He really was captured!...I need help, fast!" Hook said aloud. But as he was running, one of his feet was suddenly caught by a metal bender's work and he was stopped. He tried to pull free when Toph ran over. "Hook! What happened?!" Toph asked, rushing to him.

"It's terrible! It's Zuko! He's captured! Tom too!" Hook said, catching his breath.

As soon as they heard this, Toph woke up Team Avatar as they looked around the whole ship with little success.

"Hook. When did you find this out?" Aang asked when the searching on the ship was done.

"Man I don't know, a nightmare came up and a silhouette of Tom tied down told me so. It's true, honest!" Hook pleaded.

"Easy, easy Hook. We got it. Now is there anything else that Tom told you?" Mel asked.

"HM...well he said that it was Blue who captured them but that was all the clue." Team Avatar gasped after hearing this. Blue's a deadly enemy and if Zuko is captured, who knows what he'll do?

"Oh man. Okay knowing Blue, he's probably gone and left them to some subordinates. So Team Avatar will go and get them as you guys handle Blue. Understood?" Korra instructed.

"You serious?! I've met Blue before, he's a killer!!" Mel said.

"I know, I know. But well help you. Okay, the humans can go on rescue as the animals can go and fight Blue. He dealt enough damage to the world as it is." Smith said. The group was now ready. Azula had known this island before and helped her team figure out where Zuko and Tom might be. But as they were going...

"Weed, wait!" Smellerbee said. The group stopped as Smellerbee ran to them.

"Smellerbee, what is it?"

"I'm going with you to fight Blue!"

"But Smellerbee, he an expert human killer, you know that!"

"Now listen. That blue assassin had killed my parents years ago and destroyed my life. There's no way in heaven and earth that I'm going to leave this aside! I have to avenge my parents!!" Smellerbee said. Hook looked at her a bit concern yet understanding.

"She should come guys. If she is order to avenge her parents, she should at least help out." Hook said.

"Geez, Alright! Now come on, the longer we stay, the less chance we'll find Blue!" Alam said. With that, the two group went off.

--Aang's group--

Aang and his side were making great tome and had just reach where Azula believes where Zuko is. It was a huge prison, at the top was a torture room, which would be a perfect place to find someone like Zuko and Tom. Sokka raced to open the door, but it was locked up tight. "Come on stupid door!" Sokka shouted, yanking at the door.

"Step aside. Toph's got this." Toph said, cracking her knuckles. Toph then, with one powerful punch, knocked the doors off, throwing them to the ground. Everyone looked in awe. Toph turned to them saying "I dabbled with metal-bending. Worked wonders. Come on!"

The whole group charged in, fighting different fire navy soldiers on their way upward.

Meanwhile, Zuko and Tom can hear them coming along with 'Blue'.

"I knew it. I knew they would cone." Tom quietly said. But the dog them suddenly jumped and ripped the rope off, Zuko suddenly shot a huge fire ball at Blue. It missed, but then it showed a silhouette of a different dog. A black dog with no eyes...he wasn't Blue!

"Who the heck are you?!" Zuko shouted.

But as they were fighting, Team Avatar suddenly stormed in, swarming with other soldiers inside yhe room. The whole group turned to Dave the dog in the room.

"Where's Blue?!" Zuko shouted, shooting another fire ball at him. But the dog didn't reply as it rushed out, leaping outside the window, and seemed to glide off to a platform below.


Suddenly a furry projectile was shot at them, narrowly missing them. But Toph was injured in the shot and couldn't bend properly. "Aang help!!" Toph shouted. Aang tried to reach her but another shot at the tower caused Aang to lose balance and nearly fall out, to have Ty Lee save him.

"Aang this way!" Ty Lee shouted. Everyone tried to reach to the bottom floor as more shots were made at the tower.

"TAKE IT DOWN!!" the dog shouted.

One shot made Its mark out of 5 and blocked their exit. Outside all the enemy could see was the whole tower falling.

"Yes!! Goodbye Avatar Aang!!" the dog shouted.

Aang was trying his best to find a way out, but as everyone was panicking, Katara remembered something important. She rushed over and told Aang to fallow. Katara and Aang rushed over to one of the windows, the rest fallowing. "Aang. The only way out is up!" Katara shouted. Before Aang can say anything, Katara grabbed his hands and swung him upward, Aang landing on his feet. Everyone fallowed them both as they swung each other in turn up the collapsing tower

as the black dog was enjoying the moment, he oddly sensed Team Avatar now running up the structure.

"Where are they going?"

