Team Avatar together at the theater
Gaping the Gaps
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Aang was stuck in the Spirit World, "I'm so bored!"

"Well this is the Spirit World..." the Odd Spirit said, "Nothing ever happens..."

"Alright, let's make this interesting. Tell me about yourself."

Five Hours Later

"...And then Lady Gaga came after me with a sledge hammer. She was all like yah I'm a vegan. I was all like 'why'd you take a bite out of yo' meat dress. And she was all 'Blarg'. My head has never been the same, and that's why you shouldn't work with music stars."

"Um, that's weird," Aang said.

And now presenting Korra Book 2 Spare-us

kuzon, "What I thought it was Spirits?"

Earth, Air, Water, Fire; long ago there were real enemies, but now all there is shipping episodes and bomb factories.

Ikki spoke really loud, "Oh my gosh Oh my gosh Oh. My. Gum. I get to come on the mission the big huge mission! I'm talking fast really fast really fast I want hot chocolate tea get me tea ROAR!"

Kuzon banged his head on the wall.

"Okay Ikki, but after Mako and I kiss until the commercial break," Korra said and they did!

Kuzon wished he was on the moon without cable...

One Commercial Break Later

Asami came up with a plan, "Alright here's the plan: we go into the bomb factory its unguarded, take all the bombs, and then we get Ikki some cocoa."

"Oh my golly cheese!" Ikki exclaimed, "Asami Asami Asami Asami Asami, Korra likes youuuuuuuuuuuuuur motorcycle and wants to take it from you."

Asami cried "Is nothing sacred."

Korra interrupted, "That doesn't matter now we got to stop those unarmed bombs.

Mako agreed.

Korra used the Avatar State and threw the bombs into the ocean using a tidal wave.

"What do we do now, Korra? Mako asked.

"I know," Korra said and kissed Mako for 15 minutes.

Thanks for watching it's now time for... iPower Ninja Ranger Turtles of Awesomeness-ious

Somewhere in the Iar Sea

Kuzon: could you guys believe today's Korra episode?

Goth: the world is blah and bleh

Kuzon: thanks for that encouraging message, but seriously guys this can't be for real

Mysti: it looked real

Humbell: and it has Bryke's seal...

Namuto-h_fist has joined the chat

Kuzon: there he was. The only one who could match me in a joke battle and win. I had to find a way to take him down.

Acer: you do realize we all can see what your talking

Kuzon: Shh, I'm telling a story...

Acer: Right...

Kuzon: joke battle here and now!

Nauto-h_fist: Alright bring it

Kuzon: Peter Piper picked a patch of pickled peppers

Namuto-h_fist: How much wood could a wood pecker peck

kuzon: A B C D E F G hit that ball like Griphie

Namuto-h_fist: Party in the house tonight

Kuzon: Like, um... Chicken Noodle soup song!

Minnichi: What's going on

OR: Conservatives

Minnichi: Dai Li

Or: Conservatism

Minnichi: Conservatism

OR: Dai Li

Or: ...

Minnichi: XD

Kuzon: spaghetti

Namuto-h_fist: Yo mom!

kuzon: ...

Penguin: Winner, Namuto!

Tiger: Shut your mouth

Penguin: go to the South Pole

Tiger: Why don't you

Kuzon: Then, at that exact moment, I realized what I had to do to win over my community, my friends, the president administrators: I would fix Korra.

Acer: Still can hear you

Kuzon has left the chat, commence party

Goth: I wonder why it says Lady Lostris and Thailog are on, but they never say anything.

Namuto-h_fist: Check there queries...

Goth: MY EYES!!!

Namuto-h_fist: Let's all go and storm the conversation!

Everyone: Yeah!

In ThaiLostris Land Namuto-h_fist: Your Mom

Lostris: ...

Warper: Fart the warp!!!

Thailog: ...

Acer: I like fanon :P

Everyone: Yay!

