By Dr.Doom23 Part of the The Secrets of the Beast continuity.

The Blighted Despot has fought Mòrì and lost and is now going to serve him in regards to unleashing The Beast.

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Earth Kingdom

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Chronological and political information

Assassin/The Elemental Lord of Earth


Sediao/Four Lords of the Elements/Mori


Mori Shashou


He was in the same band of warriors as Jian Sheng, and also enjoys good fighting as well (not as much as Jian though). When he decided to fight against Mori after an assassination attempt on the band leader's life, he was soundly defeated; however, despite awaiting death from his opponent, Mori decided it would be better to show him the true ways of a warrior, and as such Giano became the Elemental Lord of Earth.


He acts very calmly, never losing composure in even the direst of situations. He is very loyal to Mori's plan and will do all he can to attain it, even turning on fellow allies without hesitation when they become obstacles. However, when pushed hard enough, his usual calm and goal-oriented demeanor belies a fierce savagery which shows itself quite prominently when losing; unlike his reserved manner that is usual of him, he roars, shouts, and attacks relentlessly in battle with no sense of self-control when his comes close to losing.


He has swept back brown hair with gray cold eyes. He wears and long black, brown and gold robe with fur trimming. It is short sleeved with it slightly open at the chest. He also wears two gold bracelets and a necklace with a pendent.


A example of what his earth like armor would be like.

Abilities & Equipment

He is able to make earth armor that maybe stronger then steel, and a large and powerful Claymore from any earthly surface, which can cause small shock-waves when he slams it down. He can also create a large earth statue the size of a sky scraper with an even larger sword. He can cause small scale earthquakes by merely walking with some force, and raise up large columns of stone in mere seconds. He uses floating rocks as projectiles and to levitate around.


Based off Lorenzo from Haunting ground, Saix from Kingdom Hearts and also Scarmiglione from Final Fantasy 4

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