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Air Nomads

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Earth Kingdom



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Rukon, Emma, Dannon

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Arms Dealing

Gaige is a master Airbender. He is also an orphan like Rukon; his family was attacked when he was nine. He was left with no arm; with the mechanical abilities his father taught him, he made himself a metallic arm. Gaige was also a great archer and used his bow often. He says he taught himself how to use a bow in case his bending was taken. Gaige gave his metallic arm special upgrades to use it for airbending.


Gaige was introduced in the episode "Arms Dealing" when Rukon was at the market and saw that Gaige was an airbender. Gaige, going through the situation of his family being killed, ran and used his airbending to try to fend off Rukon. When Rukon finally caught up, Gaige was crying in a corner, saying "Please don't kill me." Later he agreed to teach Rukon airbending


Gaige is a very powerful airbender, but also very kind, if you don't get on his bad side that is. Gaige is very masculine but a little bit feminine, an example is in the episode Disguise, when Emma comes out in a beautiful disguise, then he says "Girl, you look fabulous" also he has a wicked sense of humour. Even funnier than Sokka. Gaige is also a master of mechanics and can build everything with anything, he made a war machine with only metal scraps, his archery skills are as advanced as his airbending, he has many types of bows, corrosive, electric, fire, Triple and normal bows


Gaige's father was Arkus, when Arkus's wife gave birth to Gaige, they knew he would be a powerful airbender, Arkus taught Gaige to the best of his abilities, Gaige mastered all additions to his bending, without Eridium. Gaige also has a huge crush on Emma, Emma also secretly likes him, but she also likes Rukon.

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