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Messing with the Clouds



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December 13, 2013

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Bonus Chapter: Full Moon

Bonus Chapter: Full Moon

Katara bid farewell to Aang, and watched him hurriedly disappeared into his house and slammed the door shut. He had the serious case of the jitters and Katara could see that he was dying to go home. Even while talking to her, he looked back at his house constantly and for many times Katara had to get his attention.

The waterbender strolled leisurely towards the jasmine field behind her apartment, she stood just before the patch, and breathed in the smell of the flowers, the sweet scent left Katara smiling to herself.

She stared at the full moon, and she remembered... Hama.

"You have got to keep an open mind, Katara. There's water in places you never think about." Hama's voice was still livid in her mind, although she was unwilling to recall, she remembered everything Hama taught her, word by word.

It felt like Hama had cast some kind of spell to control Katara's mind, forcing her to have every word committed to memory.

Katara inhaled deeply, and reached out her arm. She closed her eyes, and focused. The moisture was more evident to her than ever before. She traced the air in a circular motion, liquefying whatever was there. And when she opened her eyes, and there it was, the water coating her fingers.

She moved her fingers, together, apart. The water on her finger moved with the motion of her finger. She froze the water on her finger, and liquefying it again, before evaporating it into the air. Such power.

She looked to the flowers, the Fire lilies she saw three years ago flashed through her mind. She remembered them fondly, though they reminded her of the darkest day of her life. Her memory was shattered as she remembered Hama, the memory too painful.

And the plain white jasmine flowers surfaced before her again.

"You can take it even further." Hama's voice echoed through her mind.

Katara felt a sudden urge rise through her. With a swift motion, she drew the water from dozens of Fire Lilies surrounding her, albeit they were her enemies. She stared at the water, long and hard. Soon it turned red. Katara gasped, and she released the water. It fell to the ground. But when she blinked again, all she could see was the clear, pure water that soaked the ground.

There was no hint of the dark red liquid anywhere.

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