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December 8, 2012

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Ch.13: Battle Between Yin and Yang

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Ch.15: Back from the other side

Later that silent and cold night, Aang, Azula, Zuko, Smellerbee, and Weed were being dragged down a special tunnel.

"Where are you taking us?" Azula asked.

"You have the right to remain silent prisoner!...but since you asked, you being taken to a "special" cell under the palace. There only one way way out...oh and by the way, there's this one kid who's in it too." Genba explained, "He's kind of an...odd ball to the human world, sort of speak." Smellerbee was about to say something but she quickly stopped herself...but the words escaped past her lips saying "Who is he?" That's when Genba stopped.

"...*sigh*...first of all. I literally just said you have the right to remain silent! Geez, does anyone listen anymore?...and second. This kid doesn't need to be explained of by anyone, including myself. Basically he no longer exists." The trip was silent the rest of the way until one of the Dai Le opened a rock wall door to reveal a cavern filled with crystals and even a shallow river flowing through. It was oddly beautiful for it being a prison cell... But suddenly Genba began to freak out! Running around, searching frantically throughout the cavern. Then he suddenly shrieked out loud "WHERE'S THAT KID?! HE'S GONE!!!"

Everyone gasped as some Dai Le began to look with Genba as the rest handled the new prisoners. After a few minutes, Genba had concluded his worst fear...his prisoner really was gone!

"DAI LE! Search the whole city of Ba Sing Se! That kid must be apprehended!" Genba announced!

"What about them sir?" one of them asked.

"Heck, it won't matter! If that kid says anything, a whole conspiracy will erupt! Now find him and catch him!" with those words, the Dai Le raced out quick as a flash and shut the door. They released Aang and the others from their hand cuffs first. The new prisoners were just speechless.

"Geez...wonder what that kid did to get stuck in here?" Weed asked to no one in particular.

"Not sure Weed. But whatever it is, it must be terrible to get down here. I've never seen a prison cell with it's own jewellery before." Aang replied. Then the three turned to Zuko and Azula. Before they can say anything, Zuko sighed "Relax. We're done with kidnapping you." Aang was surprised. Zuko had very well tried attacking at least 20 times, each time getting harder to drive him off. He was attacked by Azula 10 times, and by both twice.

Zuko then explained to them that they were now forced into doing this by Hougen, a platoon leader from the Fire Nation, and had risk of getting killed by him If they didn't return with the Avatar in chains.

" that's why...Zuko, I'm sorry to hear that. Has that burn healed Azula?" Aang asked.

"Well yes...but not fully." Azula said. She showed her burn to them. It looked like red branches, it was that bad. Then however Smellerbee realized something important.

"Wait a minute? Where's Alam?"


Out on the town, GB and Smith-San were looking around for Katara with Sokka. They had healed Ty Lee and Korra from their striped work and were now looking for her to heal her. Sokka however wasn't told that yet so he wasn't sure on why Smith and GB were tagging along.

"Man it's hard to find Katara around here. Like trying to find a needle in a haystack." Sokka sighed.

"How about a blue stripe on a zebra bird? Either way we need To find her." Smith sighed. Smith decided to give up after a while and gave the antidote to GB. Sokka and GB went over to the wall of the great city.

"Hey GB. What is that stuff in your mouth anyway?" Sokka asked.

"Oh this stuff. Katara's got this weird disease and caused her to get stripes but this will fix that easy." GB said. Sokka was surprised at first, but not much. As they were walking, GB then found himself thinking hard about his talk with Alam. "Was all that true? Zuko and Azula really giving up like Alam said?" GB thought. Sokka saw him thinking but he didn't bother him at first. But suddenly Sokka stopped. GB turned around as Sokka very oddly got to his knees.

"Sokka? You okay?" GB asked. Sokka suddenly screamed in pain as his head started to bleed! He gripped his head as the blood oozed from his eyes and mouth! GB tried everything but nothing seemed to work. Sokka began hearing things in his head but couldn't make out what they were telling him. But suddenly as it began it was done. "Uh...maybe I should just look for go home before you lose your head." GB insisted. Sokka went on back as GB went onward. GB now was completely freaked out from that, and didn't feel safe now.

Sokka walked back to their home and found Korra and smith inside. Toph was laying down, bored out of her mind. Sokka stopped bleeding in his eyes, but there were still some faint stains. Korra was the first to notice.

"Sokka? What happened?" Korra asked. Sokka didn't reply as he walked to the next room. Korra felt a bit worried at first.

"Relax Korra, he's fine. I'm sure of that." Smith said.

