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Ch.10: The Fire Princess

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Ch.12: Ba Sing Se

About a week went by, and the group had made it over half way to Ba Sing Se. Now everyone was getting concern with Appa since he still won't fly. What's keeping him grounded? for the relations in the group, they managed to get along well. During stops, Toph was giving Aang a few pointers on earth-bending. But Aang found that more difficult then water-bending.

"Come on Arrow head! Man up!" Toph shouted as Aang was trying to get at his boulder. "I'm trying Toph!"

Toph was getting a bit annoyed with this guy. He was all about tactics when it came to bending, and earth bending didn't have a specific way as Aang thought. Toph got off her post and walked over to Aang. "Like this," she said, and she easily shoved the boulder a good 2 feet away.

"The idea is to face it head on. No tactics, no strategy. Just right at it. And when I mean head, I mean like this!" Toph then jumped up and rammed the boulder with her head, shattering it to prices. Aang looked a bit spooked, now knowing who he was dealing with.

" sure it has to be like that?" Aang stuttered.

"Hey! I didn't become the greatest earth bender in the world by tactics! Now come on 'Avatar', we still have Aton to do."

So for most of the day, Toph pushed Aang to his limits. Aang tried his best, but he just couldn't get it, mainly getting hurt as a result. When mid afternoon came, Aang got a break and Katara tended to his wounds and blisters. "Hey Aang? You sure you want to do this? I mean there's no problem if you don't." Katara said.

"Katara. You know I have to do this. I'm the avatar after all, I need to learn all the elements." Aang replied. Katara knew he was right but she didn't want to see him get any more hurt then he already is. But then Toph walked over. "Okay Arrow head! Let's get back to it!"

"Are you kidding?! Look at him! He can't continue training like this!" Weed snapped.

"Relax. I promise this is the last thing." Toph assured. They weren't very convinced it was the last but let Aang go anyway. Toph stood tall at a ramp with a boulder standing at the edge. Aang stood at the bottom, scared. The others stood nearby a bit worried. "Toph! You sure this is right for him?!" Ty Lee called.

But then Smellerbee walked to Aang saying "Your right Lee." But then she blind-folded him!

"Now you have to sense when that boulder's gonna come. Thanks for caring Ty Lee." Smellerbee stepped out of the way when Toph got ready and shoved the boulder down the ramp! As it hurdled down at Aang, Korra had enough! She rushed in, shoved Aang aside, and took the blow of the boulders hit, smashing all over her. Toph was completely annoyed.

"What gives!? He was about to get it!" Toph snapped, jumping down to them.

"Get it?! He was about to get crushed! What does he get out of that?!"

"Endurance! He was suppose to gain endurance to gain earth-bending! You should of stayed where you were!"

"How can I do that when Aang was about to be flattened?!"

"She does have a point you know. Aang doesn't deserve to get beat up over this!" Sokka added.

"Quiet you! Your not involved in this!" Smellerbee snapped.

"I am to if it involves the avatar!"

"I don't care who Aang is! This is earth-bending training and I'm not changing any of it cuz Arrow head can't handle it!"

As the argument went on with almost everyone, Aang and GB were standing aside hearing all this. Aang simply was speechless, but GB couldn't handle such level of anger. He covered his head and finally he shouted as loud as he could "STOP IT STOP IT!!! CANT YOU SEE THIS ARGUMENT IS TEARING US ALL APART?!?!"

Everyone immediately stopped and stared at GB shocked and a little freaked out. GB meanwhile was panting from his plea. He never shouted like that before.

"GB?... You okay?" Weed asked after a while. GB then relaxed and stood up.

"Sorry...I just can't handle such high risk like that...I need to breath for snot. Its my turn for food gathering anyway." GB then turned around and walked away. Thanks to that, the whole group forgot about what Toph did stopped training for the day.


GB meanwhile had walked off to a small stream, trying to get some fish. He wasn't very good at fishing, but it was an excuse to get out of there before things went wrong. "Stupid fish...stay still!" GB said. But of curse the fish didn't listen. He took a break for a bit and looked down in the water at the reflection. But as he did, he saw another reflection walk up beside him. "Hi GB." Korra said, sitting down next to him.

"Hi Korra. Has everyone calmed down yet?"

"Yea. In fact, they felt a bit sorry for what happened and they all forgave each other."

"Good to know." Korra helped GB get some more fish and find some berries and vegetables for Aang. But on their way back, Korra wanted to talk. "GB? What happened back there?"


"I never saw you snap like that before. You seemed to lose it."

