Genocide of the Air Nomads
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Air Nomad Genocide

1 BG

After slaying the previous Avatar, Sozin knows that the next Avatar is born into the Air Nomads. He ponders a plan to erase the Air Nomads.

He learns of a comet which enhances Fire bending, he decides that this is the ideal time, due to the high altitude which would normally render fire bending near-useless.

But the majority of soldiers did not want to commit themselves to this genocide. He was advised to create a fake excuse to justify the assault.

Sozin declared that the Air Nomads "opposed the spread of their glory and were going to attack". This won over the majority of warriors and those who refused were executed.

After one year, the preparations were nearly finished, all they needed was to wait for the comet and depart.

0 AG

The Air Nomads are waking after a fine nights sleep. But as they wake, they hear the temples collapsing and only the most skilled air benders managed to escape the initial assault.

The air ships with Firebenders on the flanks continued blasting fire at the Nomads, however, their ships were destroyed by the remainder of the Air Nomads.

The battle continued on foot with the Fire Nation being decimated (by its true meaning), by the master benders. The invaders were defeated as quickly as the temples fell down, even the great Fire Lord Sozin was injured.

They decided it was time for a change of tactic. They retreated to fool the benders into thinking they were safe.

As they were retreating, one bender had the opportunity to destroy the entire fleet, this however was stopped by Gyatso, an action which he will regret. As the Fire Nation came back and incinerated the meditating monks.


Sozin's victory, although ushering in the war he wanted, it was fruitless since the Avatar, the one person he sought to kill was absent.

Sozin described it as "an utter waste of time and men" but he still states he feels "No pity for the nomads".

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