Gameshow of Horror - Part 2: The Extreme Laser
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October 22, 2015

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The Parent Search

Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Someday, The Lost Earthbender will balance to the world.

Jinora, Asami, Chang, and Luli ran around the station to find Jing and Bo. Jing meanwhile managed to earthbend everyone out, the walls were made of metal, which Jing did not know how to metalbend.

"It's no use, Jing. You cannot get out," said Anna.

"I'm getting out, because I'm helping you," replied Jing.

Jing continued trying to escape, but then big brother made a statement.

"This is Big Brother. Jing will be ejected, because he has broken several rules. Jing, please leave the Big Brother House."

"Yes! Let's get out!" said Jing.

"You must be joking, you're going to die," replied Derek.

Big Brother got ready for the laser, which would kill Jing. However, Jing went into the Avatar State and broke the laser with earthbending.

"Told ya! I'm getting out! Come with me, Anna!" said Jing.

Anna joined Jing to find his friends, and Derek went his separate ways. Meanwhile, another person is lasered in Bo's game. Bo became more scared.

Bo asked Wellard, "Why are we getting rid of the good ones?"

Wellard replied, "Because you're the dumb one."

"Well?" Bo said angrily.

"Ard... Get it? Ha ha ha!" said Wellard.

AN.N prepared Wellard and Bo for the final round of the game. Wellard began getting the correct answers, while Bo was struggling. Jing and Anna managed to find Jinora and the others.

"I found you! Where's Bo?" said Jing.

"We don't know. We have to find her quickly before she dies!" replied Luli.

"Let's split up," said Jinora.

"No, that would not be a good idea. You could be caught, we have to find her together," said Jing.

Jing and his friends ran around to find Bo before it was too late. They bumped into a room which had all the names of those currently playing the games. They searched for Bo's name.

"Oh no! AN.N is the worst to be lasered! Quick, follow me!" said Anna.

Everyone followed Anna. Bo had one last question, it was very critical.

"If you get this question wrong, sweetheart, you will die! MUHAHAHAHA!" said AN.N.

Bo was scared, and the question was, "Which nation holds Avatar Wan Day?" Bo did not know, and she stared at the AN.N's red eyes. She took a deadly guess.

"Air Nomads?" said Bo.

"WRONG! Correct answer is Fire Nation," replied AN.N.

"YOU LOST, HA HA!" shouted Wellard.

Bo stepped backwards slowly and had a panic attack. AN.N congratulated Wellard and let him go.

"The Avatar will come and get me. This needs to stop!" said Bo.

Jing and the others arrived in Bo's room to rescue her. "BO!" shouted Jing. Bo ran towards Jing.

"Jing! WATCH OUT!" shouted Bo.

Bo screamed as she was lasered by AN.N, and Jing and the others were shocked. Jing knelt down on the spot where Bo got lasered. Jing's expression was dark as he turned angry. Jing turned into the Avatar State and managed to destroy AN.N's laser. Team Avatar was arrested, and they were sent to the man who was stalking Jing. His name is Gus.

"Well, well, Avatar Jing, the lost earthbender," said Gus.

"You murderous piece of..." said Jing, though eh was interrupted by Gus.

"Ah, ah, ah, be careful what you say, Avatar, I think it's time I told you about my secret," said Gus.

"What are you talking about?" said Jing.

Gus stared at Jing and said nothing to him.

"Well, we demand answers!" said Jinora.

"Very well, I am a soldier to a very rare colony in the Northern Water Tribe. We are a new bending skill which will make us one..." explained Gus.

Jing replied, "I don't understand?"

"I am an Icebender!" said Gus.

Everyone was freaked out over that revelation. Jing still did not comprehend.

"An Icebender? You mean Waterbender? Icebending does not exist!" said Jing.


Gus used his icebending to attack Jing. Jing avoided the ice, and he ripped the floors and kicked towards Gus. Gus avoided and brought up ice shards and began throwing them at Jing. Luli helped Jing by using a water shield to slow the ice shards down. Jing kicked the ice towards Gus. Gus got hit by the Ice boulder and banged his head against the wall. Jing made a rock prison to make sure Gus did not escape.

"You deserve to die, you twisted..." said Jing.

Yet again Gus interrupted and said, "She's NOT dead!"

Jing stood back and replied, "What?"

"She's alive! All of them!" said Gus.

"Alive!? SHE LIVES!!!" said Jing cheerfully. Jing then turned to Gus and said, "Where is she?"

Gus stood silently and smiled.

"WHERE IS BO!?" shouted Jing.

"She's frozen! Try and find her!" Gus said, taunting Jing.

Jing and others left Gus in his earth prison and tried to find Bo in a frozen prison. They reached the room which was below freezing. They saw people from all nations frozen in an icy cell.

"Poor unfortunate souls," said Asami.

"I know. We need to not only release Bo but get everyone out!" said Jing.

"Jing! Bo's over there!" shouted Chang.

Bo's frozen living body was discovered in one ice cell far from the door. Jing rubbed the ice to look through if it was Bo or not.

"It's her! I don't want to punch the ice, I could hurt Bo," said Jing.

Jing was thinking of an idea. Chang was shivering as his drool turned into hard water.

"Right! Everyone stand back!" said Jing. The others stood back and Jing prepared himself for using his Avatar State to break the ice without hurting Bo. The ice fell off, and Bo was shivering. Jinora gave Bo her Air Nomad cape to keep her warm. Jing broke other ice of other people, like Tracy and Zuli. People were cheering and escaping.

"Thank you, Avatar Jing, for saving us, and now I must go," said Anna.

"Bye, Anna," said everyone.

"Avatar Jing?" said a mysterious woman walking towards him.

"Yes, who are you?" said Jing.

She replied, "I knew your past life really well."

Jing looked within him and looked at his vision of Korra's time. The mysterious woman's name was Ting-Ting. Ting-Ting was weeping as she hurt herself after playing a ball game, Korra cheered her up by giving her a plaster. Jing now understood.

"Are you...?" said Jing.

"Yes, I am Ting-Ting, I am Korra's daughter," replied Ting-Ting.

Team Avatar, including Ting-Ting, returned to Republic City with the electricity back on. They were outside the Town Hall to see President Ru. They all got off Lu-Pan.

"I must go back to the Western Air Temple with my siblings. Good luck, Jing, I'll next see you when you learn air," said Jinora.

Jinora left with her glider and headed off.

"Bye, Jinora!" said Jing.

"Avatar, are you coming?" said Asami.

They all entered to find President Ru, and he was sitting there having a smoke and a pint of vodka.

"Oh! Avatar Jing, YOU'RE BACK!" said President Ru.

"Yeah, everything is now back to normal! Except there a secret colony called Icebenders," said Jing.

"Hmm, they sound dangerous. But I'm sure there's nothing to worry about," replied President Ru.

"So now what?" said Luli.

"Now, Avatar, you must begin your firebending training!" said President Ru.

"Actually, before I do, I need to find my parents!" said Jing.

"Okay, Avatar, I will call a nationwide search," said President Ru.

Jing was happy that the search for his family was on. Ting-Ting patted him on the back, and Luli and Chang hugged him.

Back in the Icebenders Prison, Gus was in his earth prison, waiting for someone to help him. A door opened and someone was walking towards Gus.

"I'm sorry I failed you, Chief Kang!" said Gus.

Kang smiled and froze Gus instantly.

"You are a failure! I will find the Avatar myself!"

Kang walked away and left Gus to die a frozen death as Kang headed off to find the Avatar and finish him once and for all.

End of Chapter

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