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By Ganto Part of the Ganto - Airbender From Northern Air Temple continuity.
"My grandfather died the day he wanted to send it, my dad was too scared and didn't want any one to know about us, so... The letter was never sent to him! My mother died when I was young and at that moment I couldn't leave the air temple for any second!"
— Ganto to Lin.
Ganto Ren
Biographical information

Weird Kind


Air Nomads, Northern Air Temple

Birth place

Ba Sing Se




October 15

Physical description
Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Air, Airbender Staff

Bending style(s)





Pashi, Lia, Mal.


Lin, Tenzin, Ikki, Meelo, Jinora, Pema, Saikhan, Pedro, Ropa, Aria, General Fang, and Teo


Equalists, Amon, Hiroshi Sato, Mal, Earthbenders from the island.

Chronological and political information



Monk Pashi

First appearance

Northern Air Temple


Ganto was born in Ba Sing Se. His great-grandfather Han, survived the genocide and became the last airbender. Han was traveling all over world and tried to hide from the Fire Nation. Unfortunately one day he was captured by Fire Nation. Fire Lord Sozin kept him alive and knew that Avatar will come to rescue Han if Aang finds out Han is an airbender trapped in Fire Nation. Some moments later Avatar Aang's friend Kuzon tried to free Han from prison. It wasn't easy, but he managed to do it with help of his friends. Kuzon saved some bison's and winged Lemurs-Fire Nation took them before the attack. On Fire Nation side was an airbender named Afiko, he betrayed airbenders, stole the bison's and took them to Fire Nation before attack so airbenders can't escape. Kuzon ran away with Han to Earth Kingdom. Years moved on and Han died. The war was over, Ganto's grandfather Jinju wanted to write a letter to Aang and tell him everything since the war was over. Unfortunately he died that day and the letter was never sent to him. Later Ganto's father married and later they had a son- Ganto.

When Ganto was just six years old his mother were killed by a firebender in front of him. Ganto and his father left to Northern Air Temple wich now was abandoned. Ganto's father Pashi didn't let him leave the temple and told him that the world is far too dangerous for airbender kid like him. Ganto became an airbending master at age of twelve. After mother's death he became very serious on the training and completed it way faster than airbenders usually do. He invented airbending move called-Tornado and Tidal wave. It's a move where he spins like a tornado, when the tornado creates around him he stops, whole storm forms into small air flow in his hands. Then he expand the hands and the small swipe turns into massive air wave, it's a tidal wave that destroys everything in its path. Ganto knew the move was too dangerous, so he uses it only when he really needs to.

When Ganto was 16 his father died from terrible disease. Ganto had to leave to Republic City with his Sky Bison, Ropa, and Winged Lemur, Pedro. They all knew, that it's going to be a crazy and wonderful journey. Ganto met Lin in streets of Republic City. She found the letter that Ganto's grandfather wanted to send to Aang. She was confused and mad, but Ganto explained everything. He hated her at first, but eventually they became friends. Now Ganto lives in the Air Temple Island with Tenzin and his family. Some people call him weird kind - only airbender that truly has survived the genocide.

Book 1:Arrival (Autumn)

In book one Ganto is young, active, and a bit childish. He loves to explore and see the smallest detail of whole world since he was 'trapped' in the Air Temple or 10 years. He's still serious and follows monk traditions. Ganto loves to fly around and go where ever he feels wind is taking him.


Air Temple Island

Ganto left the Northern Air Temple and arrived in Republic City a couple days later. He got amazed by every little thing. He thought the whole city is amazing...except the cars, he thought they're destroying the nature. Later, Ganto met Lin and she found out the truth about him being an airbender. Later they went to Air Temple Island where Ganto met Tenzin, later he moved in there.

The tragic day...

One day Ganto met the Equalists. They ambushed him, no matter how he tried Ganto lost, Pedro tried to protect him and threw rocks at the Equalists. Meanwhile, Ganto tried to get away, but as a result he fell from the house roof and hit his head badly. Ganto lost his memory and spent a long time in the hospital, later he got out, but he still had his problems with memory.


Ganto and Teo decided to leave to Ba Sing Se. Meanwhile, on their way there they got captured by earthbenders and imprisoned, luckily that wasn't for long. Metalbender cop units went to the island and rescued them. Ganto and Teo continued their way to Ba Sing Se and finally couple hours later they got in "The City of opportunities". There they began to live in the house where Ganto's family hide from the Fire Nations in the Hundred Year War.

Book 2:Struggle (spring)

In book two Ganto is a lot wiser than he was before. He takes everything a lot more serious and also he falls in love with a rich girl named Aria They're love story soon will turn into fight for death and living.

The first days

Ganto and Teo have been living in Ba Sing Se for 5 months, then Ganto decided to get back. The "Dai Li's" went to him and gave him 2 tickets to Republic City. They were surprised to get them. Two days later they stepped on board the ship and the amazing adventure begin.

