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Biographical information

Gai Chan, proto-Earth Kingdom


Proto-Earth Kingdom


65 (first appearance)
68 (at death)


Spring 9,810 BG


Spring 9,742 BG


9,784 BG - 9,742 BG


Dao (as city leader of Gai Chan)

Physical description


Hair color

Dark medium gray

Skin color


Eye color

Mint green

Personal information

Dao, Gai Chan citizens


Maku, Gaza, Fire Islands troops

Chronological and political information

Political official


City leader


Proto-Earth Kingdom
Gai Chan City

First appearance

"Love and Lost"

Last appearance

"The Catalyst" (alive)
"The Lore and the Quest" (dead)

Voiced by

James Cromwell (if animated)

Gaogui (pronounced: GOW-gway) was a non-bender, and the former leader of the proto-Earth Kingdom city of Gai Chan in the southwestern-most portion of the continent. His reign of forty-two years was marked as a time of peace and prosperity for the city and its residents, and relations between the residents and spirits were peaceful. Gaogui and Gai Chan's reputation grew to the point where both were famed across the continent, and the city had to expand in order to accommodate the multitudes of hopeful would-be residents.

His rule came to an abrupt and violent end when he was executed by Maku and Gaza immediately preceding the siege of the city by the two warlords in a display of defiance and rage towards the proto-Earth Kingdom for their sympathy towards the proto-Water Tribe and Air Nomads targeted in the War of Spirituality, and for not wanting to join alongside the warlords in their campaign.


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Early Life

Gaogui was born in a small proto-Earth Kingdom settlement in Spring 9,810 BG. The settlement steadily expanded throughout the years, and at the age of thirteen, Gaogui performed various acts of charity to accommodate the growing settlement, including cultivating gardens, assisting residents with their chores, even constructing some of the buildings to accommodate incoming residents. Eventually, the settlement was named "Gai Chan", and also became a city. At twenty-six years of age, Gaogui was elected to be the city's first leader.

Since becoming leader, Gaogui had ruled the city with compassion, charity, and sympathy. He made daily rounds to every residence in the city to make sure his people were happy, and to make any necessary changes to satisfy the residents. When the spirits visited the city and surrounding area during the solstices, the people of Gai Chan held peaceful and lenient relations towards the entities. Thus, no conflicts between the city residents and spirits occurred. Gai Chan and Gaogui's reputation eventually became famed throughout the continent to the point where Gaogui would need to expand the city a few times in order to accommodate the hordes of hopeful residents.

Book Two: Conflict

Meeting with Dao

One day in Autumn 9,745 BG, Gaogui met with General Dao at his office to discuss matters pertaining to the War of Spirituality.

Unexpected Visitors and a Violent End

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Book Three: Resolution

The Siege of Gai Chan

Book Three began with Gaza releasing his grip on Gaogui's right shoulder to allow the former ruler's limp body to fall forward, blood pouring from where his head once stood. Gaogui's bloodied severed head bounded down the steps of city hall before the city's residents (and unbeknownst to the warlords, Dao, his twenty men, Jamyang, and Singi). In a fit of adrenaline and rage, numerous city residents declared war against Maku and Gaza, only for the two warlords to grimace and order their troops to "SIEGE THE CITY!!!" The ensuing chaos of the siege forced Dao and his men to head into battle to defend their allies, but not before Singi rushed into the fray in an attempt to end the chaos. Dao managed to stop her just as she was about to leap from above into the main square and urged her to flee so that she could master firebending and bring the now global war to and end. Singi was reluctant to do so, having just witnessed Gaogui's execution, but Dao assured her she would be able to face the warlords one day, and reminded her about his teachings on neutral jing. Crushed, Singi complied, and embraced her instructor before the latter provided cover for her to escape the carnage and head northwest towards the Fire Islands.

The Parchment and the Successor

At the end of the war, Gai Chan was eventually liberated, and any residents who managed to escape from the siege were able to locate themselves back to the city. Residents who were imprisoned were also liberated and returned home. While clearing away the damage and waste from the city, a parchment written by Gaogui was found in the former ruler's office. The document was dated on the day Dao visited Gaogui back in Autumn 9,745 BG, and it was revealed to be a testament, formally declaring Dao to be Gaogui's successor as the leader of Gai Chan.


  • Gaogui translates to "noble" in Chinese.
  • It is implied that Gaogui was inspired to have Dao succeed him when he found out that the latter was mentoring Avatar Singi in earthbending.
  • Were Gaogui an actual animated character, he would be voiced by James Cromwell, whose notable films include Star Trek: First Contact, L.A. Confidential, I, Robot, The Queen, and The Artist. Comwell is also known from the television series Six Feet Under, 24, and Halt and Catch Fire.
  • Based on the dating of the Chinese zodiac, Gaogui was born in the Year of the Monkey in 9,810 BG. He shares his zodiac animal with the author of the trilogy, as well as Nenana.
Preceded by
Position established
Leader of Gai Chan
c. 9,784 BG – c. 9,742 BG
Succeeded by

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