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Katara and Akkotuk

Gadaq is a citizen of the Southern Water Tribe who would gain waterbending abilities following Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG. He would afterwards be trained by both masters Katara and Akkotuk, eventually becoming a waterbending master.


Early Life

Gadaq was born into the Southern Water Tribe in 144 AG and grew up being friends with many other children in the tribe, both from the wealthy and common families. Gadaq at times in his life felt ashamed that he hadn't developed the ability to waterbend but moved past it when master Katara assured him it was nothing to feel ashamed off. Gadaq lived a simple life in the tribe, and even found the best meat and other foods to present to master Katara and other waterbending masters. Throughout the Water Tribe Civil War, he aided several southerners away from the battlefield during Tarrlok's attack.

In 171 AG, Gadaq developed waterbending abilities following Harmonic Convergence. When Bagguk, Massakn and Cannaq attacked the tribe, Gadaq's waterbending helped protect him, showing his already proficient skill. Gadaq trained for a few years under both master Katara and Akkotuk's tutelage.

Eventually, Gadaq would master waterbending and become a teacher himself.




Despite having only having the ability to waterbend for a few days, Gadaq was already able to use his abilities for easy defences.

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