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Gao Lin Province
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Southern Earth State



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The Avatar (The Kyoshi Chronicles)

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Gao Lin Province is a small town located in the dry prairies of the Southern Earth State. Although locked between two mountain ranges, the province is one of the richest and most flourishing. It is home to the Smelly Cup tea-house.

Layout and Description

Gao Lin Province is situated on a dry prairie in between two mountain ranges - the northern range being the Gaan Mountains. On the outside of the province are corn fields.


The Smelly Cup

The Smelly Cup is Hiaga's tea-house and was where Kyoshi worked and lived her entire life before discovering herself to be the Avatar. It is one of the best, if only, tea-houses in Gao Lin.

The Bending Tournament Arena

The arena is situated underground and has many seats circling around the battle ground - of which is separated by a mote of water. It was here that Kyoshi was discovered to be the Avatar.

The Gao Lin School

This school has produced many provincial advisers and government officials. Good soldiers were also taught at this school, one being Kyoshi's father.

Flora and Fauna

Not much is known about the native vegetation but thickets of thorny bushes grow where ever corn doesn't - corn being the main produce of the province. In terms of animals, the only known native species is the Crowhopper - giant crow-like animals with grasshopper wings and legs and crow plumage, eyes and beak.

Notable characters

  • Kyoshi: The newly discovered Avatar. Tomboyish and eager for adventure.
  • Hiaga: Kyoshi's carer and owner of the Smelly Tea Cup.
  • Nit: Kyoshi's nervous, earthbender friend. He works at the Smelly Cup with Kyoshi.
  • Junko: A large earthbender and competitor in the Gao Lin Bending Tournament.
  • Garuku: Kyoshi's unseen father. He is a soldier in the Earth State army.


  • Gao Lin was originally meant to be Gaoling as the Bending Arena was supposed to be the original Earth Rumble VI arena before it became illegal. However, the writer got the name wrong and instead stuck with Gao Lin.

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