By Gingalover Part of the Era After Gods continuity.
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Earth Kingdom




208 AG

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Batu, Mejiro, Akira, Okui

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Assassin (former)

Fukuro (袋帯) is a sadistic, merciless glassbender born in the Earth Kingdom.


Fukuro is a typical bad boy to most people. When it comes to subjects such as murder or death, Fukuro doesn't see it as much more than an everyday activity. In fact, he sometimes makes pretty messed up jokes about the subject. Fukuro is known to be very sadistic and is clearly capable to bending one's will with his silver tongue, though that's mostly shown when he's about to assassinate his targets.

Fukuro isn't really afraid to speak up his mind and often acts pretty tactless when it comes to wording. Even so, he makes up for it with his sharp wit. Since he'd been enrolled as an assassin, he has become desensitized, meaning seeing any gory or graphic incidents around him does not deter him in the slightest. His desensitization also makes him undeterred by anyone flirting with him. More often than not, he will just shrug it off, though enjoys flirting around with females himself. That kind of quality made him an excellent assassin in that regard. He's not really afraid to threaten anyone's life, it being a mob boss, officer, or some person of the street. His merciless attitude not only gives him respect, but also gives him a bad turn with officers.



Fukuro is the first bender to figure out how to manipulate and control glass-like objects in bending. He's able to easily control it with the simplest of movements and often uses glassbending in his battles. His signature method is smashing a window, or mirror, and using the shards like multiple blades against his opponents. This method he personally calls "Reflection Storm".


  • Since he's so merciless in his assassinations, a rumor has gone around that, if a target is spared by him, the target will receive great fortune and luck.

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