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Smile Dog


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Wedding Day (brief)

Ghost is the name given to a strange and ominous ghost-type Pokémon of the Pokémon world. He is able to do a move called "Curse", which kills the opponent instantly (that effect only works in the franchise he's from). Outside of his normal world, this effect causes horrifying reactions and pain in the victim.


The version of Pokémon he came from is more of a hack of Pokémon Red, and a seemingly non-existent version called "Pokémon Creepy Black", with him as the main Pokémon (if you can call him that). The only move he knew is called "Curse", which kills the opponent instantly (that effect only works in the franchise he's from). Slenderman heard of him from eavesdropping and decided to bring him and help among the S.C.P.

Avatar: New Universe 2

Smile Dog and Ghost

Ghost with his close friend, Smile Dog

Ghost makes a brief yet ominous appearance in the beginning of the story, spying on the gang alongside Smile Dog. The only person who sees him at this time is The Duke, yet for some odd reason he doesn't bother with him.

Ghost appears later on that night with Smile Dog, Feral, Terror Blade and a few more mutants. He immediately wraps his ghostly tail around Toph, keeping her pinned until the Anti-bending trick has been done and made her simply a normal blind girl, bending now removed. He forced Toph, and Toube as it turns out, into their own portal. He stayed aside until they see Ty Chi-blocking most of the men and he wraps around her to make her stop. He then moves her into the portal along with the Avatar team.

Arc 1

He appears later on when Smile dog is about to be drained by Dash. He quickly saves Smile dog but gets stabbed himself. He managed to get free and decides with Smile dog to hand over Toube as a replacement for them both.

After dealing with Dash, he appears later with Smile Dog, seeing Katara, Sokka, Pipsqueak and Smellerbee dealing with Grizz. He had the feeling this would happen but he didn't count on Bob Cooper showing up. He shows up later on and immediately wraps around Pipsqueak, Sokka and Smellerbee and kidnaps them again. But thanks to Pyramid Head's interference, he manages to lose them and the four escape back home.

He shows up later with Smile Dog at Tennessee's time, looking for Toph. He at first asks Tennessee himself, not getting anywhere. He shows up with Smile Dog and Adjula to confront Toothpick. He helped in getting Toph and high-tailed it out, leaving Tennessee with Toothpick.

Ghost remains with Smile Dog as main assistant throughout the rest of the time through Feudal Japan, and when they got to Medieval, he went off to look around to see if they were alone...only to bolt back thinking he saw Pyramid Head, whom was actually Galleth. He later ditches BEN when Smile Dog tricks him to go for the duo.

After dealing with that, he and Smile Dog go to retrieve Aang in Egypt, and got a bit confused when Aang just goes with it instead of fighting like everyone else. however the Sky Trees managed to trap them and get Aang to safety before they could.

Arc 2

Ghost and Smile Dog were given a break and they decide to hang in Titans World orld for a while, watching a crazy fight between the Titans and H.I.V.E until they quickly realized Team Avatar was there too. When they saw them, they quickly run off before they were spotted.

After a while of absence, they show up once more and confront Team Avatar while they were looking for the tri pieces. He was rather annoyed that he's not threatening because they weren't able to get them before. However, with the help of Slenderman, they finally capture them for good and take them all to the foundation.

Arc 3

Ghost and Smile Dog both get Ty and Starfire, as they were the first. He was mainly the one who forces them there, since he can't get hurt right off.

After that though, he and Smile Dog were informed it was their turn to feed SCP-682. He didn't want to but followed Smile Dog anyway to the cell. They both were told to, instead of the usual cow they hoped it would be, to get Toph Beifong as 682's next meal. After some retaliation, he and his friend go and get her after building a large machine to do the job. He was the main one who dragged Toph into the room, despite being attacked by Toube beforehand. He watched as they fattened her up but he stopped the machine himself, thinking Toph might explode if fed any more.

When that was done, he and Smile Dog came back later when it was time to feed 682. He had the job to pull her, but however it was a lot more difficult due to her new weight and her refuse to her being dinner. they did eventually put her in but were winded afterwards.

Avatar: New Universe III

After Slenderman, and the foundation, were eradicated, he and Smile Dog were taken by the Spirit Council and put in the same spirit jar. Later on though, they were released by an (at the time) unknown individual. As a repay for their freedom, he and Smile Dog have to help split up the triforce pieces in Kyouga.

While in Kyouga, he pretty much did the same thing Smile Dog did. He tries wrapping his tail around the others but due to his loss of slight power, he isn't as strong as he used to be. When meeting Risley, he tries wrapping his tail around Beast Boy's mouth to keep him quiet, not working.

He remains helping out Smile Dog until they entered the cave and were attacked by Groudon. Only he was able to go through the anti-bending wall, and he went off to get Risley for some help. He comes back after the fight, getting the Groudon Tribe guards and Risley herself.

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