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Before arrival

Team Avatar had managed to finally arrive in the great city of Ba Sing Se, the largest city out of all 4 nations of the world. No city from the Air Temple Islands, North or South Pole, or in any area of the Fire Nation even came close. Team Avatar settled down in a nice house of Average ranking, since that's what they could afford. Team Avatar was happy all the same. But unaware to anyone in Ba Sing Se, fire royalty Zuko and Azula had arrived to! They disguised themselves very well so no one would recognize them...not even Hougen (which they hoped to do in case he arrived here too). Alan fallowed them, but he couldn't get in such a good disguise, just a hood covering his bone-rebelling snout. Both had decided to stay around until things are resolved. Team Avatar with Aang's teacher, and the fire royalty with finding the Avatar and Ohu.

1: Katara's days

Katara, Korra, Ty Lee Tora-ge

"Tora-Ge Sisters"

The three girls, Katara, Korra, and Ty Lee were happy that they managed to find a suitable home until things were taken care of. But however, their food was well low, so all three went down to the grand market for some shopping. The shop was full of people and many goods and artifacts from others nations. "Okay I'll take...a set of lettuce please." Katara said to one of the shop keepers. She bought her goods and got to the others. Korea looked Abit unamused with her buy. "Hey sis. You really think that will cut it?" Korra asked.

"What'chu mean?" Katara replied, confused.

"What I mean is that you being too gullible...let me show you how it's done." Korra then walked over to a seller and requested for some apples. Katara didn't believe by what she was hearing that it will work...until Korra came back with a huge helping of Apples! "What the!...but how did you do that?"

"Just a good voice and a little persuasion is all it takes. Now let's get going before things get out of hand."

The three girls were about to leave when suddenly an uproar started up from the crowd. The three turned and saw a blur rush about, knocking over things and leaping passed people. Suddenly, it stumbled and it landed on them girls, tumbling them all onto the ground. In the confusion, the dog, as it turned out, thrashed around with claws slashing the girls at least once before it got to its feet and running off. All three rushed home before something else happened.

That night, Katara managed to heal themselves from the scratches, all still wondering who or what it was.

"There. That should do it." Katara said at last.

"Thanks. That stung a bit. But what happened though? That dog looked panicked." Ty Lee said.

"Not sure. *yawn* but I'm getting a bit tired." Korra yawned. The others didn't find it much sense, it was in the middle of the day.

"Uh Korra? You feeling okay?" Katara asked. But it was no use, she was already asleep. Ty Lee suddenly fell forward, out cold. Katara tried to wake her but oddly she felt woozy and she suddenly fell asleep.


A few hours later, Korra woke up first. She felt a little light-headed but not enough to feel sick or anything. She managed to get up but suddenly froze in place when she looked in the mirror. In the mirror she saw herself...covered in orange strips! She looked at the others, and they were having the same problem! Katara having blue strips, and Ty Lee yellow stripes. She managed to wake them up and they reacted the same way. "What in the world?" Katara said when she saw herself. Katara and Korra were dumbfounded, but Ty Lee was a bit into it actually.

" did this happen? This isn't good." Korra said.

"I don't know, I think they look good on me." Lee said, checking herself out. The others stared at her for a bit.

" kidding?"

"No, not at all. I look pretty hot in stripes."

"But Lee, how can we explain this to the others?" Katara asked, a bit worried.

"You know something? think too much. Come on look at us! Were like tots-ge sisters!" Ty Lee put her arms around both of her friends, a big childish smile on her face. " that you say it, it doesn't look that bad." Korra said.

"See? Now Hows about we show the others?" Ty Lee said. It took a little bit, but they agree and went to show the others.

2: Alam's days

Alam, Zuko and Azula were trying to get used to the Ba Sing Se, but it was Abit difficult for them. After 2 weeks since arriving, they edleast made a reasonable job for the time being until they can finish their now forced-on goal. Their job now was a small yet comfortable tea shop. Zuko learned to make tea from their uncle Iroh, and they were making good business for a while. One day Zuko and Azula were finished with a day's work. Their home they chosen had two floors to it, Abit high class. "*sigh* what a day. Lucky things worked out though." Zuko sighed, taking off his hat disguise. He collapsed in his bed as Azula walked over nearby and began brushing her hair.

"Well it would of been easier if you didn't have that argument with that customer." Azula said, Abit annoyed in her tone.

"Hey! That man didn't fully pay for his tea!" Zuko snapped.

