By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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Geo-Force (chapter)

Geo-Force is an earthbender from the TT World and half-sister to Terra. He is a very good bender, similar to Terra's bending, as he is able to levitate the ground.

Avatar: New Universe

Geo-Force technically never truly appears in this story, but silhouettes of him had been seen throughout it, namely by Toph. The first time was during the Colossi Arc, when Toph had a very unique dream with Geo-Force in it. It was short but shows a love interest of the two. His second silhouette was with the sirens scene, when Toph sees Geo-Force as one of the sirens' spells.

Avatar: New Universe II

Geo-Force makes the official appearance in the sequel, and shows him trying to stop H.I.V.E from running, seemingly to help them. He keeps trying to get the teams to stop fighting so he can explain what's happening but then he was captured by Gravemind. He, Terra and Toph were dragged down and it revealed many details about him, like the love connection seemingly already had between him and Toph.

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