Zuko's fortune-dream
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Ch.15: Back From The Other Side

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Ch.17: Blue's Defeat

Late on that night, it was very quiet. So quiet on the vessel that one can hear a mouse scurry around. The waves were calm...dead calm. The weather was cool yet moist, very soothing towards most of the crew...all but a few.

Zuko, the once fire prince, was trying his beat to sleep, tossing and turning in his bed trying to get comfortable. At one point though he felt especially different. He found it almost impossible to open his eyes, as if someone was trying to close them shut manually. During his blurred version he saw a strange shape of two people. One on its knees, the other standing tall with one hand stretched out, fingers raised. Suddenly he heard a horrifying scream!...the next thing he knew was him back in his bed trying to catch his breath. He was still in his room...alone. Not even Alam was with him now, nor was his sister. He grew so restless that he got up and walked outside onto the deck. He could see the stars out bright as ever and the full moon showing like a beacon.

"So that's it. Just the moon god messing with my dreams." Zuko said to himself. He heard that the full moon can mess people up in ways unknown by usual minds. He heard only the sound of his breath and the small beating of the calm waves against the boat. Zuko was so occupied that he didn't hear the footsteps of someone coming behind him.

"Hi Zuko."

The voice made him jump, but he calmed down when he saw that it was only Hope standing there with Korra. They both also were having trouble sleeping and heard Zuko walking about.

"Hello there Korra, Hope. Can't sleep?" Zuko asked.

"No not at all. If it weren't so moist I can rest. Same goes for Hope too. What bout you?"

"*Sigh* It was a nightmare that got me up. All of it was a blur to me. It showed two people, on smaller then the other...then I heard a horrifying scream and that was it."

Korra and Hope looked at each other for a bit and Hope got an idea. "Did this dream find it hard to stay awake? You know, keep your eyes open." Hope asked, concern.

"Well yea...why?" Before Hope can answer, another dog, a metal-bending scroll wolf appeared from the shadows and said, "A Fortune-dream."

"A what?"

"It's a type of dream that foretells what's gonna happen to you or your friends in the future. These kinds of dream happen three to four times during the time the moon shines brightest." The Grey wolf said.

"That's what I was gonna say! How long were you standing there?" Hope asked, now annoyed that the wolf said the answer instead of her.

"All night. A Scroll wolf doesn't need true sleep. A nap a day is all we need. I am a spirit after all."

"Yea I've heard of these Future dreams. I had one myself before we found Aang in the first place. Don't worry Zuko. The chances of it happening are abut low. How about we all get some sleep."


The next day, everyone had to stop at a neighboring island village to gather supplies. It wasn't a Fire Nation village so that wasn't a problem. Aang woke up early as usual, feeling much better since the incident. He was getting his disguise on when he saw Hope, Zuko, and Azula meditating.

"Hey guys! You coming?" Aang asked. As soon as she heard him, Hope finished meditating and leaped down to him. Zuko and Azula fallowed.

"Morning Aang. Just let me get ready and I'll be with you." Hope said.

"Okay Hope. Zuko, what about you? You coming?" Aang asked innocently. Zuko wasn't very sure, still thinking about that Fortune-dream he had...but however he's sure that it might help if he can stretched his legs for a bit. "Alright Aang. Sounds good." Zuko said.

"Great. See you in a bit buddy." Aang said as he went off with a few more friends ready to go. Zuko and Azula went with him after a bit, surprised by Aang comment.

The group, made up of Aang, Hope, Zuko, Azula, Ty Lee, Suki, and Tesshin, went over into town. It was peaceful and many people were around as well. The boys of the group went right to the market as the girls decided to have some fun at the beach, despite the suggestions by the others. The only girl that stayed with them was Hope. As they were looking around, Tesshin noticed that Zuko looked a bit distracted.

"Hey Zuko. You look like something's bugging you. What's up?" Tesshin asked. Zuko just shrugged saying "I...don't want to talk about it."

"Well okay then if you say so...say Zuko? Where's Aang?"


Back at the beach, Suki and Ty Lee were resting by the seashore, catching some rays. They were enjoying themselves for most of the time. Some of the boys of course took notice of these two and tried to "help" them out, trying to impress. The two simply took it to advantage.

" this is good eh Suki-sama?" Ty Lee asked.

"You said it. Ty Lee. This is worth the trouble." Suki replied. But as the two were resting, someone stood in way of Ty Lee's rays.

"Uh excuse me?...excuse me? Can you move?..." Ty Lee looked up and got the shock of her life. There was a person standing there, a sword in hand. Ty Lee jumped up to her feet and kicked the sword from his hand, slicing the sand. "Calm down Ty Lee. It's just me, Sokka." Sokka said, getting his sword.

"Oops. Sorry buddy. I only saw the sword...where did you get that anyway? I don't remember you getting one."

"I just got this. Pretty sweet eh? I always wanted one since I was a kid." Sokka said, posing with his sword. Ty Lee was happy over the sword and to Sokka. Suki too was pleased but not as much.

"Is posing for the chicks all you came to do?" Suki joked. Sokka blushed with embarrassment.

" I didn't. I wanted to check on the others as all. You two seem em?"

"They should be heading back by now. Took them long enough." Suki said. But as they were talking, Aang was over nearby, peering around a sea side cluster of rocks. He was there to see what the two were up to, he didn't want to be any trouble but he was a bit annoyed with Ty Lee's flirtatious attitude.


After gathering all their supplies, the group got back and they left again. That night Zuko again was having trouble sleeping for two reasons. One was the weather being cold and wet, Two being the Fortune-dreams. But despite his best efforts sleep managed to find him and, as he feared, another dream happened. It showed the same people but it was a bit more clear this time. They both were girls, one bleeding out of her eyes, mouth, and nose. She appeared to be a Fire Nation girl. The other girl appeared to be a water bender girl, oddly looking almost like Katara, except wearing odd revealing cloths and a bit taller, more mature too. Zuko could see the water bender seemingly control the other without even touching her, bending her arms backwards, arching her back, and cracking her neck in ways he never thought can be done. He could hear the noises of cracking muscles and the groans of the injured girl at the others mercy. Then the same horrifying scream rang out again...again he woke up back at his room, sweating abut as he heavily breathed.

"Again?...not again...I'm scared." Zuko thought. It was all he could think. Both girls he never met before, and if the fortune-dreams are true, he will see it with his own eyes...or eye. He set his hand gently over his scar, feeling emotional withdrawal. "Zuko!"

That sudden voice made him literally jump out of bed in a battle stance. He looked around but couldn't find anyone or anything that can speak. He calmed down after a while and decided again to walk outside. This tome the sky was covered in clouds, so he couldn't see anything. He walked only a few feet when...


This time it sounded like Aang's voice. He didn't understand that no one else was up or no alarm was being set off. But he didn't think about it and rushed to the sound. But as he cut a corner, suddenly something whacked him on the head, knocking him out cold.

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