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1584 BG

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5 Ft. 7 In.

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Genesis is the main protagonist of the series Avatar: The Last Energybender



The day of Genesis' birth was on the same day that Dragon King Lao took power in the Fire Nation. While some believed this to be nothing but coincidence, others felt that somehow his destiny was tied to Lao's. Barely a week after his birth however Lao and Terra, the Earth King, declared war on the rest of the world and Genesis' family was forced to move in order to stay out of it. His earliest memory was entering the dark caverns that would be his home for the next seventeen years.

Early Childhood

Throughout Genesis' childhood he was always a bit adventurous. He hardly stayed in one area of The Sanctuary for more than fifteen minutes. When he and his friends were old enough to explore the caves outside of the main chamber, they found a secret hollow on the surface. Once their eyes adjusted to the light the children used the place as their secret hangout. The children would spend most of their free time in the hollow, blissfully unaware of the horrible war being fought while they played.

Teenage years

When Genesis and his friends grew older they eventually stopped using the hollow as a place to play and converted into where they would practice their Energybending. While most of his friends by now couldn't wait till they were old enough to leave the caves and join the war, Genesis himself just wanted to stay where he was comfortable and out of the way of things. Despite his disinterest in the war however Genesis was easily the most powerful bender out of his friends and he trained the hardest. When he was seventeen Genesis was the only one of his group to stay behind in the caverns. He eventually heard rumors brought in by scouts who went out into the world to gather information that all of his friends were either killed in battle, or otherwise incapacitated. Genesis continued to train his little brother Rev.


One day as Genesis showed Rev one his favorite moves, the two brothers failed to notice a Fire/Earth alliance scout who had watched the entire Energybending training session. A few days afterwards a large group of Fire/Earth soldiers arrive in the Sanctuary. While Genesis' father is able to intimidate the leader of the group enough that they leave, the soldiers don't stay away for long. The next time they enter the caves is with killing intent.





The Battle Field





  • Genesis means Birth or Origin in Greek.
  • Genesis is also the title of the first book of the Bible.

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