"Give it a rest brother. We were lucky you didn't burn the place down."

"Uh...yea...say? Where's Alam?" Zuko asked. Just then Alam walked in, Abit tired. "I'm here guys. So how did business go?"

"Pretty good. We've made decent amount of money." Zuko said, showing Alam the money bag. But Alam can tell that Zuko was thinking about something important by the look on his face.

"You okay Zuko?"

"Huh?...well yea but...I was just thinking about...well you know."

"Our mission? What about it? We just need to find the avatar and bring him back, simple!"

"I know, I know!... But now it's just being forced on us now... Now I'm nor sure if it's right or not anymore." There was a silence in the room...Zuko did have a point.

"Well as you two discuss it. I'll just go and get some necessities. See ya." Alam grabbed the bag and went out.

Alam thought hard about what Zuko had said as he was walking around the marketing. He wasn't sure now of if the mission is even worth it anymore. Hougen is now basically forcing them into this. "HM...maybe Zuko is right...maybe it's better if we don't do rid mission if it's this dangerous. But as he was walking he got an odd feeling going through him. He looked around through the crowd, everything seemed normal. Then suddenly someone rubbed his back, makeing him jump. But then his bag was snatched! He only caught a glimpse of the theif. "HEY! Get back here!" Alam shouted, and quickly gave chase. The thief was rushing on the roof tops as Alam ran after him from below, eyes transfixed on the thief. Suddenly the thief jumped off the roof and bolted through out of sight. Alan continued chasing after him but didn't look where he was going and suddenly head-butted another person, knocking them both down. What made things worse is that Alam's hat flew off, exposeing his bony snout and scars. "Watch it you!"

"Sorry. I was just-" The dog Alam ran into was GB, who ironically was cheating the same thief. Alam stood there for Abit, unsure what to do or say. They hadn't seen each other since the invasion at the South Pole. GB got to his feet, shakeing his head. It was now that they realized that the hit they took drew blood out and opened a minor head wound. "What are you doing here?" GB asked. Alam stood silent at first.

"Sorry...I Uh...well Uh..." Alam felt like tricking him at first, but he wasn't sure if he was still on the mission or not...then he made a choice that changed more on the war than even he knew. "Well...can we talk somewhere private?" Alam asked.

"Uh...sure? I guess." GB said. They were both about to walk down the ally way where Gb came in when he spotted his bag of money! "That's yours?" GB asked as Alam bolted to his bag.

"Yea! A crazy theif snatched it as I was walking around town. You never see a theif in the afternoon." Alam replied. He didn't think GB snatched it because he looked nothing like the thief.

"Yea you don' is it you want to talk about?" GB asked.

"Okay GB listen...our original objective, as you might know, was to capture Aang, but before you try anything, let me say that I'm not sure if earther me, Zuko, or Azula would want to do this anymore." Alam started. GB was Abit surprised at the last part.

"How come?"

"Well that's just it...After Aang sent us off back at the South pole, Zuko decided to go back home so we can get help from his sister, Azula. But when we got there and asked Azula, a deadly and cruel ruler, hougen, Came in. He threatened all three of our lives if we ever came back without, as he puts it, The Avatar in chains. We can't go back until we have Aang and being him with us."

"If you were planning that, then how come you're reconsidering?"

"Because now were basically being forced to do this now, otherwise we can never go home. It was horrifying. He thrashed me around and burned Azula. That dog is too cruel for even the Fire Nation."

"...Whoa...I'm Uh...I don't know what to say." GB said, standing up. "Well there's not much to say anyway...Zuko was Abit rough since that incident in the north."

"Huh?...north? You mean the north pole?" GB asked. Alam looking up at GB.

"Yea. When we were looking up there when Zuko got attacked by this maniac dog named Blue-" But before Alam can continue, GB suddenly piped up "You to?!" Alam stared at GB in shock. "You've met him?" Alan asked.

"How can I forget? That crazy dog ruled over the north pole when we arrived. While we were there he froze one of my friends and he nearly froze Aang." Alam jumped to his feet in shock by what he was saying.

"What happened next?"

"Well I'm not sure...all I do know was that Katara got extremely ticked and we bolted out before anything happen. But when we got back in there Katara was passed out and a ton of ice spears were all over the room!" GB and Alam both got up at this point. "GB I need to get home now before something goes wrong. Can we keep this a secret please?" Alam asked, with the money bag in his mouth.

"Sure Alam. See ya." With that GB and Alam went their own ways.

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