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Azar Kozlon
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Fire Nation




55 BG

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General Oron, Fire Nation Military


Air Nomads, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes

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Fire Nation General


Fire Nation

A primary character in the Doppelganger: The Hundred Year War series. Azar Kozlon is a general in the Fire Nation military.



As a boy, Azar Kozlon enrolled in the Royal Fire Nation Academy and the request of his family. He excelled in many subjects including military tactics, logistics, mathematics, history, and philosophy. Due to the fact that he had no talent in firebending, he could put forward more effort into his studies and improving other aspects of himself. As a result, he graduated from the Royal Academy roughly three years early.


As a young enlistee, he was introduced to the harshness of the Fire Nation army firsthand as one unable to firebend. According to tradition, those not able to firebend never got very far up the ranks. However, Kozlon's varied skills and intelligence quickly saw him promoted faster than any soldier in recent memory. In ten years, he earned the rank of General.

For the next forty years, General Kozlon served Fire Lord Sozin as one of the top generals of his army. His tactics, experience, and logical thinking with combat and war theory earned him the respect of every soldier under his command.


As a young boy, Kozlon was bitter at many people for thinking him unable to firebend. As he grew older and graduated from the Royal Academy, he turned his bitterness into determination. As such, he tried harder than anybody else to prove that he could be just as accomplished, if not better, than any other Fire Nation citizen.

When he entered the military, and rose through the ranks, he kept his determination.

Kozlon is cool, calm, collected, and always tries to think of the outcome of every situation. He makes mistakes like every other person. However, what sets him apart from others is his ability to take his mistakes, learn from them, and ensure that they never happen again.

To his few friends, he shows an unwavering trust that is earned.

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