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True Justice



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The Walking Inferno


The Walking Inferno

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October 25, 2012

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The Death

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Lin lay on her bed, still in her dress. She tapped the dark wooden side dresser rhythmically. The tears had stopped after she left that room, the only thing that remained of them was the smeared make-up that ran down her cheeks. Lin had not slept all night for thought of what to do next.

The thought was still in her mind. Revenge. The word haunted her as she tapped the wooden surface. As the light slowly crept through the white blinds Lin threw off her blankets and rose from her bed. The creaks of wood followed her footsteps to the sink, where she cupped water in her hands to splash on her face.

As the make-up washed off after each splash, her mind started to awaken with it. The flashes of her father in his final moments sprang into her minds eye. His limp figure void of all strength and his undying optimism fading away. She couldn't just remember him that way, she needed closure.

After she stripped herself of her dress down to her vest she walked over to her dresser and opened it. Her armour had the slightest shine on its left shoulder. Lin turned and held her arms out, ready for the metal's cold embrace. As it commanded to her will it clicked around her form until it was a perfect fit.

Usually she felt some sort of pride when she wore her uniform. Not today. Today was different, she had a different purpose this time. She slid open her door and stepped out onto the hallway. Lin must of made some noise because her mother woke from her depressed hibernation.

Toph opened her door slightly, just enough for her face to be seen. "Where are you going?" she weakly said.

"Out," Lin sternly said and walked for the door. Without another word she flung open the door and slammed it shut behind her. Toph just sighed and slid her door closed again to return crying in her half-empty bed.


Metal barriers stood outside the street where Ohev was murdered and metal bending police stood unified with faces as stern as their armour. Lin walked up to them and they separated respectfully. She gave them a slight nod and slid a barrier out of the way with a wave of her arm.

Officers scattered around the crime scene whispered and averted their gaze when Lin walked past them. Her face was void of any expression as she walked closer and closer to the point where he was found. When she finally approached, she saw the red blood stained onto the road.

She knelt down to the blood patch and ran her fingers through the edge of it. When they made contact with the blood she could see what happened. The sword digging into his side, the scream. The assailant who did it was still a mystery to her. The only thing that stuck in her mind was the white sword that the witness described. Lin withdrew her finger and stared at the blood at the tip of it. After several seconds she drew them into a fist and stood up. Her eyes bore determination. The white sword. It was a small lead but it was all she had on these people. "I didn't expect to see you here."

Lin turned around to see Aang standing there with a slight frown on his face. "Same here."

"I thought I could check on the crime scene." Lin huffed and looked away from him. "And you."

Lin looked back at Aang. "How did you know I was here?" She asked.

"I had a feeling... And your mother called me." Aang started to move closer to Lin. "She sounded worried."

Lin folded her arms. "Well, she should of come here herself then, shouldn't she?"

As Aang moved closer Lin found it harder and harder to concentrate and she felt tears starting to emerge as her throat choked up. "You know what she's going through Lin." His calming voice did little to sooth her poor stature, instead it made her worse. He placed a soft hand on her shoulder. "I imagine your going through the same."

Lin almost gave in before she shrugged off his shoulder. Her tears were on the brink of escaping before she swallowed them down and walked off. "I've got a job to do."

Aang sighed, knowing he was defeated. "You know where I am if you need to talk." Lin stopped for a second before continuing down to the police station.


Lin burst through the main entrance and stormed down the corridor full of officers and some criminals. Somehow Aang's words made her more angry than she was before. She did not need baby sitting, she wasn't a child any more. Her charge was stopped by another officer who stood in her way.

"Miss Beifong." the man looked cocky, as he usually did throughout the station.

"Saikhan," She bluntly replied. Great, that's all she needed. The obnoxious recruit always wanting to grab attention. She looked at him with threatening eyes, but he still did not budge. "What is it Saikhan?" He stepped out of the way and started walking alongside her.