Korra wasn't sure at first but before they can say anything, Toph suddenly got up and looked at the door. Then they all heard faint foot steps coming too the door. "Who's there?" Korra asked. No reply was made out. Then they all saw a shadow at the doorway. It bent down and slipped a price of paper into the room and walked away. Korra walked to it and picked it up. It was a note...a small note.

"What does it say?" Toph asked. Korra unfolded it and started reading it:

Dear Avatar team-

I'm sorry about what happened to your friend. I tried to tell him but I took it too far. Your other friends are trapped as prisoners to the Dai Le and are in prison under the king's palace.

Korra was shocked. Everyone got up and rushed out to get him.

Meanwhile, in a private area of the city, Katara was busy with here own training. She laid out her scroll she gotten from Wan Shi Tong and was doing practice. She tried as much as she can without the others knowing. She was gonna tell them back at the springs but she chickened out and changed her mind completely. She practiced for most of the day and has only gotten the basics. She has only managed to get the air punch and kick completely down, but she only got partly on the other moves that were shown on the scroll.

"Okay so if I do this right..." she gathered up a good amount of air and got it into a sphere. And she managed to throw it at a tree, causing a huge blast of wind around the area. She had just done and Air Bomb. "Yes! Got it...what else is there to try? I'll be flying in no time at this rate."

But as she was looking through her scroll she then seen an all too familiar sight...small ash specks landing around her...she was scared. She immediately turned and ran off to warn the others.


Back at the palace, Aang and Zuko were getting to know each other as the others were resting still now our of complete boredom.

"So you can't remember anything Aang?" Zuko asked.

"No I can't. No matter how much I try, I always get a splitting headache and can't remember anything before I was found at the south pole. I was lucky I can remember my own name."

"Oh...ok then."

As they were talking, Smellerbee was thinking abut about this "kid" that was supposed to be here. What did he do?

"Hey guys. Who do you think this kid is anyways?"

"What kid?" Azula asked.

"You know. That 'odd to the human world' kid. Who do you suppose he is?" She asked. The group was silent at first but then Weed suddenly heard something.

"Who's there?" Weed called. Everyone looked around but no reply was made...but then a figure slowly walked into view. He was a young boy. It wasn't clear which nation he was, since he only wore rags for cloths. He looked over at his new room-mates. "You're the doctor aren't you?" He asked in a bit of a British accent, turning to Zuko.

"" Zuko said, confused. The kid paused for a second.

"...who are you?"

"Zuko...I'm Zuko. This is Azula. My sister." The boy then turned to Aang and asked the same question.

"My name is Aang. These are my friends Weed and Smellerbee...who are you?" The kid didn't reply as he sat down...and then he asked, "What are you in for anyway?"

"I guess for trespassing into the Capitol." Azula sighed. She expected the kid to get worried, that rule only went out for Fire Nation folk. But the boy remained calm, even kind of comfortable. But then they heard some footsteps coming in from the tunnel.

"Oh god, okay so that kid has escaped and- wha?..." Genba walked in and saw the kid he thought was gone!

"What the?!-but how did?!...bah! Tom, stay put and don't move!! We had been looking for you all day all over Ba Sing Se! Where were you?!" The boy didn't reply at first, but he got up and said, "Just getting some fresh air sir."

"What?! This is a prison not a hotel! You stay put until your sentence is over you know that!" Genba yelled sternly. Genba then noticed Tom shaded a tear. He maybe rough on his prisoners but he's not heartless.

"*sigh*...Tom. Listen. I understand what you did wasn't entirely your fault but you still have to deal with punishment. And I can't have my prisoners just walk around just because they want to. And by the way, you didn't say anything did you?"

"But...why did you destroy me?" Tom asked.

"Now Tom you know a question can't be answered with a question. And besides, I asked you first."


"Thank you Tom. And I destroyed those records of you Under the king's orders. It wasn't my I need to get going. The Dai Le are getting edgy." Genba said, and he left to tell the Dai Le. The others just stared at Tom for a while.

"So your name's Tom eh?... What'chu do to get stuck in here?" Smellerbee asked. Tom simply turned to Smellerbee, not saying a word. But suddenly the crystal stalk behind her suddenly cut off, and almost landed on her! Tom then sighed as Smellerbee bolted away from the crystal stalk over to Azula.

"How did you do that?" Azula asked. Tom turned to her and sat Down.

"...I could make things move without touching them...I could make bad things happen to people who are mean to me..."

The others thought about what he just said. They can get the 'move things without touching them' part...but what about the second thing? That he can make bad stuff happen?

"Tom?...what do you mean by 'can make bad stuff happen'?" Aang asked. Before Tom can answer, Suddenly a familiar face rockets into the crystal room!

