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Book 3: Earth Chapter 4: Hunter's Vendetta

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Book 3: Earth Chapter 4: Hunter's Vendetta

Fuchou is the murderer responsible for the deaths of Jushi's parents, a former bandit back in the old days before being wed and raising a child as a single father. He also a minor antagonist within Chapter 4 of Book 3 in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Fuchou, back in the old days was a bandit who took part in raids, heists, killing sprees and the like. Being neglected at youth by his parents he had grown to the life of crime. Joining a bandit group at the age 11, living off the land and its people along with his group. Growing up knowing banditry all his life.

Not much history is recorded of his early childhood years or that of his parents. When he was 19, they had came in raided a small village on the coast of a river. Killing most of its inhabitants and leaving some to die in the wilderness after robbing some valuables from the villagers. A particular family owned a weapon that was rumored to belong to an old legend of the village. If the raiders had taken it and sold it on the black market they would be rich.

The unnamed man defended his family and home, but fell to the young Fuchou, his wife was killed as well but he left the eight year old to spare. This eight year old was traumatized for life the boy came to be a bounty hunter named Jushi. The driver of the bounty hunter was to capture criminals and also to find his parents killer and take revenge.

After selling the weapon the bandits were ripped off each earning a small amount of money. Fuchou had quit the life of crime and traveled to a town called Huangshun where some friend lived. There he met a girl quite like himself actually. She bore him a baby girl, but much like Fuchou's parents she neglected the child and left Fuchou to raise the girl alone.

In the events of the chapter the Hunter's Vendetta, Fuchou and Jushi confront each other in a tavern within the town. He was intrigued on the new outsiders and planned on robbing them. Eventually it turned out that Jushi stood up to Fuchou before receiving the shock of his life. Looking eye to eye with Fuchou he was reminded of the man's recognizable face. Fuchou was the murderer of Jushi's parents, upon much dismay Jushi had observed Fuchou from a distance.

Confronting the killer he planned on revenge to avenge the murder of his parents, moving in for the kill Rong Yan had bent a wall of earth to block the attack against Fuchou. Fuchou held close to his child protecting her from any harm. A change of destiny was about to occur there that afternoon where Rong Yan and the group tried to convince Jushi that he's only going to make the little girl an orphan as well. Unaraq understood and shared his story about the death of his mother.

Bringing Jushi to his knees he surrendered his blades and Fuchou was left with his daughter alone, the man took a change of heart after that night.


Fuchou was an earthbender, having been taught earthbending by his bandit mates he knew enough to defend himself and enough to kill the innocent. Earthbending was the very tool he used to murder Jushi's parents. Although within the present day he hadn't used earthbending at all. The Avatar defended him and his daughter from harm coming from Jushi when he confronted his killer.



  • Unnamed daughter
  • Unnamed girlfriend


  • Fuchou means "vengeance" in Chinese.

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