By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Air Nomads, Air Nation


Air Nomad


Western Air Temple (formerly)
Haiqo (formerly)
Southern Air Temple

Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information

Lyo, Linjon, Ogomu, Honni, Olila, Air Acolytes, Meelo

Chronological and political information

Air Acolytes

Ging is an Air Acolyte residing in the Southern Air Temple. Originally hailing from the Western Air Temple, she moved to the Southern Temple after marrying an airbender named Lyo. She later became the mother of Linjon, who founded the Air Republic.


Ging was born and raised at the Western Air Temple, the daughter of two Air Acolytes. Trained from a young age in the ways and traditions of the Air Nomads, she learned to be at peace and learned everything there was to know about the Air Nation. As a child she befriended Honni and Olila, who were both airbenders. The Western Temple was visited numerous times by Acolytes and Airbenders from the other temples. During one of these visits, she met Lyo, an airbender-in-training, and they made a connection. Ging and Lyo talked to each other often, through radio and letters, eventually falling in love. Ging found it delightful that she had fallen in love with an airbender, and could possibly be the mother of airbenders.

Ging and Lyo were married at the Western Temple, and Ging chose to live with Lyo at the Southern Air Temple thereafter. Ging met Lyo's father Ogomu during the wedding, and was honored to meet him, being one of the new airbenders following Harmonic Convergence.

Ging and Lyo had a son together named Linjon, who was also an airbender.


While disappointed that she was not an airbender like her friends at the Western Temple, Ging was still happy to be a part of the Air Nation.

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