"I was wondering, with your mother currently out of commission, can I take charge of your father's case?" Lin looked at him with a snarl and a frown. With a sudden burst of rage she grabbed his collar and pinned him against the wall. All the other officers stopped and watched the assault.

Lin saw all of their faces. Disappointment, empathy, disgust, she didn't care for any of them. She just kept her eyes locked on Saikhan. "Listen and listen well. My mother may not be here, but that does not mean you can go round acting like you're in charge. You're a rookie, not the chief and since my mother is out of commission I will be taking over the case for the time being." She tightened her grip on his collar and drew him in closer until his ear was near her mouth. "Got it?" She whispered through gritted teeth before throwing him away and walking into her office.

A single window sat at the back of the room and just in front of it was Lin's desk and chair. A bookcase rested against one of the walls full of scrolls and books an on the other side was a map of Republic City, intricately designed with the up-most precision. The light from the window gave the room a dim sheen to hat would normally be a dark grey room.

It was almost entirely metal. The desk, the chair. It all used to give her a sense of control in her life knowing that everything around her could be moved with a flick of her wrist. Now it was different, she could not control her father's death and it felt like everything else was slowly slipping out of her grip.

She sat herself down on the chair and let out a sigh of relief before burying her face in her hands. This room was away from all the pressures, all the faces of content, everything. However, three knocks on the door startled her and made her shoot up and regain her posture. "Come in."

"I thought I'd give you the recent files."

Lin looked up and saw Bumi leaning in the doorway with his crazy hair spread out and a piece of paper in his hand. "Bumi? What are you doing here?" "What, not happy to see me?" He joked.

"More surprised than happy Bumi." He walked in and threw the papers on her desk. Lin just looked up at him confused "How did you get these?"

he folded his arms and smirked. "Well I am in the military. And besides I saw some other guy try and grab them so I thought I would get them first."

Lin scanned the papers and photo's of the crime scene. "Damn it!" She punched the desk leaving a dent on its surface. "It's just what I saw this morning."

Bumi started to look worried. "Maybe you should take the day off?" Lin just looked at him with a cold stare. He put his hands up "I was kidding, I was kidding..." He dropped his arms down and took a more serious tone. "What will you do then?"

"I need to get some warrants from your uncle Sokka. I need triad members."

"It's not gonna be that easy. We have no case or evidence against them. Nobody even knows if it was any of the triads."

"My mother said she felt three of them and the one witness we have said one of them had a white sword." Lin got up and looked out of the window. "I need to get people in here. They are not going to get away from this."

"Okay. I'll tell him you're coming." Bumi walked to the door and grabbed the handle. "I don't think he will be able to get you those warrants, no matter how much you might want them." Lin just grunted. "Take care." With that he closed the door behind him as he left.

Lin just kept looking out of the window at the people below. How could they just keep walking like nothing has happened?

It did not matter any way. She was going to get what she needed.


Sokka was sat in his office in Republic City Hall. The blue glow of the water washing behind him cast a light on the scrolls that ached his eyes. He signed a scroll and moved it to a pile on the right of his desk. "It seems the more I get rid of, the more gets added on," he said to himself and just on cue, the squeaky voiced woman stepped inside, her face hidden behind a large stack of papers.

Sokka sighed and rubbed his temples. "Just put them over there with the others." she wobbled over to the pile of papers that were accumulating in the corner of the room.

She walked over to Sokka's desk and bowed. "Lin Beifong is waiting outside for you sir."

"Good. Send her in on your way out." A few seconds later Lin entered the glow of the room. Her metal boots scraped across the floor and came to a stop in front of his desk. Sokka smiled "How are you Lin?"

"I'm fine. Have you got what I came for?"

Sokka dropped his smile and looked in her eyes. "I'm fine as well thanks for asking. And no, I haven't got what you want."

"Why not!?" She yelled.

"You have no evidence to arrest these people with. And there is no way you will get any support with the case you have now."

