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Iroh (United Forces general)
General Iroh's Heart
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The Legend of Korra

General Iroh's Heart

General Iroh's Heart is an enticing 3-part tale, between the famed General Iroh, and an unknown love interest, Aya. This series of short stories provides insight to the life of General Iroh before the rise of Amon, and his force of Equalists. Will destiny prove too harsh for Iroh? Or will the favor finally shift in his direction?


In the beginning, Iroh attends a magnificent ball, where he finds a beautiful woman, named Aya. They instantly fall for each other, and develop a deep relationship, filled with midnight conversations, and meaningful gestures. Soon, Iroh's position of General reoccurs in his life, assigning him another danger-filled mission. But this time, leaving poses a greater threat that any wound. What will happen to the destined pair?


Main Characters:

  • Iroh - United Forces general, falls in love with the gorgeous Aya.
  • Aya - a charming woman of Water Tribe descent, she steals the heart of Iroh.

Side Characters:

  • Hena - Aya's mother, she's from the Water Tribe, Aya looks a lot like her.
  • Koan - Aya's father, he is a man of politics, and quite wealthy.


  1. Jasmine Is Of Course, The Best Of All Teas.
  2. The Tale Of The Wise Old Man And His Talented Son.
  3. The Irony Of Ballroom Conversation


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Author's Note

This story is about General Iroh, from The Legend of Korra. I wrote it because the first season didn't really give you a background on him. All you knew was that he was Zuko's grandson, and was in the United Forces. So I thought it would be nice to write about his background. And what better way then a romance? I've never written a fanon before, so you'll have to excuse my mistakes! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

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