"Oh...I just couldn't take such pressure as all. Aang needs an earth bending teacher, and if Toph leaves, who's gonna help Aang? And besides, we've already made it this far, we can't stop now. I'm glad things worked out now though." Korea was happy that GB was feeling better now. She put her hands on the back of her head as they were walking, and GB suddenly covered his nose.

"Now what?" Korra asked.

"Now to be rude, but gosh dude! You smell awful!" GB said, waving the smell away.

"Well GB, we didn't manage to get a bath for who knows how long? Since we left the north pole?"

"Point taken. Hey, we saw some water springs not to far from here. You can relax there. You guys need it after all what happened."

They all agreed when GB told them about it and they all went off to the springs they saw earlier. They were set in varied pools, so they split theirs up in different groups, boys in one pool, girls in another (of course). The pools were set a good distance apart. Just far enough so the boys can't see the girls but not too far that they can't hear each other. The water was soothing and warm, so it was safe to go in. "This is nice. Thanks for the suggestion GB" Aang said.

"Don't mention it. We all need it after everything. I've heard it calms nerves and heals wounds." GB replied.

"You got that right. I've never felt this relaxed ever." Sokka said, smile on his face.

"This is great. Hey Smith-San! Are you coming in?" Weed asked, turning to Smith who was laying down by the edge of the pool. "No thanks Weed. I'm good... So Aang? You promised to tell us about the north pole?"

"North pole?...oh yea! So anyways Smith, I thought I wasn't gonna make it when Blue bit into me like that. Lucky for me Katara saved me." Aang said.

"Huh? What she do?"

"What did she do? We all left before anything happened." GB added.

"Well that's the strange part. She got very mad at Blue for freezing me and she made some ice orb around herself." Smith suddenly got surprised and suddenly got to his feet asking "Did she shoot ice spears around when she did that?!"

"Uh...yea?... But she levitated off the ground first...why?" Smith thought deeply about what he said.

"Aang?...I think I know what happened to her...I think she knows two bending styles!" Everyone looked at him shocked. "What?! But she's not the avatar!" Sokka said.

"Doesn't have to. To be honest, it's only a belief that only the avatar can Learn all 4 elements. Anyone can learn any element if they wanted to. It can be two, four, or even six. But either way, it can be done." Smith explained.

"You serious?...wait, SIX? I thought there were only four elements." Aang said.

"Well technically there is, but with an open mind there are many other bending styles then even the avatar can realize. Take lava-bending for example. Lava is both fire and earth. So it takes a fire bender and earth bender in one person to pull it off. Or if you combined Water-bending with air-bending and you can create a water tornado. Either way, the possibilities are endless if one has an open mind to the elements." When he was done, Weed suddenly got up out of the pool, shaking off the water from his fur. "Where you going, Weed?"

"To see Katara. I have to ask about this bending business." Weed was about to go when Smith grabbed him.

"Not a good idea to go now, you'll get in big trouble that way!" But as Smith was dealing with Weed, Aang slipped by and went to ask himself. It was too late by the time Smith realized what happened.


Meanwhile, the girls were enjoying themselves in their natural "bath house". Korra was washing Katara as Ty lee, Toph, and Smellerbee were talking. "Hey Korra? Remind me to thank GB when we go back." Ty Lee said.

"Sure thing Lee. This is plenty good...there you go Katara. All done." Korea said. Katara ran her fingers through her clean hair. "Thanks a lot Sis. Feels great." Katara replied. Katara then saw Smellerbee was looking at them for most of the time. "Uh...can I help you?" Korra asked.

"Wha? Nothing!" Smellerbee snapped, turning away. But then at a point, Toph stood up and suddenly made a rock Aang slammed into it! "Ow! What gives!" Aang shouted.

"No Perv is coming in here!" Toph shouted. Luckily for them, Aang can't earth bend in the slightest.

"I'm not a pervert! I just want to ask something!" Aang tried to find a way to get in but GB rushed in. "Aang! What are you doing?!" GB shouted.

"GB! I just need to ask them something." Aang replied. But GB managed to throw Aang away. "Listen. I know your curious about Katara and her Air-bending thing but can it wait until their done with their bath?!" Katara suddenly got spooked when they heard this. "Now if it makes you feel better, well ask right after were done okay? Now get that naked body of yours back to the spring before someone else sees you." Aang suddenly bolted off back to the others. GB chuckled and fallowed him. The girls meanwhile looked over at Katara who had her head down.

"Katara?" Smellerbee asked.

"*Sigh*...can you girls keep a secret?"

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