By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Genba GDA
Biographical information

Fire Nation (formerly), Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Fire Nation


Ba Sing Se

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Greenish yellow

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Teeth, battery technique


"open eyes"


Hougen (brother)


Dai Li, Earth Kingdom, Team Avatar


Fire Nation

Chronological and political information

Dai Li leader


Earth Kingdom; King's right-hand.

First appearance

Book 2: Earth -

Genba is the leader of the Dai Li and brother of the Fire Nation platoon leader, Hougen. He looks just like his brother except he still has his ears.

Book 2: Earth

Genba make a surprising first appearance when he barges in upon Zuko's tea shop. He waited until the Dai Li had handled everything before walking in and exposing not only Aang, but Zuko and Azula as well! He said they were arrested for trespassing into the city's borders. He arrests Aang too, saying it was his fault for leading the royalty into the Capitol (With Aang oblivious to it all!). As he was about to leave though, Weed and Smellerbee arrive and fight Genba. After a long fight he slams Smellerbee in the ground, knocking out Smellerbee and Weed cold. He decides to arrest them too, for disobedience towards an officer... at least that's his excuse for getting back at them for beating him up.

Genba brought the prisoners over to a special cell; a crystal covered chasm. During the walk and his explaining, he was asked about this " Tom" kid that's supposed to stay with them. He saids that he no longer exists and there's nothin to say. But when they got there, he couldn't find Tom, and started to panic! He send out a search party to find that kid before something is said. He comes back later after searching most of Ba Sing Se to find that same kid who was thought to leave! He starts yelling at him, but becomes reasonable when he sees him shearing a tear. He made sure he didn't say anything and went to tell the Dai Le. But however, he appears during the fire invasion and confronts his brother. He tries to talk him out of it but he ended up in a fight and was tossed down to the bottom of the palace staircase. He was tended by Weed and GB and didn't do very much for the fight except saying where Hougen is.

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