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Ghonsu and Vansak
Biographical information

Air Nomad, Water Tribe


Eastern Air Temple (formerly)


247 AG

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Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Onten, Tinshi, Tirriu, Venna, Jantaq, Kessa, Lyo, Linjon


Braqan, Bouchang Pirates

Chronological and political information

Airbending masters

Ghonsu and Vansak are the twin sons of Onten and Tinshi, the nephews of Tirriu and Venna, the cousins of Kessa and Jantaq, and the grandsons of Vunrok. Like many of their family members as of 249 AG, they are also Airbenders


Ghonsu and Vanksak were born in 247 AG in Haiqo, the sons of Onten and Tinshi, an Air Acolyte. They were only two years old when the Bouchang Pirates attacked, led by a powerful waterbender named Braqan. Ghonsu and Vansak were rushed to one of the underground bunkers with their mother and cousins Kessa and Jantaq while Onten and their uncle Tirriu, the leader of Haiqo. Following Tirriu's brutal attack against the pirate fleet and their leader, Air Nomad representatives arrived in Haiqo, telling Tirriu that master Meelo, Ogomu and Daw were requesting that his children be taken to and raised at the Southern Air Temple, something Tirriu was appalled about. A few years after the attack, Onten moved him and his family to the Eastern Air Temple, raising them there instead. Ghonsu and Vansak eventually mastered airbending in 264 AG when they were 17 years old, and both receiving their airbender tattoos together. Their entire family was present. During the ceremony, Ghonsu met Saemi, the great-granddaughter of Master Prayun, who was also an airbender. Vansak and Ghonsu would eventually go their separate ways, Vansak going to live in Republic City while Ghonsu lived at the Southern Temple. Ghonsu later married Saemi while Vansak married an Air Acolyte on Air Temple Island. They both fathered children, all of whom became airbenders. For this feat, it was celebrated by the Air Nation, having managed to bring the population of airbenders up to hundreds since the Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG.


Ghonsu and Vansak were both proficient airbenders.

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