"But it's my father Sokka!" Lin banged her hand on his desk.

Sokka rose up from his chair. "And he was my friend too," he started to walk around his desk. "But I can't just change the entire law system for him. Ohev was a good man, but he wouldn't want this."

Lin's blood started to boil. "Stupid."

"It's the law!"

"Well the law is stupid too!" Lin's volatile words left her shocked, but she did not regret her statement, It was true. "I'm leaving."

As Lin started to go for the door, Sokka caught up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Lin, we'll get them. But for now we just have to let the law run its course. I'm even hearing more witnesses are coming out. Just be patient."

"Being patient isn't going to get to the bottom of this." Lin walked out of the room and slammed the door behind her making Sokka wince. He sighed and shook his head before returning to his desk and continuing with his work.


Lin was sitting in her office looking at the files she was given, desperately searching for any evidence she could give. She rubbed her stinging eyes and stood up. Nothing. Not a single scrap of evidence that lead to anything conclusive. "If Sokka won't get me those warrants, it looks like I will have to make my own arrests." She thought to herself and left her office for a second time. This time though she had an idea.

It took her an hour walk to get all the way to Down-town Republic City. The seedy underbelly of the great city. The buildings were mostly makeshift and what little stone buildings it had were run down and crumbling with black stains that ran down the corners. Lin had one building to find in this cesspit, the Xue hotel.

It was a known criminal hot spot and if she needed to find any more evidence this was the place to get it. The entrance to this hotel was a small metal door guarded by two large men in somewhat tight black business suits. "Well hello there miss." The man on the right grew a perverted grin. "What brings you to this part of the city?"

Lin ignored his sly tone. "I'm here for your boss."

"I'm sorry but he's not accepting visitors today. But if your really nice..." The man went to grab Lin but she grabbed his large wrist.

"Don't you dare touch me." She tightened her grip on his wrist and the man started to wince.

The man on the left, seeing the pain on his face, lashed out at Lin and punched her in the face. She fell to the floor with a heavy thud and her metal armour clanked against the dirty pavement. "Nobody hurt brodher!" The thug sounded as thick as two short planks, but he did pack a punch.

Lin dug her fingers into the ground and the earth started to crack beneath her grip. The guards were completely oblivious to it and started walking up to her. She snarled at them and flung rock at the stupid guard's face. He stumbled back and his brother went to punch her but failed when she rolled out of the way and whipped a cable round his ankle. His looked down and gasped before Lin flung her arm back, successfully tripping him over and making him crack the ground when he fell.

The other thug yelled and charged towards her. Lin's eyes widened as he drew closer and she stomped the ground to create an earth wall to protect her. The brute just ploughed through it in a cloud of rubble and dust and continued charging. He leapt into the air to bring his fists down on Lin, but she leapt out of the way before he landed. She then slid her foot across the ground and the earth under the thug's right foot shifted, causing his legs to widen into the splits. A small, high pitched scream matched his pained expression and whilst he was incapacitated she brought up a boulder with a raise of her arm and brought it down on his head like a gauntlet. The rock smashed to pieces on his hard head and he flopped over, unconscious from the blow.

Lin did not see the man's brother coming until the last second. She barely turned when his massive arm swung into her chest, sending her into the air and landing on a concrete slab. Her eyes seemed to wander in different directions at that point, and when they finally focused in front of her she could see the man in the air ready to bring down his fists.

Lin tried to move her body, but it would not respond. It felt as if she was hit with shirshu venom. The only thing she managed to do was widen her eyes when the man landed with a clunk. His fists made a dent in her armour that dug into her stomach whilst her back was pressed into the concrete making it crack and crumble.

The thug picked Lin up by the neck and held her two feet off the ground. A murderous smile spread across his face. "We could of been such good friends." Lin's body came alive with an unwelcome wave of pain making her brow go into a deep frown. The man started to tighten his grip on her neck and the armour wasn't helping as it slowly started to cut-off her air-ways. Acting on instinct, Lin shot her arms out wide in a desperate final attack which sent her armour off her body and onto the man's chest. When it clicked around his gargantuan chest, Lin clenched her fists and the metal began to tighten round his ribs.

