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Kor, Hooded Woman

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The Assassin


Fuma was a mysterious warrior who appeared in the Earth Kingdom. Not much is known about his past and he seems to have no associates. He is only ever heard of as a bringer of death. His true name isn't even known, he is known by his enemies as simply Fuma (Wind Demon).

Before 930BG

Not much about his activities during this time are known. However a series of documents suggest he has been sighted throughout time. He is often spoke of in texts regarding ancient Avatars. Due to his agility and flexibility this information is highly speculative as Fuma is clearly still young in late 900BG.

930 BG Onwards


'Fuma attacks using his signature weapon'

Fuma reappeared around 918AG after a string of murders in the Earth Kingdom city of Isu. Fuma brutally executed his victims using a unique weapon, a steel blade attached to chain. Around this time Shinn was awaiting Xu Ki in an effort for revenge.

Fuma had caught Shinn's and his friend Ren's attention. They investigated and engaged him in a fight. Fuma clearly had an advantage as he easily overpowered Ren and Shinn. Fuma also demonstrated his weapon's second ability, Shinn pinned the chain against the wall so Fuma just detached the blade. Fuma was close to winning but Shinn, using Firebending, badly burned Fuma's eyes forcing the assassin to flee.

A few days later Shinn was escorting a convoy of troops to a nearby village when Fuma attacked again. Fuma used a mysterious black crystal to steal Shinn's firebending. Fuma quickly developed his new-found bending into his fighting style and attacked relentlessly. As the battle dragged on neither fighter gained an advantage. In the end the battle ended in a stalemate as Fuma left he gave some parting advice to Shinn about how his revenge could upset a fragile peace.

Fuma is present during Xu and Shinn's battle, however he is merely watching from the sidelines. At the end of the battle he is disappointed by Shinn refusing to kill Xu, this is quite mysterious as Fuma told Shinn not to kill him in the first place.


Fuma later watches the battle between the rogue monk Gyun and Shinn. After Gyun is badly wounded by Shinn, Fuma took the liberty of finishing him off. He then complemented Shinn's abilities before leaving the Avatar confused about what had just transpired.



Fuma was one of if not the most powerful non-bender in the world. His combination of acrobatics and deadly proficiency with his signature weapon made a deadly combo. His main weapon can be used at both long and short range with deadly accuracy. He, if nesscasery can detach the main blade from the chain to use it as a normal knife.


When Fuma uses the black crystal to steal Shinn's bending he quickly adapts his fighting style to suit his new power. He uses master level moves despite only have command of the ability for less than 1 hour. This shows Fuma can grasp bending easily and can use it to deadly effect and it also could mean he has used this ability before his encounter with Shinn.

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