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Becoming a Psychopathic Killer

As a child Gao suffered from severe cases of schizophrenia. His particular case made him prone to violence and believe he had two friends by the names of Butcher and Monk who would tell him if something was right or wrong that took the appearance of a kind spirit and a demon (Monk was usually ignored). One day during one of his fits of rage Gao killed not only his entire family but his entire village because Butcher told him to. That day he believed he had also killed Monk, as Butcher claimed "That pacifistic wimp won't be ruining our fun ever again." From that day on Gao lived in one giant killing spree. Due to his "private lessons" with Butcher Gao became an extremely powerful but unstable firebender.

Finding the Black Lotus

Unlike most of the people who join the Black Lotus Assassins, Gao wasn't recruited by any member. He found them. After hearing from one of his victims about a group of assassins Gao became intrigued. So Gao went out of his way to earn their attention. He angered just about every crime boss he could find. Finally a drug lord sent an assassin after him. Gao managed to trick the assassin and trapped him in a deep pit. After extracting every bit of useful information from his would be killer, Gao mercilessly buried him alive.

Using the info gained from the assassin Gao found the nearest base and broke into it. He started killing every person he saw in the base. The assassins were astounded that this boy was slaughtering them. Eventually only one assassin remained, a large sandbender named Des. Sensing that Des was stronger than the others Gao began to demand entrance into the Black Lotus Assassins. Des smiled at the kids guts and took him to the Home Base.

There Gao met with Lu Ming, who was interested in hearing how this boy had managed to kill an entire base full of trained assassins. Lu Ming granted Gao admittance under the condition that he not randomly kill his fellow assassins. Gao responded "No promises".

A New Master

Lian and the Crew

When Gao was accepted into the Black Lotus he was assigned to be Lian's apprentice. When he first met her, he put on a charade of an ignorant young loner. Upon meeting the crew he very quickly made up his mind that he didn't like them. Once he had a moment alone with Lian she asked him to make the largest fireball he could. He complied, laughing hysterically as it grew larger and larger. Gao's obvious insanity disturbed Lian to the point where felt she needed to keep two eyes on him.

Fighting the Fire Lord

When Lian, Gao and the rest of the team attacked Team Avatar, Gao went after Zuko. Gao seemed to dance around all of Zuko's fire blasts as he closed the gap between them. When they were close enough Gao managed to land solid, if not sloppy, hits on Zuko while he seemed to melt around the Fire Lord's. Eventually Gao grabbed Zuko by his neck and lifted him off the ground. Unfortunately Gao chose that moment to get into a heated argument with Butcher. Distracting him from his objective of killing Zuko and giving a wolf the chance to attack him, saving Zuko's life.

Friendly Fire

The day after Team Avatar got away Gao decided to pick a fight with Mavado, with whom he'd developed a mutual hatred. After mocking him about losing in fight between "two girls and a bumbling idiot," Mavado finally had it and began to beat the living day lights out of Gao. Gao took the beating well, he laughed through the entire thing. When he figured Mavado was done he attacked. He maneuvered around Mavado until he grabbed him by his head.

When Lian came out she ordered Gao to let go. Gao did so, after snapping Mavado's neck.

Accused Murder

After Lian, Gao and Mira were ordered to report to the nearest Black Lotus Base, Gao blacked out once he was left alone. When he came to he was by the docks and decided to hang around for a while. A few minutes later he was tackled by Lian, who accused him of doing something horrible. While at first he utterly denies whatever it was Lian was accusing, he soon admits it before asking what it was he did. Once she told him he killed Mira and hung her, Gao claimed that he didn't hang people. Sure he would "Snap necks, burn to a crisp, drown, and stab, but not hang."

A few days later Gao, along with almost every other Black Lotus Assassin had gathered for a war.

Non "canon" appearance

Gao makes an appearance in Avatar: Clash of Worlds, a fanon cross over project. Gao is at a Black Lotus base waiting for orders when he notices someone sitting in the lounge of the base. After introducing himself as a "Crazy, psychopathic, murderer." He engages Hyaku in a fight that not only takes them through the entire base but kills everyone caught in the cross fire.

Finally the two make it to the roof and Hyaku manages to gain the upper hand, after a low blow. Gao's life is saved however when a crazy old lady appears out of nowhere and beats the crap out of both of them. Humiliated Gao and Hyaku agree never to speak of these events again.


Gao has suffered from a sever case of schizophrenia since childhood. He as always been extremely violent. He also tends to see humor where there is none. He usually laughs at his own pain, whether or not he merely does this to mask his pain or he's simply a masochist is unknown. Yet despite everything he seems to follow Lian's orders, not always in the way she expects though.



Gao has shown himself to be a capable firebender. He has been able to face the Fire Lord equally in an Agni Kai. He has also been shown to be able to charge his attacks to increase their destructive potential.


Gao is extremely agile, able to dodge just about every attack thrown at him. When he dodges he appears to be moving in a form of dance. He has been known to use this bizarre method to confuse and maneuver his opponent to where he can finish them.


  • Gao's insane personality was inspired by both Jack Nicholson's and Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker. Particularly his laughing at just about everything.
  • Gao's "dancing" fighting style was inspired by the character Vamp, from the Metal Gear Solid franchise

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