I went through the house, looking for my sis'. I found her in the kitchen.

"Do you still have the inter-dimensional traveling device," I asked.

"You mean the ITDT?"

"Yes that."

"Who's asking?"

I gave her my laptop.

"Closet, on the left," she said with my laptop in her hands.

I went in the closet and got it out. To test it I decided on going to Bermuda. I got there in no time at all. I quickly traveled all across the world to bring Avatar Wiki. Cleveland, Indonesia, the Mid-Atlantic, Canada, and California blech. I gathered all my wiki people and put them on a rock in the middle of Bermuda. Now it was time for Korra and Aang.

On Air Temple Island...

"I love you, Mako!" Korra yelled.

Mako agreed "Ditto."

They kissed again, fortunately at this time I warped them to Bermuda.

"Where did everyone go?" Bolin asked.

Asami shrugged.

Tenzin talked, "I can't get Meelo off me head."

I warped all three of them to Bermuda to. I then traveled to the Spirit World or other Avatar location. All the old Gaang were in Bermuda appearing like they did in their youth. Now it was helping time.

Aang spoke up, "Where are we?"




"Momo?" Sokka exclaimed.

Suki yelled, "Really?"

"Who are those people," Katara asked, pointing at the Krew.

"We know who you are! You guys are the original Team Avatar!" Bolin screamed, "Oh Ma Shu! It's Aang!"

"Technically, I'm Aang..." Korra said.

Sokka just stared at Asami. Suki subsequently elbowed him. Toph "eyed" Mako, Katara looked at Korra, and Kuzon looked at them all. Avatar Wiki people looked at Kuzon from behind a giant rock.

"Alright this is going to be a long story..." Kuzon warned. "I used an inter-dimensional to transport you all to this island to save the future avatar episodes. This means that since I warped through the fifth dimension I was able to bring you all here at your exact age. I have brought you here to train and learn from the previous and future."

"Okay," Aang and Korra said.

"I'm going to pair everyone up in teams of the future and past. Katara you're with Mako, Korra you're with Aang, Tenzin you're with Zuko, and Sokka you have a choice between Asami and Bolin."


Suki spoke up, "I'll take Asami; Sokka you're with the Bolin guy."

"Aah, really." Sokka got "the eye" after this.


"The first thing I notice about you is your stance it's all wrong," Aang said to Korra.

"You need to be more aggressive," Zuko explained to Tenzin.

"Drop and give me 70, and you are on my bad side," Suki talked to Asami.

"I wish I was with Asami," Sokka said.

"I wish that to..." Bolin said.

"Not like that."

"Why don't you fix your stance, me!" Korra said to Aang.

"How are these push-ups helping, making me a strong female lead?"

"Yeah, sure," Suki said.

"GET THIS THING OFF MY HEAD!!!" Zuko yelled while breathing fire.


"That's actually good yelling..." Zuko said.

"68, 69, 70."

"Now give me 30 more."

"You really brought cactus juice?" Bolin asked.

"Yep." and the 2 drank cactus juice.

"This interesting," ARG said, "Right Thailog? Thailog? Stop making out with Lady Lostris and pay attention!"

"What?" Thaiog asked and "continued",

"I am Namuto; I can be funnier! Monkey, get my jet pack."

"Yes Sifu."

"Dai Li," Minnichi did yell.


"Dai Li."

"Dai Li," Omashu attempted a trick.

"You're copying me," Minnichi said humorously.

"'A zebra never changes his spots.'"

"You're weird..."

"I'm part Chicken!" Goth yelled, "It's true! I saw Kuzon eating a cookie!"

"Guys," Kuzon explained, "We have to work together on making LoK better. Anyone think fighting will help?"

"No," they all said aloud. Suddenly an another inter-dimensional portal appeared. To kids, one carrying a book with 3 on it, came out of it.

"Well, Quable, I guess the portal worked."

