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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
General Senlin's Escape/The Assassination of Earth King Ta Po
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Retaking Hi Sho Village


The Assassination of Shan-Yu of the Mousha Quan


Senlin escapes, and Senlin promises Haoke to help her justice for her son.


Autumn, 659 BG


Ba Sing Se Prison/Ba Sing Se Palace, Upper Ring, Ba Sing Se, Earth Kingdom



41st Earth King Ta Po

Ex-General Senlin, and Haoke


41st Earth King Ta Po

Forces involved

Earthbender, Swordswoman

Mousha Quan Xinxian de Rous, Elite Palace Guards, Earth King


Death of 41st Earth King Ta Po

Earth King's Advisor becomes Regent Lord for two weeks.


First appearance

Chapter 9: The Escape Part 1: New Identity

Last appearance

Chapter 10: The Escape Part 2: The Assassination



The Escape

General Senlin, was left to eat scattered food in his metal prison cell. When a child accidentally threw a rock into the window by coincidence. Senlin used the rock to break the chain. He bended three rock slabs from the outside wall with his head, and formed an earth fist with them. Bashing on the metal door he finally broke it. And had made his escape through a secret latched door.

Running away down into the middle ring, he catches the attention of an old woman. Who helps him out by bringing him into her home, and making him take a shower, giving him new clothes, and feeding him. Eventually, during the dinner she identified herself as an agent who helps escapees leave the city.

Crime Spree

Haoke takes him to the Dixia headquarters in the sewers under the southeastern lower ring. Meeting Baotu he decides to help Senlin with a catch. Senlin must perform a crime spree.

He returns to the prison to free a man named Qian Zei, who happens to be the crime boss' right thumb or right-hand man, and his childhood friend. Then he is told to take a large sack of gold to a man named Dufan, who's part of the Hei Shichang gang.

He gives Dufan the gold, and Dufan gives him the drugs, he learns that Dufan is a fencer. And that Dufan has connections outside of the city. After that, he had completed what he had to do.

Before leaving Senlin requested that he should be able to sneak into the palace and assassinate the Earth King. As he made a promise to Haoke the old woman who helped him earlier, to bring justice for her son, and for personal reasons of his own.

The Assassination

Haoke and Senlin, sneak into the palace and reach a study room. They notice two men in black uniforms, they kill both of them and identify them as Mousha Quan Xinxian de Rous.

Leaving the bodies there, they discover that the gang leader wanted his initiates to assassinate the Earth King as well, for initiation into the gang. By reading the dead drop, they uncover a book that seems to be a lever in the book shelf behind them.

They take out the book, the shelf moves to the side and reveals a secret tunnel. Taking the secret tunnel they end up in a dark hallway where on the other side stand two guards.

Killing the guards, they sneak into the Earth King's room, and wake him up to cut his throat. Escaping through an open window, they return to Baotu. Giving him a fake I.D.

Dufan awaits for him, and hands him a cart and gives him a letter, to give it to one of his friends. Who would help Senlin with anything he needs. Senlin leaves the city with the name Taofan, and as a farmer.

Good Morning!

A second jailor enters the hallway where Senlin's jail cell is in, skips the door, and walks over to the secret room where the latched door is in, hovering his torch above the opened door he sees the corpse of his co-worker.

Freaking out the jailor runs and trips on something big, placing his torch on it, notices the large dented metal door. Running to the palace to tell the Earth King. At the same time the Earth King's advisor goes to awake his king. Upon entering his room he sees the pool of blood and screams.

The elite guards and the jailor rush to the scream. Discovering the fate of the Earth King, the jailor take Captain Wei and his men to the jail. In the jail they find the first jailor's corpse and take it away. One of Wei's men examines the door, and tells Wei that there is no possible way.

The guard tells Wei that Senlin is a metalbender, another group of guards run in to tell Wei that they found corpses of men from the Mousha Quan. Sending a man to the scholars to create wanted posters for General Senlin.

The Earth King's advisor, becomes regent lord for the next two weeks, and makes a law to arrest any Mousha Quan member, if they resist arrest to execute them.

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