By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.

Gargwa are large duck-like creatures that inhabit the forests of Altonia. They are also used usually as livestock for the locals around the forest.


These large creatures are Altonia's cattle in a sense. Often found in groups of 5 or so, grazing on the scrubs and grasses of their home. Their size is their only defense against the usual predators but an old or sick one is fair game, much like many other creatures. But the lack of what predators do live in their home makes them have little defenses besides size.


Much like the Aptonoth, Gargwa are usually peaceful creatures, but they are hard to find since they can easily smell a threat a lot earlier then one can even start hunting one. Those used for livestock are actually more tougher then their wilder counterparts due to breeding from humans, giving them more muscles originally for more meat. But Gargwa from the wild are also much faster then the domesticated ones.

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