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Unnamed fire Avatar
Gatton (TLAT)
Biographical information

Grandpa, Avatar, Father


Fire Nation

Birth place

Blazing Hill


Fire Nation Capital City




869 B.S.C.


??? B.S.C.

Physical description



Short, muscular




176 Pounds

Hair color

Was dark brown now gray

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

The elements

Bending style(s)

Firebending, airbending, waterbending, earthbending


Bending, the Avatar State


Wife, Sven, Step-Daughter, Finosa, and Baizken


Fire Nation, Sages, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, Air Nomads, Amax, Halois, Smoke, White Lotus (kinda)


Unknown Assassins, Raingeous, and Bard, Black Lotus, THIEVES

Chronological and political information

Being a Fully-realized Avatar


All nations


Unknown at current time



Gatton is the Avatar before Avatar Yangchen and the main hero of book 1 of TLAT.


Early life

He lived a peaceful life during his early years, like any normal kid. He was sent away to a school in the capital until his sixteenth birthday, when he discovered he was the Avatar. He learned all of the elements at a pretty fast pace. However, before he got home, tragedy struck and he lost his father. He looked after his mother for several years.

When his mother died, Gatton traveled around the four nations, using his skills to help those in need. He finally went to the Fire Nation capital, and called it his home. He finished his education, met a beautiful girl, and got married. He now lives peacefully in a fairly large house in the Fire Nation Capital with his son and two grandchildren.

Fall of The Sages

At the age of 67 Gatton spent most of his time helping the Fire Sages at the temple. One meeting with Sage Halois would be one he'd would not forget. During the meeting, a maid came out and tried to of an assassination attempt. Gatton and Halois were able to save themselves, but the servant perished. After this, the Avatar sent the sage home and looked around for clues. Gattton met a custodian who appeared to have no information, so Gatton went home on the back of his dragon, Duma.

The next day, the Avatar visited the temple again and discussed what the sages next move should be. After they were done meeting Gatton spoke in private with the head sage. Then he went home once again leaving the temple to deal with the assassin problem. On the following day, he visited a fortuneteller who told him of an evil Avatar that would follow him. He went to the temple; yet again, after having a vision of more assassins. After not finding any, he went to the mess hall to have lunch. There, he met the assassin who had tried to kill Sage Halois. After a prolonged battle, some rouge sages knocked the Avatar out from behind. He woke up in a lead prison.

The cell was made out of lead so a firebender could not burn it down. He met, in the cell, a young man named Smoke, who had lost most of his memory. After a daring escape using waterbending, Gatton helped Smoke remember the man's past. After taking a break, they met up with the other sages and learned that Raingeous was behind the assassins. The sages devised a plan to take Raingeous down.


Gatton, being the Avatar, he can bend all for elements as well as being able to go into the Avatar State at will. However, time has taken a toll on his body, making his abilities slightly weaker than they once were. As well as that, going into the Avatar State takes a much greater toll on his body. His abilities are most strong with water and firebending.


Gatton's personality is one with kindness, but also sometimes stern. He has great knowledge of many things such as history an politics. He seldom makes jokes and can be considered quite serious. He has a deep pride and respect for his country, the Fire Nation.


  • Gatton loves fire flakes.
  • He is currently teaching his granddaughter firebending.
  • Gatton is considered somewhat of a bookworm and rather boring, much to his grandchildren's dismay.
  • Gatton is a rare case for a fire Avatar, as he had no difficulty learning waterbending.
  • Gatton was the first person to bend sweat, and several other sources of water.

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