Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Fushichō: Saga of the Five Gods in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Fushichō: Saga of the Five Gods
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Action/Adventure, Romance, Historical Drama


Hiroakira Fengxian


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Hiroakira Fengxian


Hiroakira Fengxian

Fushichō: Saga of the Five Gods is a fanon epic series created by Hiroakira Fengxian. It follows the lifetime of Hiroakira Fengxian, an orphan boy in the Fire Nation with powerful frebending potential, and chronicles his childhood as an adopted noble, his adolescence as he fights for his life during the last few years of The War, his role during the year of Avatar Aang's return, his struggles after the War and his growing rift with Firelord Zuko, and his eventual split from the Fire Nation during the Exodus War, leading a large group of emigrants beyond the edges of the known world. Fengxian later resurfaces during the reign of Avatar Korra as the Emperor of the distant land of Dunya, and while the new Emperor declares peaceful intentions, the events that follow threaten to once again throw the world out of balance, setting in motion a disaster so great and terrible that even the Avatar my not be able to stop it alone...

Story Arcs

Hiro's Childhood Arc

The day following a terrible typhoon, the young Princess Azula finds a small boy amid the debris on a beach on Ember Island, and names him Hiroakira. When a hostile dragon also washes ashore, Hiro, with no memory of any prior life, kills the dragon with an awesome display of firebending. With the suspicion that the mystery child may be the Avatar, Prince Ozai brings him to the Fire Nation Capital, and so begins the story of the Little White Dragon...

Fubai Dushi Arc

Torn from his only friends and the only home he has ever known, the preteen Hiroakira Fengxian is thrust into the chaotic and lawless Fire Nation colony Fubai Dushi. With neither sympathy nor comfort from his repulsive new guardian, Hiro will have to learn quickly that it is either kill or be killed on the mean streets of the city, where survival not only goes to the strong but also the clever and resourceful. The young firebender will also have to make allies in unexpected places and soon, as there are people in high places that want to see him disappear...

The Rangyi Rebellion Arc

The retreat of the Dragon of the West from the fortress city Ba Sing Se has caused nationalistic fervor to sweep across the lands occupied by the Fire Nation. Under an ambitious and ruthless earthbending general, rebels begin to strike at all things Fire Nation, leading to brutal atrocities which rival anything their fiery oppressors have committed. Into the fray marches the officers led by the new Captain Hiroakira Fengxian, in a desperate bid to help the Army keep hold of its hard-won lands. The savagery of war will lead Hiro on a journey across the Earth Kingdom, where he will fight new enemies, make new allies, and even have a long-awaited reunion with an old childhood friend...

Blood Road Arc

As the chaos of the Rangyi Uprising reaches new heights of inhumane bloodshed and destruction, a desperate bid to stop the murderous General Targutai turns into a disaster, leaving an entire regiment of Fire Nation archers on the run from the bulk of the rampaging Rangyi Army. Captain Hiroakira and his brave 9th Division are sent to rescue the fleeing soldiers, knowing full well that they are not expected to return. Tired, stranded deep in hostile territory, and cut off by an enemy closing in for the kill, Captain Fengxian and the men he leads will be forced draw on their deepest reserves of courage and willpower in a desperate last stand, and by the end of the bloody day an new legend will be born: that of the Devil of the West...

Return of the Avatar/Book 1 Arc

With the final defeat of the Rangyi a distant memory, the Fire Nation is once again on the road to total victory, and life in Fubai Dushi has returned to some semblance of normalcy. Bored out of his mind with nobody to fight aside from the occasional hitman or gang thug, 15-year-old Captain Hiroakira Fengxian decides to take his adopted little sister Haruka on a fishing retreat. But with the 100th anniversary of the War will come a dramatic change, and as a legend returns from the distant past, Hiro will have a chance meeting that will forever alter the course of his destiny...

The Imperial Knight/Book 2 Arc

Captured, disgraced, imprisoned and awaiting execution for a trumped-up charge, it would seem that Hiroakira Fengxian's lucky streak has finally ended. But when an old friend suddenly appears with the offer of a second chance, Hiro accepts, becoming a personal instrument of mass destruction, and the first name on the list is the very man that ordered Hiro's execution: Governor Tao Shui Wang. Now the personal Knight of the conniving cruel Princess Azula, Hiroakira, along with Azula's old schoolmates, the bubbly acrobat Ty Lee and the morose knife-thrower Mai, undertake a mission to hunt down a number of enemy targets, including Hiro's exlied best friend Zuko! But it is Azula's other main target that excites Hiro's fighting spirit: The Last Airbender Aang, the current Avatar-in-training! From the Prisons of Fubai Dushi to the lost underground city beneath Ba Sing Se with three pretty teen girls (and two not-so-pretty old ladies) in tow, the life of the powerful young firebender/air bender is about to kick into serious overdrive...

