Gameshow of Horror - Part 1: Enter the Games
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June 14th, 2015

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Electricity Lockdown

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Gameshow of Horror - Part 2: The Extreme Laser

Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Someday, The Lost Earthbender will bring balance to the world.

Jing woke up in a very bright room. Jing realized he was on a chair and in front of him was an electronic eye.

"What's going on! Where am I?"

Then a male voice said, "welcome to the Big Brother House."

The Big Brother theme tune started playing, and Jing was skeptical.

"Look, I really don't have time for games. I need to go back to Republic City," Jing said.

Big Brother said, "it are the finals today, so you will be here only today."

Jing had a moment to think about it.

"Very well, I guess one day won't hurt," Jing said.

So he exited the diary room and found three other housemates looking scared.

"Hey, peepz!" yelled Jing.

The other housemates went up to Jing and greeted him.

Meanwhile, Asami and Jinora woke up and heard the Wheel of Fortune theme song.

"WHEEL. OF. FORTUNE!" yelled the fake audience.

"Wheel of Fortune?" Asami said.

"Something fishy is going on," Jinora replied.

The host announced himself, "Hello, welcome to Wheel of Fortune, I am your host with no particular name. Let's get started."

The fake audience clapped, and one other player named Bart was really scared.

"Bart, spin the wheel," said the host.

Bart spun the wheel in fright and as the wheel was spinning, Asami and Jinora felt concerned about Bart. The wheel stopped and landed on bankrupt.

"You landed on bankrupt!" said the host.

Asami said, "sorry, Bart!"

Bart was weeping, and Jinora saw something suspicious.

"Maybe next time, Bart," said Asami.

"There will not be a next time for him," the host replied.

The host got a laser and shot Bart, and he disappeared and turned into dust.

"The host just killed Bart," said Jinora.

"Let's leave!" replied Asami.

"If you leave, you will be shot and die," said the host.

"It's still worth it!" said Jinora.

Jinora airbent the host and Asami and Jinora ran away from the studio to find the others.

Meanwhile, Luli and Chang woke up and found out that they were in a cube, tied together with chains.

"What is happening?" said Chang.

The host of the show says, "Welcome to The Cube. Tonight, we will find out if Luli and Chang have what it takes to defeat the Cube."

"What?" said Luli.

Suddenly, two sides of the cube's walls started to go down and there were spikes slowly going towards Luli and Chang.

Luli screamed, and Chang had a panic attack.

"Luli, use your waterbending!" screamed Chang.

"But there is no water around us. Wait a second! Chang! You need to cry!" said Luli.

"How am I supposed to..." replied Chang.

He was interrupted by Luli's sharp teeth that bit him in the hand.

"OW!!!" screamed Chang.

He started to cry, and Luli could now focus on waterbending to break the chains.

"It may take a few minutes, Chang," said Luli.

"We don't have much time! The walls are closing in!" shouted Chang.

The walls get narrower by the second...

We move on to Bo, who woke up to find herself in a game called "Last One Standing". Bo noticed eight other people standing behind the podiums. The host named AN.N., a half human and half metal machine. Bo seemed confused on the concept of her surroundings.

"Welcome, I will ask you questions. Get it wrong, you lose one of your three lives. Get it right, you choose who loses a life and that person answers the next question," explained AN.N.

Everyone knew what to do. Bo looked at a man named Wellard.

"What is going on?" said Bo.

"Shhh! It's a game, answer correctly if I were you," replied Wellard.

So the game started; unaware that losing meant death, Bo continued to play the game.

Back to Luli and Chang, the walls continued getting narrow, Luli's water almost broke the chains.

"We are gonna die! We are gonna die! We are gonna die! WE - ARE - GON- NA - DIIIIIIIEEEEE..." shouted Chang.


Chang used his hand and the chains just broke. Luli's face reddened of embarrassment as they managed to escape. They managed to lock the doors frozen shut. They bumped into Jinora and Asami.

"Oh goodness, you're safe! Where're Jing and Bo?" asked Asami.

Luli replied, "I don't know, but we have to find them, fast!"

Luli, Chang, Asami, and Jinora all ran in hope to find Jing and Bo in time.

We go back to Bo where she got a question right and chose the woman with the last life left, her name was Zuli.

Zuli cried as she was the first one out. Bo said, "I'm sorry, but that's how the game goes."

Zuli said, "Please, can I have one last chance? It's the geography question! I'll do better, please! DON'T LET THEM KILL ME!"

The other contestants looked down in sorrow as Bo looked worried for Zuli.

AN.N said, "Zuli, you are OUT!" The floor podium dropped, and Zuli got trapped underneath and got zapped! Bo watched in horror as Zuli screamed to her death.

AN.N said, "We will be right back after these commercials" AN.N shut down for a break.

Bo was shocked by what she witnessed. "What was that!?" she shouted.

Wellard said, "She was killed, well done!"

Bo replied, "'Well done'? I chose her to go!" Wellard nodded.

Bo looked around and realised what was going on. "Oh my goodness, THIS IS DISGUSTING! We're voting people to die! Let me leave the game!" she shouted.

"If you leave, you die, might as well play," said Wellard.

Jing sat on a sofa with three other contestant waiting for Big Brothers' announcement. Everyone was shaking except for Jing.

"This is Big Brother, the ninth person to be evicted is... Tracy!"

"I'm so sorry!" said Anna, one of the contestants.

"Too bad, Tracy," said Derek, one of the contestants.

"Sorry, good luck on the outside," said Jing.

"Outside!? Jing, I don't think you understand, there is no..." said Anna.

Anna got interrupted as the doors opened for Tracy to go in,-. Tracy was brave to enter, she stood in front of a locked door and did nothing.

"Go! Go out then!" said Jing.

Tracy got zapped unexpectedly; Jing was shocked by Tracy's death.

"What was that!?" said Jing.

"She's gone! She's evaporated," said Anna.

Jing realised what was going to happen, so he tried to break the rules and escape.

To be continued... End of Chapter

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