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Getting Info pt 2: Ozai
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Getting Info pt 2: Ozai is the fifth chapter of Finding Ursa.

Getting Info pr 2: Ozai

"Oh well, not much luck," Toph said.

"Where do we go now? I say we go back to the capital. If Azula doesn't know much about Ursa's disappearance, then Ozai probably does," Aang exclaimed.

"Alright, let's go," Katara said.

The gang and Iroh finally reached the Fire Nation Capital Prison. "I'll take it from here guys. Hello Hio, how are you doing today?"

"Grand Lotus Iroh, Avatar Aang what a surprise. I'm here to take a visit to my brother."

"Of course, Grand Lotus." He took them to the end of a hall where they took a right for a little bit.

"Ah here it is, good luck Grand Lotus," Hio said.

"I'll walk in first," Iroh calmly demanded.

"Iroh, what do you want," Ozai said. He stayed mostly the same, however he did start to get a little bit older and skinner.

"Brother, it's time we had a talk." Just as Iroh said that, they all walked in, one by one like before.

"The Avatar," Ozai paused, and then continued. "You already took my bending, what else do you possibly want from me?"

"We're here to ask you where Zuko's mom is."

"Why, little Zuko still needs his mommy?" Ozai said in a childish, baby type voice.

"Zuko is a better man than you, you filthy scrub," Mai said in a loud tone.

"Ah, you must be the soon-to-be Fire Lady Mai. Why on Earth would you go with my pathetic excuse for a son instead of stay friends with my daughter?"

"Your daughter was a insane girl that cared for no one, and I see where she got it from."

"Ozai, what happened the night Father died?"

"I don't know."

"I can easily tell your lying," Toph repeated.

"Tell us the truth or else..."

"Or else what, Water Tribe peasant?"

"Or this." Katara was bloodbending Ozai and he finally gave up in telling them what happened.

"I requested an audience with Father. I showed him Azula's prodigious skill and she succeeded, however Zuko failed. Father asked me why I requested the audience and I told him that with Lu Ten dead, your bloodline would end. I told him to revoke your birthright and make me his successor. He was outraged, and told me to kill Zuko for punishment of losing a first-born son. So, I'm about to when all of a sudden, Ursa comes to me and says to sacrifice Zuko. She created a plan in which I became Fire Lord by killing Azulon with poisoned tea, and I finished him with two fire blasts in the heart. During that time, Ursa wrote that I will be successor on Azulon's will."

"So let me get this straight. You killed Father just to get the throne?"


"But that still doesn't explain Ursa's whereabouts."

"I banished her from the Fire Nation, that means that she went to the places tat the Fire Nation couldn't conquer."

"I know where to start looking. Thank you, Brother."

"Ugh," said Ozai grunting.

"First, let's drop off Mai. Then we leave," said Aang.

They dropped off Mai and headed to the Earth Kingdom.

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