The Summer of Passion/Book 3 Part 1 Arc

The Fire Nation has finally conquered the last of the Earth Kingdom strongholds, Prince Zuko is once again heir to the throne and a national hero, the Avatar is seemingly dead, and Hiroakira has finally gained all the power, wealth, fame and glory that had been denied to him for so long. Still, with the loss of the greatest foe that he ever fought, Hiro has become somewhat depressed. Yet with the onset of summer and the triumphant return to the Home Islands, Hiro discovers a growing attraction to his childhood friend Princess Azula, an attraction that appears to be mutual. Romance aside, Hiro's troubles are not yet over. Beach trips, midnight tomb raiding, political intrigue, teen drama, a foreign invasion on the day of a Solar Eclipse, and the return of a figure thought gone forever, Hiro's summer is about to really heat up.

Summer's End/Book 3 Part 2 Arc

As the dust settles in the wake of the Black Sun Invasion and word spreads of Prince Zuko's treason and the return of the Avatar, Zuko's former supporter General Hiroakira Fengxian decides to act on his long-held dream and asks Firelord Ozai for the hand of Hiro's childhood sweetheart Princess Azula. But as the Firelord considers the implications of this union between the Fire Nation's most powerful families, Sozin's Comet draws ever closer and with it Ozai's genocidal plan for final victory. But even should Ozai give his blessing, events and betrayals threaten the Princess's stability. As his beloved begins to spiral into madness and Hiro unsure of how to help, what will become of these fateful young lovers? It's the end of an era, and as the sky glows red with the Comet's arrival, will Hiro be able to keep his vow to protect his beloved princess, or will he ultimately become the instrument of her utter downfall...?

Postwar/The Next Airbender Arc

Zuko claimed that the post-war recovery efforts would not be easy, but he severely underestimated the challenges ahead. The wounds of war run deep, and not many are willing to kiss and make up with the Fire Nation, new Firelord or not. Many are less concerned with building a foundation for the future than seeking vengeance for the past, and among the major targets for post-war leaders is Archduke Hiroakira Fengxian, the infamous Devil of the West. The War Crime Tribunal are out for his head, and having been plunged into despair upon hearing of his fiancee's death during Sozin's Comet, this may be one battle that Hiro lacks the will to face. Firelord Zuko, not willing to stand by and watch his oldest friend be railroaded to his death, enlists Team Avatar to do what they would've previously though unthinkable: Prove the Devil of the West innocent of the charges leveled against him by opportunistic Earth Kingdom politicians hoping to make the teenage noble a pariah. And even should they somehow succeed, their attempts at maintaining the hard-won peace may only be delaying the outbreak of another war...

The Fire Nation Civil War Arc

The Jiang Shi War Arc

The Exodus War Arc

The New World Arc

The Sun Messiah Arc

The Unity War Arc

The Johkell Arc

The Holy Empire Arc

The New Avatar Arc

Set during the events of the upcoming Legend of Korra series, this arc will reveal that the Tian Di Empire and it's mysterious Emperor Fushicho have made contact with the United Republic several years prior to the events of the series, and have already set up trading posts in Republic City in a manner similar to the British Empire's Sphere of Influence in Far Eastern trading ports. The Empire has also bought large amounts of land both inside and outside the city. Haruka Rong Yan is the current chairwoman of Wester Horizons International (Formerly Fengxian Heavy Industries), Chief Bei Fong's Godmother, and part of the only undefeated champion team in Pro-Bending history, having built Republic City's largest arena and owning several teams in her retirement from the sport. Unfortunately, she is also a high-profile target of the Equalists and several criminal syndicates, having survived a number of recent attempts on her life. As Avatar Korra and her trusty polar bear-dog Naga, arrive in Republic City to find the airbending master Tenzin, so does the mysterious and eccentric Prince Kira arrive to vist the newly-constructed Imperial Embassy, and to experience all that the city has to offer. This seemingly naive, jet-setting royal shutterbug is part of a vanguard to a visit from the Tian Di Emperor himself, to announce plans for the "Great World Expo and Fair", offering cultural and scientific pavilions to the other nations. But just who is this Prince Kira? What are the true motivations and intentions of the Tian Di Empire, and what hidden agenda do they have with the Equalist leader Amon? Why does this Empire have such powerful benders and such advanced technology? And why does Kira seem so interested in Korra, and seem know so much about Korra's previous life...?

This story arc will not be started until the Avatar: Legend of Korra series is released, so as to insure as much accuracy to cannon as possible.

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