"You're correct Hipper, I think we are on another world. Maybe there's cheese!"

Kuzon yelled angrily "How did you get here!"

"Through a portal..."

Kuzon quickly shoved them all pack into their portal. Before going completely through one said, "LVAPO OPU XIBU IF TFFNT!" and everything was silent.

Finally, Sokka spoke, "That was weird."


"Bringer (Kuzon), you don't think you broke the time-space continuum, do you?" Katara asked.

"Oh well, I'll fix it later..."

"Shouldn't the cactus juice be kicking in about... now friendly friend from the past," Bolin slurred.

"What!" Mako said, "Cactus juice is illegal!"

"It's okay, Zuko clone. My slap in face still works," Sokka said.

"Everything is going wrong, my community will never like me," Kuzon mumbled. All the wikians came running toward Kuzon, except Lady Lostris and Thailog; all of them yelling furiously. Kuzon started to run, but another portal opened. Pathik popped out with a look of disgust on his face.

"Kuzon, why you not pick me? I have credentials, lots of 'em. I trained the bald one-"

Kuzon interrupted, arms crossed "Because I don't like you."

"Well if that's the way you feel, I have one thing to say: Oppa Pathik style!" he sang while he did this, really old Lo and Li popped out in the most ridiculous outfits, "Oppa Pathik style, Opp opp opp. Oppa Pathik Style. HEEEEEEEEEEY chakra ladieeeeeeeeeeees." Everyone watching this went 'inactive', meaning they couldn't move from shock. Pathik and his "ladies" went pack through their portal.

"This can't get any worse," Kuzon moaned. All of a sudden Namuto-h_Fist came flying by on his jet pack singing Polly Wallie Doodle All the Day while playing a banjo, making everyone laugh, but he lost control and went into the ocean.

"No..." Suki said, "Has anyone seen Toph?"

"No Suki, you can't have a pineapple."

Toph had found a resort on the opposite side of the island. She was currently dipping her feet in the pool, because the hot sand had made her feet feel scratchy. She kept her hands on the earth though, so she could still see.

"This is the worst vacation ever!" Meelo screamed.

"I have to agree," Tenzin spoke softly, "Take us home."

Kuzon reluctantly opened a portal and the Korra and her friends walked through. Kuzon had lost the battle and he opened one for the Gaang as well. They walked through it, though Toph was still at the resort. Aang and Katara propped up Sokka while Zuko held his hand to his head with Suki by his side. They walked through the portal which then closed. All the Avatar Wikians looked at Kuzon with pity in their eyes Everyone must have felt sorry for Kuzon, or so he though.

Goth yelled at the top of his lungs "Get him!" They all began to chase Kuzon around and captured him. They jumped up and down on him and called him a Rikkiluo. Finally most of them left with the portal maker and Lady Lostris sent them home. Only a few friends stood around Kuzon who was half-knocked out. Omashu slapped him lightly in the face, waking him up. Kuzon finally stood up.

"I'm sorry guys."

"It's fine; I wonder what time it is in Cleavland?" Minnichi said.

"Around 5."

"I missed my test! Got to go," and she ran through the portal to Cleavland. Omashu and Acer were the only ones left other than Lostris. Mr. Rocks walked through the portal to Maryland. All who was left was Acer. He just stared at Kuzon.

"I want my nickel back," Acer said and he ran through the portal to Indonesia. Lady Lostris then left and closed all the portals.


She had "accidentally" left Kuzon on the island. Toph then came out of the woods.

"What I miss?"

Namuto emerged from the sea with his monkey on his shoulder. He looked at Kuzon, his eyes like axes. Kuzon looked at the sky 'Dan style'.

"Avatar Wiki!"

Kuzon was eventually found by an old people cruise where he had to spend the week until he got home. Namuto is currently an astronaut and his monkey has a movie deal, and Toph... She's planning on finding Lostris to be able to return home.

The End?

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