By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
"Great Britain" (GB for short)
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Water Tribe

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Southern Water Tribe


Killed by the Phoenix Blaster

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Katara, Aang, Weed, Korra, Alam, more...


Hougen, Blue

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Book 1: Water - Book 4: Air

Voiced by

Michael J. Fox

GB is an English setter from the South Pole.

Book 1: Water

GB first appears with Katara and Korra on an ice fishing trip. He at first didn't want to continue but with persuasion from Korra, he rushes ahead. But when he almost made it, he ends up tripping over Aang's body and freaks out. He helped bring him and Weed back to the village where they helped heal them. For most of the time he was mainly the one full of questions and kept asking stuff for most of the time they were in the North Pole. He decides to go because he doesn't need to be cooped up in one place forever.

At Kyoshi Island, he was settling into the land when Ty Lee came in and chi-blocked everyone. GB stayed up longer than the others and got their names first before the rest. He woke up all chained up and was the first to say Suki's name, which surprised her. When they were released, GB and Sokka went off for training for a while before they had to leave again.

In the North Pole, GB manages to stop Aang and Weed before they can chase after Blue. He and Ty Lee went to Blue in disguise, going under the name "DJ". He managed to get the job as a guard and he went off for patrol. He appears later with Ty Lee after Blue freezes Aang. GB quickly grabbed Weed and ran out of there before Katara snapped. He comes in afterwards and gets the now freed Korra and escapes the castle unseen.

Book 2: Earth

GB comes in alongside Weed when he was the first to get agitated when Katara returned. He tried to sleep, but he ends up waking up and went with Weed to check up on Katara. He and Weed were the only solo watchers to Katara's transformation due to the Lamprey worm. And he passes out.

The fallowing morning he tries to keep Katara a secret for a while until they can figure out what to do (which didn't work). When being guided to a wagon being pulled by an ostrich horse, he ends up stumbling and nearly gets run over if it wasn't for Smith-San.

During a stop and with Aang being trained by Toph, GB ends up snapping during a heated argument and desperately screams:


The fight stops immediately and GB walks off to get some fish (but really left to get some air). He tried to calm himself when Korra came and helped him out. He suggests that to go to the springs they past awhile ago since he thinks that they need it after the whole trip. But when Aang rushes off to ask Katara after hearing about the bending styles from Smith, GB stops him and promises that they will ask her after they were done (which they didn't).

He doesn't do very much after this until they reach Ba Sing Se and he shows up rushing after the same thief dog as Alam, getting rammed in the process. He asks Alam what he was doing here, but instead they ended up having a long talk, catching up to each other. It was during this that Alam and GB found out that they both had to deal with Blue at least once. After that, they both left. He shows up later on when he was looking for Katara with Sokka. While looking along the city walls, GB thought hard about what Alam had told him. But as he did, Sokka began to hurt a ton and GB tried to help. When it was done, he called off the search and decided to head back for Sokka's sake.

Later on GB charges into the chasum cell and tells the prisoners of the panic outside. He charges out with them and helps out Genba. He goes to the castle later on and hears what Hougen had to say. He and Alam realized he was lying and knock him along with themselves down the steep stairs leading to the castle. He tries to fight Hougen, but he was mainly beaten back. He stops the fight right away when Aang was attacked during the Avatar State.

Book 3: Fire

GB appears with the Fleet later on when Zuko and Tom were captured. He uses his expert tracking to good use and tracks down Blue's scent until they came across two crying Boars. At first he doesn't bother until Mel rushes down and he fallows him along with the others. He stays out of the way when they found Blue. He also stays quiet when the whole fleet found out about Katara's secret until he adds in that there can't be more than one Avatar.

Book 4: Air

GB didn't do very much at first until he and Weed went off to gather some Earth Kingdom trout to feed Mai. But as they were heading back, GB said that he wasn't sure if keeping Mai around is a good idea or not, adding in that trust can be a bit dangerous. But as the conversation went on, suddenly Boa Brothers bolt in and stole not only his hard-earn fish, but Weed as well! He quickly chases after them for a while, but was a bit late as he came after Kaibutsu saved Weed.

When Kaibutsu became a bit sick, GB told Tesshin that he's just tired from carrying the humans.

After Joe joined them, GB was getting very worried over Weed and Aang before they return to Ba Sing Se. He was getting more and more agitated when he was being asked what's wrong. He finally exploded at everyone admitting himself being worried and added that he couldn't help it being a coward, wailing and sobbing in the mean time. After his little episode, Joe decided to get him away from the crowd and brought him to a dry lake bed with a dead tree in the middle. Joe left him there as GB was thinking it over. But as he was looking at the tree, its branches gently touched his chest and head, somehow transforming his personality.

He appears later at the Ba Sing Se fighting arena where he comes in for a duel with Hougen! He and Hougen battled it out for a while until he was thrown To the upper balcony of the arena defeated, but not dead. When Team Avatar came in, and just before Aang was shot, GB jumped in and took the shot for Aang, remembering what Joe told him. His last moment he died a hero. But even after this he still helps Aang survive in a way, Aang holding onto his body as they had fell into a river to keep afloat. But however when Aang was found, GB's body was left in the river, never to be found.

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