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The Fire Princess
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The Fire Nation during this time seemed like all the other nations. Calm and collective. But then one of the young boys at the harbor seen a large fire navy ship...with Zuko and Alam at front! "There back!"

The ship crawled to a halt at the docks. Everyone looked at the ship as the prince and platoon leaders, Zuko and Alam, stepped on the wooden dock. Zuko didn't take notice as the others bowed in respect. Alam however gave a quick bow of his head as they passed.

"Hey Zuko. You sure your sister will be pleased with your return? I mean she doesn't like missions not being done by her men." Alam said, concerned.

"I'm not sure. But Azula is my sister after all. I hope shell make an exception this time." Zuko replied. Zuko and Alam both walked to their home. A palace standing tall above the small city like a beacon. As they went up the steps towards the doors, Zuko began to think back before he was sent on his way.


It was about 3 months ago. Zuko was standing at the docks, looking at his family. Ozai, Azula, and his mother. "Son. You know what to do?" Ozai asked.

"Yes father. I'll search and return with the avatar." Zuko replied.

"That's my boy... I wish you good luck."

"Yes father. I won't let you down." Zuko was about to board the ship when Azula grabbed his shoulder.

"Zuko. The world is a dangerous place. You can't afford to take risks. Please be careful."

"I promise Azula." Azula happily hugged him after hearing that, tearing up a little. Zuko gave his family a Fire Nation salute and his family did the same.

--End of flashback--

Zuko and Alam had made it to the door. Zuko sighed, gripped the handle, and opened it. At first he didn't hear anything, aside from the door creaking open. What was shown was a quiet Thrown room. The fire blazed a hot blue. Then as he was walking over, he saw Azula meditating as she turned around and was surprised at whom she saw. She got up, a tear going down her face, and rushed over to hug Zuko. "Brother! Your back! (notices that the avatar was not with him)...where's the avatar Zuko?"

Before Zuko could answer, he gave out a disappointed sigh and said, "That's what I want to talk to you about Azula...I have some good news...and bad news. Which do you want to hear?" Azula thought about it for a bit and replied, "Let's get the bad news over with first."

Zuko waited until Azula let him go and said, "Well the bad news is that I didn't retrieve the avatar like I promised...but the good news is that I found out who he is."

"Well Zuko before you say anything, I need to ask what happened to you...I want to catch up with you." Zuko looked at her for a bit. But before he can reply, Alam said, "What about you Azula? Anything new? How's Ozai?"

"...Father... He's still not feeling well. I think his condition is getting worse." Azula replied. Fire Lord Ozai started to get sick when Zuko left, and hasn't gotten much better. "Has anyone found out what's wrong?"

"Ozai...has the winter flu." Azula said. Zuko was shocked he had gotten such a sickness. This sickness causes Fire-benders to lose their Fire-bending if not treated, and the cure wasn't discovered by Fire Nation locals. "That's I need to ask something important."

"Sure Zuko. What is it?"

"Azula...I need you to come with me. When I first found him, he nearly killed me, and after that I realized that I can't do this alone...Azula. Will you come with me and defeat Avatar Aang?" Azula stood there speechless for a while. Before she can answer, someone else walked in. He was a great Dane with black spots all around him, and both ears cut off. "Hey Lulu, Zuzu. What the hold up?" He snapped. Both siblings hated to be called that.

"Hougen! First of all, quit calling me Lulu! And two, Zuko and I were having an important discussion." Azula said.

"Yea buddy! You're going to have to come back at another time," Alam added. But suddenly Hougen grabbed his snout, thrashed him, and tossed him aside! Azula and Zuko were speechless.

"Any other objections you two?" Hougen asked. Zuko rushed to Alam's side as Azula stayed where she was.

"Alam! You alright?" Zuko asked.

"Yea I'm fine...What did you do that for, you brute!" Alan said, turning to Hougen.

"You don't need to know. Now Zuko, you get right back out there and will not return until you do! If you come back without that Aang..." Hougen suddenly stomped on Zuko's arm, and finished his sentence saying "Or you'll get killed."

"Hey! Who gave you the right to do that to the prince?!" Azula snapped.

"Heh...he's no more prince than you are princess." Hougen laughed. Azula was shocked.

"You respect the princess!"

"Here's my respect!" Hougen suddenly charged and grabbed Azula and slammed her in her flames! She was burned deeply in her leg and Hougen threw her at Zuko, laughing all the while. Zuko quickly fire bend the flames off her leg. Luckily the burn wasn't permanent.

"Now both of you! If you ever want to come Back and see your parents again, get the Avatar!" Hougen demanded. Azula and Zuko quickly agreed and rushed out with Alam. Hougen simply laughed evilishly.

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