By Jtwin1 Part of the Avatar: Neo Revolution continuity.
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Gao Lin Tunnel
Physical information

Northwestern section of Gao Lin


Old man Marco

First appearance

Chapter 3: The Tunnel (Avatar Neo Revolution)

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Gao Lin Tunnel is a secret tunnel located at the back of old man Marco's house at the northwest of Gao Lin. It leads from inside Gao Lin, through a mountain, to the outside of Gao Lin.

Layout and Description

Canyon guide

Marco created the secret tunnel to sneak people in and out of Gao Lin.

Marco's house is very similar to Anurna's; in that it is mostly a cubic room and a bathroom. However, it does have a fireplace, an upstairs bedroom and more furnishings - seeing as Marco is a permanent resident of Gao Lin. In the back wall of his ground floor room is a large tunnel that leads westward through a mountain and out of Gao Lin.

This dark tunnel, created by Marco through earthbending, leads into a larger cavern which is lit by a singular light globe. In this, there is a wall that contains many more tunnels that have been created by Molipedes. Marco has only created one tunnel, which leads onto a mountainside on the other side of Gao Lin. The Molipede burrows are extensive and maze-like.


Marco created Gao Lin Tunnel prior to the events of the main story, and previously enabled Anurna access into Gao Lin.

Flora and Fauna


Molipedes: the resident earthbenders of the secret tunnel.

Bats — perhaps wolf bats or other variations - have been described as living in the tunnel(s). Their echoey screeches can be heard in the tunnel.

Molipedes — However the most notable residents of Gao Lin Tunnel are the Molipedes. Molipedes are large insects with mole-like noses. They are blind; using their noses as 'feelers' to sense their surroundings. Their many legs enable fast movement, while their strong pincers allow them to burrow through rocks.

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