As the metal's grip grew tighter, his grip grew weaker and he eventually let go in pain. Lin dropped to the floor with her hand round her neck, desperately trying to grasp what little air she could before he attacked again. The thug writhed and struggled to get the armour off, but to no avail. Lin saw this and held her arms out in front of her. She slowly raised them and the man followed. His arms and legs flailed around as he found himself hovering in mid air.

Lin threw her arms down twice to slam the man on the floor. She quickly followed through by throwing her arms forward, which sent the man flying back before holding her arms out to her side, calling the armour back. The thug was sent straight through the metal door, taking some of the wall with it.

When the metal suit made its cold embrace Lin limped to the door, grabbing her stomach the whole way. The other gangsters who were lounging around inside were all waiting for her to enter, but they were shocked to see her emerge from the cloud of brown dust somewhat unharmed.

The entrance to the hotel was grand, luxurious and big; a stark contrast to the outside. A couple of tables and chairs were set against the walls for the comfort of waiting guests and gangsters who occasionally needed a rest. A large chandelier hung from the top of the room, providing the only light in the large room. "Get out of here lady!" One of the men said, not sure which way to take her destructive entrance.

"Are any of you going to take me to your boss? Or am I going to have to do this the hard way?" Lin would have preferred the easy way. Her stomach felt like it would collapse.

"We'd rather die!"

Lin sighed and whipped her metal cable through the air to catch a persons ankle. She threw her arm back and he was thrown through the doorway and out onto the street with a scream. One down, four to go... she thought.

A man in a blue suit flung out a water whip which only struck air as Lin rolled underneath it and punched the ground, creating an earth fissure that splintered the wooden floor and erupted underneath the man, sending him into the reception desk. An earthbender was the next to attack. He launched a rock through the wooden floor and punched it at Lin whilst a firebender launched a fire ball at her.

Lin easily broke the rock with a punch, but the fireball caught her off-guard; making her stumble and falter as it struck her shoulder, heating the metal. The man kicked another fire blast at her and the earthbender launched another rock. She blocked the fire by stomping on the floor and raising an earth wall which was covered in small pipes and wires, she then ducked underneath the rock. After the fire tongued off the wall, Lin kicked it with extreme force to end it flying into the firebender, who gasped and was quickly found himself pinned between two walls.

The earthbender started to yell to get ready for another attack, but Lin raised her forearms up and clenched her fists, effortlessly crumbling the ceiling onto him. The last thug looked at him former allies in disbelief, his mouth gaped open. He made a dash for the exit, but Lin grabbed his collar and slammed him against a wall. "Where is he?!" She yelled.

"Third floor. Xue restaurant. Please don't hurt me." His friendly request fell on deaf ears and Lin threw him into a table, knocking him unconscious. Lin looked to the stairway and the burning, red metal started to cool down.


A man sat at the grand lounge in the Xue restaurant. The semi circle seat that was built into the wall had green, luxurious leather cushions laced across it. The table also had a good shine to it, supposedly made from the most expensive wood in the world. Several other booths were around the walls of the restaurant, each with their cheery customers feasting and chatting away. Lin even saw a few officers and judges enjoying themselves in this criminal den.

A female servant stood next to the man with a fake smile, the one thing that let her keep her job and possibly her life. The only thing she could do was keep up the façade when ever she was around him in case he ever looked at her.

A man crashed through the white screen door and flew across the room. His arrival was met by screams from other guests and waiters rushing around to clear up the mess. Lin walked up to the man's table with true form, making sure he could see no weakness.

He started to grow his creepy smirk. "Miss Beifong." His voice was deep and raspy, further adding to his devious appearance.

Lin met his smirk with a blank look. "Yakone."

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