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I sat by myself for hours. Sometimes I'd hug my knees and wish I had someone to talk to. I'd drift in and out of sleep over and over. I felt as though my life had been clogged with tremendous debris that would be nearly impossible to clear out.

I made myself get up onto my feet because of how unbearably bored I was. I would bend little streams of air and push leaves around and then pointlessly sob. I wanted to get off the island and get as far away from the Western Air Temple as I could. I couldn't stand being so close to a place that had so sternly rejected me after over seven years of commitment.

I wished I could get a lead pipe and bash-in the heads of every single nun and monk that had once taught me, inspired me, and encouraged me. I wanted to take the oxygen from their lungs, clog their throats with razors. Anger began to grow inside me like some sick cancer. I threw myself at trees and bit into their bark and later sat back down and sobbed more.

Suddenly, I heard the faint sound of mud squirting and splashing in-between monotonous marching. I jumped into a slew of brackish water and sat down among varieties of koi and turtles. Oh, how I wished I could live the pointless life of a koi fish. All they have to do to feel accomplished in their lives is find a nice piece of trash floating in a pond that they can suck on for a couple of days. As I sat in the pond, I watched a rather peculiar group of people pass by. Each person was dressed in heavy robes of black, yet they adorned their legs and arms with random placements of colorful beads and trinkets. In fact, they were extremely colorful, almost tribal in appearance. They were dragging two men behind, of which appeared to be Airbenders. They dragged these men with chains and whipped, spit, kicked, and cursed at them all the while leading them into what seemed to be a gopher-bear burrow.

I noticed that one of the men being dragged was, ironically, the person I had been waiting for to get me off the island. Vulpus said that he was going to take responsibility for what he did to me. He's done nothing of the sort. In fact, he may be one of the most irresponsible people I have ever met.

I randomly got out of the pond and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction of where the group was headed and sat down, once again, by a tree even more depressed than before. I began to weave some willow branches into a noose and solemnly fastened it around my neck. I had nothing to write a note with, and there was no way that the noose was strong enough to hold my weight. Once again, I rolled over into some soft moss and drifted back into a depressive sleep.

Have you ever been awoken by your heartbeat? Neither have I, but at the first few moments of my awakening, I thought I had been. The lowest and most horrifying thuds and clangs were rattling through the ravine where I was stranded. Moans and screams and laughter broke through whatever silence was left in the air.

Someone's icy hands gripped my hair and yanked me onto my feet. My hair held stead-fast but protested with the most immense pain that I had certainly ever experienced. I was surrounded by the sounds of drums, clanging metal, screaming, laughter, and moaning. My legs were tied, my mouth gagged, and my arms bound. I fell off balance and thudded onto my knees and was yanked forward onto the ground. My face smacked into gravel and I grimaced as my clothing was torn from my body. I felt myself being dragged across gravel for what seemed like hours. I could barely see anything besides some flickering torches out of the corner of my eye. I'm too pathetic to even kill myself now.

(End of Chapter Two)

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