Battle Between Yin and Yang
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Ch.12: Ba Sing Se

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Ch.14: World so cold

Upon arriving here nearly a week ago, Aang finally found a reasonable earth bending teacher...he however quit after a few days since he didn't seem to understand him. Now Aang was walking back to his home with Weed at his side. "So you've finally quit his training course?" Weed asked.

"Yea. I'd rather deal with a fire army than his course. I think there're still rocks in my ears." Aang sighed, picking out a small pebble from his eat and flicking it aside. "Now you're thinking. At least while Toph was training ya, she had her limits, despite nearly flattening you with that boulder incident. This earth-bender didn't hold back at all!"

"You don't think I know that? I'm beat. I could go for some tea right now."

"Hey that reminds me! There's a great tea shop over nearby. You can go there and get some well deserve tea while I'll head back."

"Perfect! But can you show me where it is? Never heard of it." Weed happily walked ahead and showed Aang a friendly tea shop. It was well inviting and there were a lot of people inside. Weed waited outside as Aang walked in. There he was greeted by a friendly face. She looked at Aang and greeted him calmly. The girl didn't recognize Aang since she couldn't see his marks, so he was treated as a regular. Aang got himself a seat and settled down from his training. He liked the atmosphere in the tea shop, calming, with friendly folks talking to each other. Aang glanced inside the back and seen the cook in the middle of making Aang's tea. He saw him putting in the usual spices and herbs and he finished Aang's order. The waitress got his tea and set it down in front of him, with the bill next to it. "Thank you miss. This is a nice tea shop you have here." Aang complimented.

"Why thank you. Enjoy your tea." she said, and went to fill the others orders. The tea was delicious, and he even left a tip for the good service.

Meanwhile, Weed managed to get back to his home. He was tired and staggered inside. He first ran into Sokka, Smellerbee, and Toph. Smellerbee and Sokka were talking about some things as Toph just relaxed nearby. "Hi Weed, what's up?" Smellerbee asked.

"Nothing much really. Aang however quit his training from all the roughness put on him...say? Where are the others?"

"Not sure. Korra and Ty Lee are in the next room, but Katara isn't around. Not sure where she went to be honest." Toph replied, picking at her ears for "cleaning".

"What about Smith-San and GB?"

"Not sure with them either...I think I'm gonna go find Katara. She's been acting weird lately and I'm gonna find out what." Sokka said. He then got his club and went out. Toph then got up next and said, "If you're planning to see Korra, Ty Lee OR Katara, don't bother. They aren't Uh...normal." Before weed can answer, Korra walked in and surprised Weed and Smellerbee with her stripes. They jumped back when Ty Lee jumped in with her yellow stripes.

"What the?! What happened to ya?!" Weed nearly shrieked.

"Relax, Smith-San already said it's alright and he will be back with an antidote with GB." Korra said.

"Well...that explains what happened to those two...but what about YOU two?" Smellerbee asked. Korra sighed and explained the deal to them.


Back at the Tea shop, Aang had just finished his tea, now fully satisfied with himself. He got up and paid the waitress. "Thank you sir. Come again." She said.

"I'm sure I will. Bye." Aang happily said. But unknown to anyone in the tea shop, someone was looking in and stepped to the door. But before the waitress can reach the door, it suddenly was thrown off its hinges, flying over to the backroom! Everyone suddenly were cornered when a group of men rushed in. But it wasn't the men that scared was who was controlling them...a spotted dog, great Dane walked inside. He stared inside for a bit at Aang, and the waitress...

"Fire Lord Zuko! Fire Princess Azula and Avatar Aang! You are under arrest for trespassing into the borders of Ba Sing Se!" The dog screamed. The waitress suddenly got scared...she was Azula and she was discovered. She looked frightened at him at first. "Who...who are you?" Azula shuttered.

"I'm Genba! Right-hand man to the king, and chief of the Dai Li! Now I know that's you Azula of the Fire Nation." Aang gasped silently with those words as Azula jumped back. Genba looked in the back and saw Zuko. He quickly bolted back and threw him at Azula! The Dai Le then suddenly bend some metal bars around Zuko and Azula's hands and legs. Aang got the big surprise and was cuffed too!

"Why am I arrested?!" Aang shouted.

"For leading Fire Nation royalty into the earth capitol, that's what! Dai Le, take them away!" Genba ordered. The Dai Le dragged Zuko,Azula, and Aang out of the shop. But as Genba was walking out, he glanced down the road and saw a blue pup running at him. "HEY! What are you doing to my friends?!" Weed shouted. Genba turned and saw him running at him with Smellerbee running by him. They were coming down to get Aang when they saw the Dai Le taking them away. "Stay out of this you two!" Genba warned, but all he got was a strong slash from Smellerbee's blades. Genba grabbed Weed next and started whacking the girl with him! Azula, Zuko, and Aang could only watch as Weed was getting beaten up. Weed suddenly shot back and got base on Genba's forehead, drawing blood. The fight lasted a long while, Genba getting hit Aton by Weed's quick hit and Smellerbee's blades. Genba slammed Smellerbee on Weed, and ended the long battle. Weed and Smellerbee were unconscious. Genba decided to arrest them too for disobeying an officer, and they were all taken away.

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