"Everyone! We have to evacuate! The Fire Nation is invading Ba Sing Se and the King's gone!!" GB shouted, rushing inside. Everyone was shocked by what thru heard but Tom didn't seem much amused for some reason...


Outside, it was chaos! Fire navy soldiers and pack members were rushing at the Earth benders and Dai Le. Among the fighters included Toph, Sokka, and Korra. Meanwhile inside the king was just finished off by Hougen, his body mutilated and tossed at the entrance. Everyone thought he was dead but he was actually alive...barely. Hougen, leader of the invasion, walked out victorious but he wasn't after Ba Sing Se yet. First things first. The Avatar. He looked out upon the carnage of the battlefield.

"Now isn't this delightful? A death lecture?" Hougen laughed. He turned around and saw that the Dai Le suddenly surrounded him. With Genba walking to face him.


"Ah. Why if it isn't little brother Genba? What a pleasant surprise. How's your life treating yea?" Hougen joked.

"Enough Hougen! What do you think you're doing, no Fire Nation citizen is supposed to be here!" Genba growled.

"Heh...if so then why are you here? You were Fire Nation before you traitor!" Then Hougen lunged at his brother. The two fought it out until Genba suddenly was thrown and he was stumbling down the steep hill strait to the concrete below. Hougen laughed psychotically as he went back inside.

Genba just came To when rushing over was the escaped prisoners, Team Avatar.

"Genba! You okay?!" Azula shouted.

"Yea fine, but Hougen's up there!" Genba replied. Gb and Weed helped Genba as Aang, Azula, Zuko and Smellerbee raced at the palace, battling the fire navy soldiers along the way. When they finally get there, Hougen was already dealing with Katara, Ty Lee, and Alam. The fight lasted a little longer until Hougen saw the four new combatants.

"Azula! Zuko! What are you waiting for?!" Hougen shouted. But then the fight stopped when he saw Aang.

"Good work you two. You brought Aang to me, just as we planned. I knew I can trust you." Hougen lied. He knew they were against him since he banished them, but he wanted them as a threat to both sides.

"What? You guys planned this?!" Smellerbee asked, aiming her blades at them both.

"No we didn't! He forced us into this mess! Honest! We never wanted to do this!!" Azula pleaded. But Hougen made things worse by saying "You sure? You both seemed so into it to appease Fire Lord Ozai. After all, he is the enemy of the Fire Nation, and I remember correctly that it was you Azula whom sent that fleet to wipe out the Southern Air Temple, so why would you help him?" Azula didn't have a clue what he was talking about, she didn't even know there WAS a Southern Air Temple! But Aang was fooled easily and he earth-bended Azula far off, lifting a huge chunk of earth and slamming her in the palace walls. Hougen went for Zuko next.

"And you Zuko, I think you should explain yourself here. If you have been back-stabbing your whole life, how are you gonna get out of this one?"

"Excuse me?" Katara asked.

"Well maybe I should come clean here, you know your dad? The chief of your Water Tribe?" Hougen asked. He then walked only a little ways and grabbed a bag and placed it in front of her. Hougen opened repeal a decapitated head of her father! It had a huge slice mark right between his eyes.

"Poor fella, made a mistake upon trusting Zuko and got the ultimate price." Hougen said. With those words, Katara snapped and shot a huge water whip at Zuko. GB, who came back after helping Genba, and Alam were watching all this and noticed something...they all over looked one thing. Each story Hougen said was off topic what's going on and each one it seems that Azula and Zuko were completely oblivious to. GB walked over to the head and sniffed it. It had a scent on it...but it wasn't Zuko! They both looked at each other.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" GB asked.

"Yea...ready.1...2...3!" With that, Alam and GB charged at Hougen and bit deep in his shoulders, throwing them all down the slope. The fight among the others stopped and they all rushed over and saw Alam, GB, and Hougen landing hard on the cement. The whole fight stopped when Hougen landed. Alan immediately grabbed his neck ordering him to tell the truth. But Hougen got up, lifting Alam, and grabbed him and started thrashing him around. GB tried to help but he just simply was beaten away by Hougen. He lunged at GB and was just about to finish him when suddenly...all at once....a blur of a dog jumped right at him, and nearly chucked him five feet away! Aang was watching everything, his anger building over Hougen's behavior. Aang got down there and suddenly his eyes began to glow again...Avatar State gathered and ready to be released! He slowly rose up high and was about to kill him and the other Fire Nation when that same blur suddenly leaped at Aang and, to everyone's horror, sliced his back open!...everyone was silent...Aang fell down to the dirt road below. Aang life was now on a thread.

He could barely hear anything but he could of swore he heard the blur dog say "heh...welcome to the real world."

Aang grew numb all over his body...his pain dwindled away...his vision blurred...and then it's lights out.

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