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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Gaang Junior Adventures is a fan-made expanded universe for Avatar: The Last Airbender, taking place about twenty years after the TV show. Five kids, children of the original Gaang, ran away from home and now travel the world, sailing the high seas in search of ADVENTURE!

Along the way, the kids meet both new and familiar faces, some driven by lust for riches or power, others by the thrill of adventures and the open sky, and some just trying to make their way in the relative peace of this new post-War world.

Characters Edit

Hayoda Edit

17-year-old non-bender

Hayoda is a strapping, outgoing young man with a flair for the dramatic. The older child of Sokka and Suki, he was raised on stories of his parents' heroic exploits during the war; this, together with his thrill-seeking nature, fostered an insatiable thirst for adventure. Thanks to his upbringing, Hayoda is an extremely fit and athletic teenager, more than capable of handling himself in a fight despite a lack of bending abilities. This is a good thing for him, since his ability to get in trouble has only become more powerful as he grows older. Although he has accompanied his mother and father around the world on many visits to their old friends, he still feels that his life has been dull and unremarkable compared to the amazing experiences they'd already had before they were his age. Determined to make his mark on the world before it's too late, Hayoda gathered his friends and set off in search of fame and adventure.

Irah Edit

16-year-old Firebender

Irah is a very pleasant and easygoing girl, well-spoken and personable. The only child of Fire Lord Zuko and his wife Mai, she is the Crown Princess of the Fire Nation, though like many other princesses before her, she sometimes chafes at the restrictions that accompany her station. Thanks to her parents and tutors, and her own creative passions, she is a particularly skilled artist, musician, and firebender. Irah is sensible, calm, and collected, but because she has lived a very orderly (though not unpleasant) life, Irah has become bored over time. So when her childhood friend Hayoda gives her the opportunity to sail around the world aimlessly, she jumps at the chance to have a little chaos in her life. For once in her life, she's decided not to think things through, and she's loving it.

Yi Lin Edit

15-year-old Airbender

Yi Lin is the older child of Avatar Aang and his wife Katara. She takes after her father, sharing both his talent at Airbending and his friendly, carefree demeanor. Yi Lin is happy to just see new sights, make new friends, and have as much fun as she can. Having spent much of her childhood traveling, she is at home wherever she rests her head. Although she enthusiastically embraces causes that she considers noble, her short attention span prevents her from becoming deeply involved in any of her interests. The one exception is her undoubtedly unhealthy obsession with speculating on the love lives of anyone and everyone she meets. She has even begun keeping a secret journal (disguised as a shipping log) in which she records "proof" of her theories, the connections only she can see; the largest sections are devoted to Ty Lee and Azula, and Toph and Captain Tom-Tom. Hearing of Hayoda's call to adventure through her brother, Tseng, and her best friend, Princess Irah, she eagerly joined them on their escapades.

Tseng Edit

13-year-old Waterbender

Tseng may be the younger of Katara and Aang's children, but his practicality and levelheadedness give him a sense of maturity and responsibility beyond his years. He dutifully practices Waterbending every day, and tries his best to keep his older sister Yi Lin out of trouble. Frequently irritated by Hayoda and Yi Lin's antics (and the fact that they ignore his advice because he's younger), he nevertheless has always stuck with them, claiming that they wouldn't last long without someone with common sense to watch over them, mediate their arguments and take care of unglamorous necessities like food, water, and navigation. To him, this latest adventure is just the latest in a long parade of childhood adventures that he's felt compelled to "chaperone." He dearly hopes that it won't provide too many opportunities to use the healing arts taught to him by his mother.

Yue Edit

12-year-old Earthbender

Yue is a shy, retiring girl, the younger of Sokka and Suki's two children and the youngest of the group. Quiet and rather timid, Yue often feels inadequate, embarrassed by her clumsiness, the fact that she needs glasses to see clearly, and especially that her Earthbending skills have always been mediocre at best. She loves nature, as both a methodical and observant botanist, and a warm-hearted young girl with a weakness for cute animals of all kinds. She can't seem to help finding new furry friends to follow her, such as her pet ocelot-raven cub Jiyi and the pangolin-otter Po that pulls the kids' boat. Yue greatly admires her big brother Hayoda, and wishes she could be as amazing as he is. She ran away from home with him out of a desire to prove that she can do exciting and adventurous things just like him.

