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Northern Water Tribe

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Northern Water Tribe




370 AG

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Dark brown

Eye color


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Pakoa wife, Althea daughter,


Pakoa, Althea, Dover, Sedgley, Erik, Anurna, Miko

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Chapter 4: The Northern Healers

Galen is one of the titular Northern healers of Chapter 4, and left the Northern Water Tribe with his family to travel the world.


Early Life

It is unknown why or when Galen and his family left the Northern Water Tribe, however Pakoa expressed that she doesn't want to tell the city's story when she meets the boys, indicating that their leaving may have something to do with the state of the city.
Some time prior to the story, he married Pakoa and received his second honorary albatross feather.

Meeting Team Avatar

In 421 AG, near Gao Lin Falls, Galen and his family were almost attacked by Anurna and her friends. When he revealed that they were also waterbenders like Dover and Sedgley, they shared the campsite by the river.
After enlightening the boys somewhat on their Water Tribe heritage over dinner, Galen noticed that Dover had taken a liking to the symbols on all of their Northern Water Tribe belongings. He then taught Dover what the albatross symbolised to waterbenders and explained the three honorary albatross feather ceremonies. These were at one's coming of age, a white feather is given to encourage freedom; matrimony, a brown feather is given to prove loyalty; and one's sixtieth birthday, a black feather is given to acknowledge wisdom.
The following day he continued to teach Dover about his heritage, before witnessing the fight between Erik and Anurna, warning the boy to be careful what he says to women. When the snow storm hit, Galen ordered everyone to tie down their belongings and take shelter in his tent. When their tents blew away and they were about to freeze to death, he, under Anurna's commands, helped keep them warm and dry until the blizzard died down. He and Dover were the only ones to notice an albatross fly through the storm clouds before the storm passed. The following day, his new friends left him and his family at Gao Lin Falls to head to Chan Dai, not before bestowing an honorary white feather unto Dover.


Galen is a boisterous, loud man who is always cheerful. He loves to embrace people with his animated arms and starts the day cheerily shouting good morning to everyone about. He is quite knowledgeable and well-read on the traditions of Northern Water Tribe culture, and finds nothing better than to teach it to waterbenders who know nothing about the sorts.
He always has the best intentions, and highly cares about his family and friends, yet, in fits of excitement, he may be a bit condescending to his wife, Pakoa. He doesn't enjoy conflict, and would rather swap stories or pluck a ukulele by the campfire than argue.



Galen's bending abilities were not highly delved into in the chapter. The only example of his bending being were when he, while Anurna tried to light logs on fire to keep warm, used his abilities to stop rain drops and snow from landing on them, creating a forcefield of sorts.


Although he was never shown to be able to heal, it is assumed from the title that he can. And, seeing as he knows a lot about Water Tribe ways of life, he may very well be quite good at it.


  • 'Galen' means 'calm.'
  • Galen's wristband has two albatross feathers on it; a white one and a brown one.
  • He and Dover were the only ones to see the Prince of the Sea throughout the events of the storm

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