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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Diary of a Soldier.

"Earthbenders! Bloody Tramps Always rolling around in the mud and don't even wear shoes!"
— Fu yong in The First Battle
"A twelve year old Avatar! I'll kill you with my bear hands! Hello Promotion!"
— Fu Yong on Aang
Fu Yong
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Fire Nation



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Firebending, Halberd

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Soldier (Pvt 1st Class)


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Fu Jian, Fu Quan

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The First Battle

Family Line

Fu Yong's military devotion did come from himself but from his ancestors of old. Their family were one of few to date back to the founding of the Fire Nation. With his great ancestor Fu Tzu being the founding member of its army. He spent hours reading his family's war diaries and trained in his family's unique art of combat. His aim to become the greatest Fu of all time!


Fu Yong lived a peaceful childhood on one of islands on the Fire Nation border. He was the latest in his family's line of warriors. He began training at the tender age of 6 under the mastery of his brother Fu Quan. He trained endlessly, in whatever weather. If it was the middle of a thunderstorm Fu Yong would be out challenging the water and creating flames despite the bad weather. At 15 he left school to become a Fire Nation cadet in his local Domestic regiment. He trained long and hard and was clearly the strongest on the base, He even defeated the trainer after just 3 months. At the age of 18 his father passed with his mother not long after. As such he quickly left for military training while his brother stayed to look after the island.

Diary of a Soldier

He set sail not long after and quickly began recording his actions so he could add to his family's legendary collection of war diaries dating back centuries. He lived under the belief that his family were one of few who could trace their ancestry back to mysterious War of Creation. He became popular among his shipmates and picked up his first war wound at the hands of a Waterbender.


Fu Yong is a man who values honor and family above all. He does have a casual humorous side but can switch between his two 'moods' instantly. He could be enjoying a drink when seconds later he'd be fighting in an Agni Kai. This again comes from his heritage and strict upbringing by his father Fu Jian. He also hates all other types of bending and at times can be very aggressive when talking about them. He also is very serious in battle and will look down on people that show emotions in it.

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