Team Avatar was trying to the top to escape the collapsing tower. As they reached the top, Katara reached for a special whistle given to her. The great Wan Shi Tong gave her the whistle with the scroll and she can use it only if absolutely necessary. What a better time than now?! She yanked it out, inhaled as deep as she could, using only a small amount of air-bending power, and blew as loud as it possibly could. The noise rang out for miles upon miles. When the group ran to the top, suddenly a giant owl, Wan Shi Tong appeared and they all leaped on his back just before the whole building finally reached ground level and turned into rubble. "Wan Shi Tong. You're a life-saver." Ty Lee said, hugging him.

"Don't thank me little one. I was only summoned thanks to Katara's quick thinking that you're all still alive." Wan Shi Tong said. But as he was flying, he was having trouble keeping airborne.

"What's wrong Owl?" Zuko asked.

"I'm feeling a bad presence in one of you. We have to return before any more horror can occur." Everyone was worried now. None of them knew who the evil was.

--Weed's Group--

Weed's group departed from Aang's group and raced over to the edge of the village, fallowing a strong scent that GB was picking up. "GB. You sure you know where he is?" Alam asked.

"Of course I do. I was the best tracker back at the south pole. Blue's scent is unmistakable." GB replied.

GB kept running ahead until he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. In front of him was a dead boar in a pool of water. Two other boars were alongside the body floating upside down, blood oozing into the water from its head. "GB. Come on, there just pigs. Let's go and find Blue." Smith said a bit annoyed. Most of the group went off but Mel stood where he was, a bit sad seeing the scene here. Before anyone can say anything, he went over and asked what happened. "Oh man, it was terrible. A crazed psychopath of a dog came and killed our brother for no reason!" One of the boars said, weeping over his body.

"Was it Blue who did this?" Mel asked.

"That's him! You met him to?!"

"You have no idea. Our group is looking for him. You know where he went?" Mel asked. The surviving boars turned to a clear path across the pool. "He went down that way. We tried to warn him about the dangers down there but he didn't listen to anything we boars have to say. There's a dead end down there so he might as well be stuck there."

"Thanks slot you two. Don't worry, well avenge your fallen brother. I promise." Mel assured, as he swam across. The others saw him going that way and bolted after him.

Mel ran and ran until he came across a blockage; a tall fence just at a road. As he thought, Blue was on the other side, just standing there. He looked across the fence as everyone else rushed over. "Blue! Get over here and fight like a man!" Weed yelled, slamming in the fence.

"Heh...why would I? I didn't do anything this time and you still come around to spite me!" Blue snapped.

"Didn't do anything, you kidnapped Zuko and Tom!" Hook yelled.

"Who the heck is Tom?! Now stay away I got a schedule to keep with Bat. He's very deadly and I need to settle scores with him." Blue turned to walk away as Hook suddenly walked back, ran forward and slammed the fence, nearly snapping it. "Geez man, you are that desperate to fight me?"

But before anyone can reply, suddenly someone jumped from behind Blue, and slashed him. It was Smellerbee.

"Smellerbee?!" Smith shouted. Smellerbee and Blue were now in a duel death match. Weed jumped up and just cleared the fence. Then he heard something. As they were fighting, suddenly a bundle of rocks began to roll down at them. "Smellerbee!!"

Hook then broke through the fence and grabbed Weed. Smellerbee tried to dodge, but it was very difficult, but then something happened that shocked everyone...Blue rammed her out of harms way! Weed raced over and tried to help Blue, despite his objections, but Blue grabbed Weed and threw him with Smellerbee and Blue was knocked by a huge boulder and was crushed. The boulders shot through the fence and narrowly missed the others. The landslide ended as quickly as it began. Rocks and boulders laid around the area. Luckily Team Avatar was unharmed. Weed walked over to Blue, in a pool of splattered blood. Blue barely raised his head and opened his eyes, looking at the blue puppy. The others walked over to him. "Blue?...why did you save me?" Weed asked.

"Why? showed me...what I never seen...before in my life...bravery...compassion...true kindness...thank you...if only I could see that...before all this...I'm sorry, sorry...but I know it...won't bring the dead back...see you in...the Spirit World...Weed-sama."

Blue slowly closed his eyes...and never opened them again. Everyone stood there silent for a bit until...

"...You think Tom dealt this?" Smith asked. Everyone turned to him surprised, and speechless. "He said while explaining his powers...that he can make bad stuff happen to people who are mean to you think this was what he meant?"

Everyone thought about it for a bit. Did Tom really had anything to do with Blue's death?...then the science was broken when suddenly a whistle rang out clear as a bell, making them all jump.

"That must be Katara! Come on everyone, we need to go. Justice has been done...whether on purpose or by accident." Smith said. Much of the group went off but Hook stayed around, looking down at Blue. It was very quiet as the sun started to rise. He thought back into his own childhood, while he was a young puppy. He was eating a snake he caught when he heard another young pup, close to his age. He felt a bit sorry for the pup and decided to give him the snake. His mind stopped remembering the past as he gently rubbed Blue's head.


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