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Fugitive Part 1

Gahn was an Earth Kingdom soldier captured by General Mung. He was the last surviving member of his unit following Mung's eventual execution of the entire group. He died during an escape attempt that liberated Shenji and Kuan.


Early Life

Gahn was born in 39 AG in a large Earth Kingdom town that was unaffected by the war. He learned Earthbending at a young age, mastering the art a few months after his twentieth birthday. Gahn eventually found a job and could afford a house, where he got married and had children. The family lived in peace for several years until the Fire Nation finally came to his town. The attack was unexpected and Gahn's family was killed in the battle.

Distraught with the loss, Gahn helped form a volunteer military unit. Gahn assumed a leadership role in the unit and served with the men for seventeen years. Eventually, the group came into contact with a unit lead by General Mung and several soldiers, including Gahn, were captured. Gahn was identified as the leader and was imprisoned in a metal cell. Gahn was forced to wait in the prison, with minimal rations, as his men were executed over a period of three years. Gahn lost hope after the last member of his unit was executed and he was to be kept as a prize of war. When Kuan was brought into his cell, Gahn began conversing with him over the period of their incarceration.

One day, another prisoner was brought in: a young Earth Kingdom soldier named Shenji. Shenji's friend and ally arrived in order to help him escape. In order to assist in the escape, the group allowed Gahn and Kuan to escape with them. After a massive confrontation, Gahn decides to stay in the camp to prevent a full scale army attack on the few escaping soldiers. Gahn remains behind, taking out several soldiers before eventually dying a valiant death.


Roku tea

Gahn having tea after an Earthbending workout in his youth.

Gahn was a capable Earthbender, perfecting his use of the art while never holding it in incredibly high regard. He is able to use earth effectively in combat, though he still remains hesitant to attack first.


Ingrained with a deep sense of justice from his father, Luo grew up both honest and patriotic. He has a strong sense of duty, believing that serving his country is the right thing to do. His feelings stem from the loss of his family and the desire to prevent others from facing that reality. He was highly intelligent and insightful while always offering advice to those who sought it.

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