The mysteries of R. M.S Taihano..

One day, after dinner Ganto walked around decks. Then he accidently overheard a conversation. He heard 2 men talking about Hiroshi Sato designing the ship and also that he gave bad materials so later they can sink the ship, suddenly another man appeared behind and knocked him out and dragged into a cabin, the men thought what to do to him, they decided to put him back in his room so he thinks it was just a dream.

A little walk after the incident

Ganto woke up in his cabin and truly thought it was just a dream, but it made him confused and it was hard to sleep for him, so he went out of his room and walked on poop deck. There he met Aria, a beautiful young girl. They both began to talk and later they went inside to warm up. They really fast became friends and some days later, just couple hours before the sinking they became something more than a friend, they became a couple.

Tragic night

Ganto and Aria ran on the forecastle and began to kiss, meanwhile in front of the ship appeared huge iceberg. Officers reversed the engnes and turned hard-to starboard(left). Then Equalists ambushed them and knocked them out, they took control over the ship and lead it towards the iceberg. Aria and Ganto noticed the iceberg and were about to bend it away, but then...Equalists ambushed them and captured them.

Fight for life and death

Ganto and Aria woke up tied up in Crew Passage, F deck. Equalists were guarding them, but soon after that Equalists left them helpless in the cabin. The water began to flow in the Crew Passage, luckily Teo was looking for them and found them. He untied them and they tried to get in the upper decks, they struggled to survive. Later when they managed to get on boat deck Aria, Taru and Teo get in the boat. Unfortunately ONLY non-benders could get in the boats so Ganto had to stay on the ship. Even if Aria and Taru were benders their father begged the Equalists to let them in the boat, they unwillingly agreed. When the boat got till A deck promenade Aria decided to get back in the ship and jumped back in the ship.

The Chase

Ganto and Aria were happy to be together again, but Ganto was still mad at her for getting out of the boat. The lieutenant began to chase them, Aria and Ganto ran down to E deck, water level was till stomach. Lieutenant smirked and electrocuted water. Luckily Aria created Ice platform under her and Ganto in the last seconds. Lieutenant groaned angrily, Aria and Ganto ran away.

Great Loss Of Life

Ganto and Aria managed to rush trough flooding decks to top, but it was too late. All life boats were gone, it became a fight for life and death as Ganto and Aria tried to get on the stern. The ship reached till 30 degrees and broke apart between 3rd and 4th funnel. Later the ship got completely vertical and couple minutes later it sank. Many people were left in the cold and freezing water, Ganto and Aria swam to a wooden platform. They both couldn't get on it so Ganto told Aria to stay on it. Slowly the life inside the people who were in water perished, some still tried to scream for help...But there was no use. A rescue life boat came as fast as it could, but it was already too late. Most of people have already died. Till then only six were found alive in the freezing water. There was only a small breath of life inside Ganto, it was about to perish, but then Aria saw the boat and called for help. They were rescued. As the sun raised a shocking view appeared. Many icebergs were around them, and they also could see a cargo ship wich later rescued the passengers.


Ganto is calm like other airbenders. He's sweet and kind. He always helps people if they need help. He still has his bad side even as a monk, hes short-tempered. Ganto loves to be free and as he says Go where ever wind takes him.He hates meat and every time someone offers him meat he disagrees and says. Don't you see, I'm an airbender! And that means-V.E.G.E.T.A.R.I.A.N! Then usually appears his bad side as well.


Ropa: Ganto and Ropa are very connected to each other. They are best friends and always stay together. Ropa cares about his friend and always protects Ganto if he's in big trouble. Same with Ganto, he always Protects Ropa and makes sure he's clean and shiny fur.

Pedro: They are very good friends. Although there are some times Ganto is very disappointed into him. Like the times when Pedro steal fruits-total fruit lover. Ganto always gives Pedro his favourite fruits. Pedro also love Ganto's own cooked Fruit Pies.

Tenzin: Tenzin is Like Ganto's father. Ganto feels very happy in Air Temple Island. Al though Tenzin's kids sometimes annoy Ganto. Tenzin and Ganto are very good friends.

Lin: Ganto and Lin are very good friends. In start Ganto didn't like her, At all. But they became good friends after the incident with the Equalists.

Teo Hu: Ganto and Teo are best friends, and they always will be. They had many crazy and funny adventures in childhood. They used to prank Ganto's dad and Pedro.

Aria Fang: He has a crush on her, he loves her very much deeply in his heart, but he tries not to show that...yet.


Ganto doing some Airbending

Ganto is airbending Master. He's very strong and smart, as usual he avoids in stead of facing attacks. But when he gets out of control-that happens when people he care about get hurt-then he face the attacks and do what ever it takes to stop the one that is hurting his friend. Ganto always takes his staff with him.

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