By Neo Bahamut Part of the Republic City Renaissance continuity.
Biographical information

The Other Fire Lord


United Republic


Fire Nation

Birth place

Republic City (Little Fire Nation)


Unknown, presumed homeless




129 AG, late summer


160 AG, mid fall


Gevu, as "Other Fire Lord"



Physical description



Broad, muscular



Hair color

White, worn in a rough "triple ponytail" style

Skin color


Skin type


Eye color


Personal information
Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)



Jet propulsion, lightning generation and redirection, fire walls


Gevu (father) and Samurah (mother)


Disenfranchised Agni Kais


RCPD, Red Monsoons, Triple Threats, Loyalist Agni Kais

Chronological and political information



Rogue Triad Member






Various subordinates

First appearance

The Other Fire Lord (alluded to), Trial by Fire

Last appearance

Let Freedom Ring, Ascension (vision)


Since it would take Senthose a while to work his way up to the top of the Red Monsoons, there needed to be another antagonist for both him and Euryale to push against until that point. This was the perfect chance to bring in the Agni Kais, but it couldn't be just any Agni Kais. It had to be someone uniquely dangerous, capable of passing on his powers to others in the gang, and pushing the protagonists to develop their skills to their limits. From that need, the Other Fire Lord was born, and since both Purie and Senthose are more finesse type fighters I went for a powerhouse character this time.


Out of Ashes

Gevurah was raised by his single mother, Samurah, a maid in a burned-out block that served as a squatting site within Little Fire Nation. They were frequently together due to her inability to pay for schooling or daycare, but she barely spoke about his childhood, insisting it was the same as it had always been, and she never knew who his father was. Eventually, she caught a lung disease, and Gevurah took to the streets to earn money, claiming he got a job at a local store, which in reality was a front for the Agni Kais. He never did raise enough money for his mother's treatment, but on her death bed she made a confession: Her husband had actually been the Agni Kai "Fire Lord," and after years of losing men and territory to the infamous mob boss Yakone, his career culminated in a bloody civil war that left him, their home, and all of their worldly possessions destroyed.

Samurah had taken her newborn son into a bunker beneath the mansion, and so was presumed dead. She continued to live among the ruins, since the Agni Kais never reclaimed it and she knew that she had enemies all over the city who might recognize her—from triads, to police, to victims. Gevurah promised her that he would make an honest living and forget about their family's dark history, but this had been a lie, and he'd already decided to seek revenge on the Triads after she passed on. Using debris from the ruins, he burned her body in the best makeshift Fire Nation funeral he could, before sealing the bunker with his firebending in the hopes that her ashes would never be disturbed.

Gevurah returned to his shop as if everything was normal, but destroyed it in a way that was written off as a freak gas explosion that killed everyone inside. In reality, he fled into the city's underground tunnels, tracing the pipes until he emerged above ground nearly a day later. He realized that he could use this method to rob seemingly random businesses, the law never catching on that fires spread so far apart could be the work of a single arsonist. Along the way, he studied more advanced techniques from firebending scrolls archived in the city's libraries. Once he felt he had learned enough, he began searching for disgruntled Agni Kais that he was sure had no relation to his father's death to enlist as accomplices in his vendetta.

Book -1

The schism in the Agni Kais and the rising power of the former "nobodies" left the underground concluding that someone was trying to become the next "Other Fire Lord," which "Lightning Bolt" Zolt let the police in on, since it was in everyone's best interest. Gevurah particularly gained the ire of the Red Monsoons, who were among his main targets. He remained a step ahead of his opponents, until the Monsoons unexpectedly stopped his attempt to squash his internal opposition. Wounded, his forces scattered, and scrambling to flee from the police, he was finally defeated by Senthose and Euryale in the ruins of his father's mansion.

Due to the poor evidence surrounding the case, and the involvement of the suspected gangster in his arrest, he was sentenced to the minimum 3 years imprisonment with possibility for parole. However, he would never serve out this sentence, as the Red Monsoons had him killed outside of the court house, in a move plotted by Senthose. Though he previously protested that the young hitman attempted to murder him, this fell on deaf ears, and never reached the public. Later, it was theorized that he was responsible for the death of Selena's mother a few years prior, previously believed to have been an accident.


Gevurah was once a pretty well-meaning kid, despite his criminal connections, but eventually grew consumed by bitterness, dreaming only of rebuilding his father's empire. Ruthless and determined, he gruesomely executed anyone who stood in his way, using fear and promises of power to keep his pawns in line. He was cunning and forward-thinking, staying out of public and keeping all personal information a closely guarded secret, making him difficult to track.


Keter and Gevurah both originated from a Final Fantasy VII setting, where she led an enigmatic organization each named after a Sephirot (the Judaic one), with him as 2nd-in-command. His name corresponds to "the essence of judgment and limitation, awe and the element of fire." Hence, he has always had a fire-focus, and been a strong military or paramilitary leader. As I am ever original, I simply split this name to come up with the names of his parents in this setting, reasoning that his mother named him after themselves. Her name was later extended to Samurah, which is some Arabic word relating to a type of tree.

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