By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
Sir Galleth Cooper
Biographical information


Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Cooper Cane, sword


Tennessee (decendent), Rioichi, Bob Cooper, Salim (ancestors)


Suki, Longshot, Penelope

Chronological and political information

Honor knight, cunning thief

First appearance

Knight Cooper PT1

Galleth Cooper is a well respected knight of the medieval times in the Cooper World. He is among the highest of order of the knight code, so it's unclear why he still goes on to be a part-time thief. Probably because of his ancestry of thievery. Despite his thieving urges, he still has plenty of loyalty and honor to become a great soldier. He still has some trouble though at the moment when Suki and Longshot appeared with a mysterious Black Knight and its forces, trying to take over the castle. Besides having his Cooper Cane, he also carries a knight sword with him as extra fighting power.

Avatar: New Universe II

Galleth appears just moments after Smile Dog and Ghost run away, thinking he was Pyramid Head. It isn't clear if it was Galleth himself whom scared Ghost when Ghost looked around to make sure they're alone. He starts off by introducing himself to them and then offering them a place to stay back at the kingdom, to which they happily agree.

When they get back, he tells the story on how his group had come out victorious against the Black Knight. He asks later on as to why they were in the forest by themselves, and simply shrugs it off when they didn't really want to answer, hardly getting it themselves.

He appears later in sight of the black knight, and charges in to attack but loses quickly. However sadly, he was then shot by Azula's deadly lightning bolts. It isn't clear if he's still alive but he wasn't seen since.

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