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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Gan Jin tribesman
Geng Gao
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Earth Kingdom



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Light Brown

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Duo Broadswords

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Earth Kingdom


Pigu, Avatar Rong Yan, Suluk, Prince Unaraq, Princess Tanaraq, Aloi, The Royal Lady, Pigu's grandfather

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  • Assassin
  • Mayor of Sichuan Village (Beginning of Chapter of 4)

Mayor; Assassin


Earth Kingdom

First appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 4: The Royal Lady

Last appearance

Book 2: Water Chapter 4: The Royal Lady

Geng Gao is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Geng Gao is an assassin, who murdered Pigu'sgrandfather.


Geng Gao, was born into poverty within the Earth Kingdom. During Geng Gao's childhood he was neglected by his hardworking parents who hadn't the time to raise him. He was often left with his grandmother who was always sleeping.

When Geng Gao, was a small boy he stole from a nearby shop, he was very hungry and hadn't eaten for days. Another time, Geng Gao had accidentally killed a squirrel toad, by landing on it.

Realizing he had killed something, he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. Geng Gao wanted to be an assassin. From then on during his teens he had done more thefts for things, though he hadn't killed a soul.

For a time when Geng Gao, was nineteen he was an assassin for the government of the Earth Kingdom, he would kill criminals that were wanted Dead or Alive, but always brought them back dead.

One point in time, the man who wanted a criminal dead, did not pay Geng Gao, that man had been a noble. Geng Gao out of rage, killed the man stole his clothing and belongings, and even most of his money.

Geng Gao, had become wanted in the southern part of the Earth Kingdom, and sought refuge in Sichuan Village. Claiming he was a noble he killed Pigu's grandfather, and took the position while also kicking out the old man's grandson out of the home.

Geng Gao, had been the mayor in Sichuan Village for weeks if not months. When an ambassador of the Water Tribe had come through the village to make amends with towns that were attacked by the Water Tribes during the war. Geng Gao had imprisoned the man.

When Rong Yan and the gang had arrived in Sichuan Village, Geng Gao had no idea that Rong Yan was the Avatar until they were introduced. Geng Gao knew he would be dealing with a higher power if he did anything bad to the Avatar. Of course Geng Gao feared the Avatar.

Geng Gao, sent off Rong Yan to go find a Water Tribe hunter who supposed wanted to put harm to the town. When Rong Yan and the gang were distracted in finding the home of the man to confront him.

Geng Gao, was trying to find Pigu to murder him. To no luck Pigu was nowhere to be found, when Rong Yan and his friends had returned to Geng Gao he acted like he never talked to them and thought they were crazy.

Rong Yan and his friends had grown suspicious from then on. During a dream, the The Royal Lady, had appeared to Rong Yan in a dream and began to warn him and give him visions of what Geng Gao really was and that he was hiding a prisoner within his home.

Rong Yan, Unaraq, along with Pigu, to confront Geng Gao for one last time. Pigu had gone another direction after Rong Yan and Unaraq had broken into the basement of the house. Unaraq had recognized the prisoner as his father's best friend Suluk.

When Geng Gao had discovered that the Avatar, and his friend had broken Suluk out of his shackles. He was going to draw a weapon, but was suddenly knocked unconscious by Pigu who hit him with a stone from behind.


Geng Gao, was born a non-bender, though he was an assassin he was great with duo broadswords. He also had good abilities at lockpicking and stealing, so that was very helpful to him when he stole from nobles and then killed some.

In record Geng Gao only killed four nobles, and two noble families that consisted of just two partners.



  • Geng Gao is Chinese for "mayor".

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