By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
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"So, where's my money?"
— Gian asking Mung for his ransom
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83 AG

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  • Scribe
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Destination: Fire Nation

Gian is a nosy, cruel citizen of Jang Hui who, like the Ship Captain, has a hunger to increase his wealth. He is indirectly responsible for Mina meeting Kaila, as he turned Mina over to General Mung.


Meeting Mina

Gian was first seen eavesdropping on Mina and an old man, wherein he heard Mina speaking negatively about General Mung. Desperate for more money, Gian disregarded his village's opposition of The War, and told General Mung of Mina's insults toward him. When Gian asked to be paid for his service, Mung simply laughed him off, leaving Gian dumbfounded. Gian likely held a major grudge against Mung for lying to him.

Attacking Team Rebel

However, Mung gave Gian one last chance to earn his money back. Following Mina's escape from school, Gian was giving the task of bringing her back to the Fire Nation. Gian was only able to confront her once, unleashing thirty bodyguards on her and her friends. Gian once again exhibits his stupidity by only focusing on Mina, who, of the five children, was politically the least important one for him to capture. Gian's bodyguards are successful in apprehending Kaila, Chen, Ray, and Giu, though Mina is able to capture Gian and hold him hostage, which makes his bodyguards stand down. Fortunately for him, they spare his life.

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