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By Ragnell wielder Part of the The Legend of Aang: Book 4: Air continuity.
Biographical information

Fire Nation



Physical description


Hair color

Black (appears blue)

Eye color


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Weapon of choice

Fire, Great Sword

Fighting style(s)

Firebending, Swordmaster


Fire Nation, Qin, Shinu, Mongke, Liang, Admiral Chan, Colonel Liquan


Zuko and those loyal to him

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General of the Fire Nation Air Force


Fire Nation Rebels

First appearance

The Legend of Aang: Book 4: Air Chapter 1:Tides of Intrigue

Gangshou is the first General of the Fire Nation Air Force, and is one of the main villains in The Legend of Aang: Book 4: Air.


Not much is known about his childhood. When he was 19, he enlisted in the Fire Nation Army and served in the Earth Kingdom. When he was 24, he received a field commission from the rank of Sergeant, to Second Lieutenant for an act of extreme bravery. He served next to Lu Ten in the Siege of Ba Sing Se as a Captain 6 years later. He was restationed to the Homeland, where he defeated several Firebending masters in Agni Kai's. He also learned about the Firebenders weakness in an eclipse. To prevent this weakness, he learned from Piandao and made his own sword.


Gangshou is an active member, as well as Commander, of the rebellion. He commanded the airships that transported the soldiers back from the Earth Kingdom to use against the Fire Lord and then ordered them and the fleet to move on the Fire Nation Capital after receiving an intelligence report from General Shinu that Zuko was ahead of schedule.

He and his forces attacked a large contingent of the Loyalist forces, led by Piandao. After a brief but brutal duel with his master, he led his forces to victory, crushing the loyalists and driving them back towards the Fire Nation Capital.


Gangshou is a physically imposing man. His hair is raven black, so dark that it appears blue. Unlike most Firebenders, he has green eyes.


Gangshou is a powerful Firebender, defeating several high ranking Firebenders in Agni Kai's. He was able to do this with a special form of Firebending, Instantaneous Combustion. Instantaneous Combustion is a subskill of Combustion, but instead of making something explode from far away, he makes something catch fire from a long distance. He is also able to extinguish fires.

Other Skills

Gangshou is also a swordmaster, as well as a skilled swordmaker. He learned both skills from Piandao. From years serving on the front line, both as a soldier and as an officer, Gangshou is a quick thinker, making him a skilled strategist.


  • A "Gang Shou" is described as the leader of merchants on a ship in a book by the Chinese writer Zhu Yu.


His picture was taken from the Fire Emblem wiki page for Zelgius.

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