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"General Disaster" is the tenth chapter of the fanon story Kyoshi Revolts


Team Rebel stumbles upon a city, in which they are able to disguise themselves as average citizens. Meanwhile, Azula appoints General Yi to capture Team Rebel as she wants her daughter to return for future war meetings. Yi locates and nearly kills Team Rebel, but Mina saves Chen and Kaila by pushing them into a river and fighting Yi herself, figuring out his surprise tactic and using it against him. Humiliated by the defeat, Yi tries to return home, but Azula does not allow it.


Mina, Kaila, and Chen crawl through forest, with their stomachs grumbling. Mina asks to stand up, though Kaila states that they need to always stay hidden, or else they'll be in trouble. Mina, however, says she has a better way to be safe. The team sneaks over to a hut nearby a city. The three children find and don three Fire Nation disguises, in which Mina gives herself a large hair bun. Kaila and Chen giggle after seeing this, and Kaila remarks she looks just like Toph Bei Fong. Chen asks who that is, but he is interrupted with the sound of a baker carrying a tray of bread, and a newsboy trying to sell the kids a paper. Mina think he's "cute", and the kids buy a paper.

Meanwhile, a mile away up in the sky, a Royal Jet hovers. Inside the jet are none other than Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee, along with Azula's business associate, Z.Z., and another man, revealed to be General Yi. Azula tells him that she wants Mitsuki to return home for some future meetings, and that she wants Yi to capture Chen and kill the girls he is with, while Ty Lee lists many reasons why she wants Tam Mee to return home, in which Mai responds to each reason with "Quanlee doesn't care." Yi then asks if he'll be paid, to which Z.Z. assures him he will in an irritated voice. The jet's door is then deployed, and Yi parachutes out of it.

Fleeing Fire Fountain City

Team Rebel runs to the bay

Once on land, Yi asks a few city folks if they saw two girls and one boy traveling together. Most inform Yi that they have, and eventually, Yi orders the mayor to ask all of his citizens to stay indoors if they want to live. The mayor obliges by shouting on an intercom. Meanwhile, the Mina, Kaila, and Chen explore a bay with a river on the right side of the village. The team is taken by surprise, however, when they hear an odd sound on a loud speaker. They do not know what it means, but they soon realize when a few fishermen run over to their houses. Without a house or an open homeless shelter, the team realizes they are trapped. Mina ponders over what could be so bad that all the citizens need to go inside, but she is cut short by the sound of footsteps.

Yi stares at the team for a while, not making a movement. Kaila becomes suspicious, and tells Mina and Chen that she senses a fight is coming. Before she can even finish, she suddenly feels a pool of fire surrounding her. Just before she is burned to death, Chen bends the fire back at Yi. Chen then realizes who they are dealing with, and he tells Mina and Kaila to run. Yi, however, stops them from almost "magically" surrounding their feet with extremely hot air. Mina and Kaila realize they are helpless, and Chen is forced to simply bend the fire and heat back toward Yi, though he soon finds himself losing energy, fast.

Yi then loses his patience, and creates a huge flame on Kaila and Chen. To save them, Mina pushes them into the dangerously fast river, in which Kaila and Chen are forced to hang on to a tree branch for their lives. Mina and Yi then face off. Mina tries to fire a bow and arrow at him, but Yi burns her bow and arrows to ash. He then goes to kill Mina off, but she then notices that all his moves are circular. Taking a chance, Mina allows Yi to burn her. Just before she could die, Mina runs around in a circle, which extinguishes the flames. Yi tries again, but Mina repeats her actions. Yi, terrified that she discovered the one weakness, tries to use regular Firebending, though Kaila and Chen are able to get out of the river, and Yi, unable to defeat the three children, is forced to flee.

The team leaves the city, though not before stealing another bow and some arrows for Mina. Meanwhile, Yi attempts to board the Royal Jet, though Azula tells him that she is not like her father, and that what he accomplished before is a thing of the past, and in her eyes he is a simple soldier. She then calmly tells him he is not to return to the Capital until he defeats the children, exasperating Yi. Azula then gives him five men to accompany him, and the jet takes off.

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