Other Characters Edit

Other particularly notable characters include:

  • Toph and Captain Tom-Tom, hot on the trail of the Blue Flame. Tom-Tom is a Fire Navy soldier with a strong sense of courage, duty, and military discipline. For his first mission, he was ordered by Zuko to track down and retrieve his niece, Fire Princess Irah, along with her friends. Toph (or "Aunt Toph" to the kids) has not changed much over the past twenty years, and unlike her friends has never really settled down. Together they captain a Fire Navy vessel, traveling the ends of the Earth to return them safe and sound to their parents. Tom-Tom wishes Toph would act more professional, and suspects that she may also be purposefully allowing the kids to escape from them, in order to prolong the chase.
  • Azula, now exiled to a small island in the southeastern Fire Nation. While still intimidating, uncompromising and more than a little ruthless, the past twenty years have smoothed out some of her crueler edges, and her mental instability and delusions of grandeur are a thing of the past. For now, she seems content to stay by herself, tending the gardens around her house, even though she is no longer guarded or closely monitored. Her only "guard" is her once-again best friend, the Kyoshi Warrior Ty Lee, who comes and goes as she pleases. Azula has great affection for Irah, seeing much of herself, and much of what she wishes herself to be, in her niece, and always has a word of advice to lend when the kids drop by.
  • Nikiru, a young Northern Water Tribe princess. Groomed from birth to be a leader, she has lived a deeply sheltered life. When a terrible storm at sea sends Yi Lin overboard, Nikiru discovers her washed up on shore, and as they stay together at the North Pole, Yi Lin becomes Nikiru's first real friend. Utterly taken with the young Airbender, to the point of infatuation, she is always eager to hear more of Yi Lin's theories and ideas.
  • Jing, the lovely daughter of Jin and Haru, who run a tea delivery business (though she herself is no fan of the drink). She prefers the open road to her home of Ba Sing Se, and when she's not on a delivery job, she chooses to wander, entering beauty contests and signing up for mercenary work to pay her way. Her skills as an archer have proved their worth whenever she runs into the Gaang Jr, as adventure tends to follow in their wake. Jing is Tseng's girlfriend, and when not together on adventures, they send letter by messenger-hawk to each other.

Production Edit

Gaang Junior Adventures began in the summer of 2008 on an Avatar imageboard at plus4chan, soon after the end of the series. Discussion, brainstorming, and posting of new stories and art take place in a series of open threads on the board.

With the Avatar returned, the War over, and balance restored, the world of Gaang Junior Adventures is more light-hearted than Avatar: The Last Airbender. While there is danger and peril, it tends to be of the decidedly non-world-threatening variety. As inspiration for adventure on the high seas, many contributors turned to series like One Piece, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Many contributors have prided the "loose canon", "original character please steal" approach the development takes. Differing interpretations of characters or events exist, and while stories in GJr often refer to each other, they are usually more self-contained and episodic than in Avatar: The Last Airbender, without a set overarching plot or rigid seasons or timelines.

For the most part, contributors eschew the idea of making a unified, polished work, instead choosing to see the Gaang Jr. as something more malleable:

"Our motto, our creed, is that we can do whatever we want because they're just our action figures.

For those newcomers, allow me to explain. Remember when you were a wee lad and you had your Batman action figure team up with the Power Rangers to fight Magneto? You knew the good guys and you knew the bad guys. You gave Batman that gruff voice and you had Magneto talk about how great mutants are? You knew the characters and you knew their motives. That's all you needed to make your own stories and battles.

It's the exact same thing here. We have the Gaang Jr. We go "Here's their personalities, here's the things they can do. Go."

We're not here to set up a canon. We're not here to create a new animated series... We're just fine playing with our toys."

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