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January 19, 2014

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It's been a couple weeks since Korra's lesson with Kya. The day after, Katara was ready to teach Korra yet again. Within the time span of the past weeks, Korra has learned moves that have been taking her more than a day of training to complete. Currently, Korra has been working on her newest move called the ice dome. So far, Korra has mastered making the dome, but it's difficult for her to fully complete it without an actual opponent. Today is Korra's third day of trying to master the ice dome. Tonraq and Senna have just dropped Korra off at Katara's house as the lesson has begun.

"I know you've been having a difficult time trying to master the ice dome move--" Katara explained to Korra.

"Tell me something I don't know," Korra replied angrily.

"But I have just the thing that might help you master the move by today." Katara walks up to her homes' door, opening it calling out Sokka's name. Sokka has been visiting his sister ever since her illness, and plans on retiring from the Republic City council so he can spend the rest of his life in the Southern Water Tribe. Sokka, looking tired and hungry, walks out of Katara's home grumpy.

"Katara, you know I have a rule about waking me up. Only I wake myself up," Sokka says while stretching.

"Sokka, this is important, I need you to help with Korra's lesson today. She's been having difficulties trying to master the ice dome, and we could use you as the subject of her prey," Katara explains.

Sokka can't help but recall on all the times that he was used as a "dummy" or "subject". He always felt like he was nothing more than a rag doll being tossed around from person to person. "Why do I always have to be the one that gets practiced on?" Sokka asked. "Why can't you be Korra's subject? I'm a person too!"

Katara then remembered all the times Sokka felt less important because he's not a bender. She remembered all the times Sokka felt down on himself and needed cheering up on who he really is. "I know we relied on you a lot when we were younger, but I promise this will be the last time I'll ever ask for you to be the subject of anyone's bending training," Katara swore. "Also, I need to help instruct Korra on what she needs to do during the move, and so we need someone that can be a more challenging target."

Even though Sokka knew his sister was getting him into this lesson by flattery, he couldn't hold back on the offer of it being the last time he'd be someone's subject of bending lessons. "More challenging, you say?" Sokka questioned. "Alright, I'll play along, but only because it'll help Avatar Korra."

Katara smiled over her brother's come-around. Korra also seemed happy knowing that Sokka was going to be a big part of her training today. Mainly because Sokka always knew how to make her laugh, but she knew that today would be different since Sokka himself has to take the training seriously.

"Alright Sokka, in order for you to make this lesson just a little more challenging, instead of standing around like a sitting turtle-duck, I want you to try running as fast as you can as if you're trying to dodge Korra's wrath," Katara explains as she and her brother walk further out in the snow.

Sokka raised his eyebrow. "Well I hope you don't expect me to run too quickly!" Sokka exclaimed. "We're not as young as we used to be, and as far as I know, I probably run as fast as a turtle-seal can waddle!"

This made Korra laugh. She laughed so hard, she fell over, landing bottom first into the snow. She was caught off guard at first, but then started laughing again.

Sokka smirked towards Katara and said, "At least someone appreciates my comical humor." Katara rolled her eyes at Sokka and started walking towards Korra. "Okay, okay, that was pretty funny of my brother to say, but we need to focus now, Korra," she said.

Korra immediately stopped laughing in the snow and stood up, getting into her stance. "Okay, Korra," Katara began. "What I want for you to do if make an ice dome like you've been doing, except capture Sokka inside as if he's a criminal."

Korra was a little skeptical of this idea, looking very concerned. "But what if I hurt him?" She asked sadly. "What if something goes wrong and I end up freezing him or something?"

Katara kneeled down to Korra's height, putting her hands on her shoulders and explained that she's been practicing the move for the past couple days now, and that there shouldn't be anything she needs to worry about. This assured Korra, but not a lot. Still, she began to bend the snow on the ground into water the second Sokka started to run. And Sokka, as he predicted, was not running very quickly. She managed to bend an ice-like prison around Sokka, making it too thick for him to break through, and too high for him to jump over. She continued to bend more water around him, moving her arms around from left to right and up and down. The water started to form a dome-like shape around Sokka, and she finally had it frozen around him. At last, she had him fully trapped in an icy dome. She was about to jump in victory over her completing the move, but then disaster struck. The dome was not thick enough, and it broke, shattering into a billion pieces, all falling on top of Sokka, scraping him all over his body. He yelped in agony, and fell, for the pain was overwhelming himself. Korra, just stood there watching it all happen in unsatisfying awe. Her jaw was open and her eyes were watching as if the pair of them could feel the pain.

"SOKKA!" Katara cried out, as she ran as fast as her aging self would let her to him. Korra, following behind her, rushed as fast as her legs would let her, but she felt as if she'd never get over to them.

But in no time she did make it to the siblings. Sokka laid on the ground, still in pain from the pieces of ice. Korra felt terrible. She felt like what just happened was all her fault. Tears started to roll down her face and she yelled, "THIS IS ALL MY FAULT! I SHOULD HAVE NEVER BENT THE WATER AROUND YOU!"

Korra was still feeling upset, but she couldn't stand the idea of letting the siblings see her cry. She was also so frustrated with herself that without thinking, she just took off, and started to run into the distance. "KORRA!" Katara yelled at for her. "COME BACK!"

Katara sighed and looked down in disappointment, but became more focused on Sokka, because he started to stand up. "No," Sokka said weakly. "You stay here and call Korra's parents, I'll go find Korra. She can't get too far away as small and young as she is," he said, still trying to recover. Before Katara could object to Sokka going after Korra, he began to fast walk in the direction Korra ran off.

Sokka tried to run, but he was still too weak from his injuries, so he did a light jog. He kept calling out her name, in hopes she'd answer back, but never did. All he could do was follow her footsteps, which kept leading him further and further away from the village, and more into the endless lands of snow and ice. Finally, into the distance, he saw a blue figure, and called out Korra's name once more. He could tell that the figure turned around, and started charging right for him. It was Korra, who was more than ever so happy to see Sokka on the inside, but was still crying on the outside.

Korra finally made it to where she would be face to face with Sokka if she was taller. "How are you alright?" Korra asked while sobbing. She was almost choking on her own tears. "Why would you come find me after what happened?"

"Because I'm not mad at you," Sokka explained. "It was just an accident. I'll be okay. A few scratches could never stop me." Sokka held out his hand to Korra. "Come on, lets go back to Katara's house," he ordered.

"Forget it!" Korra yelled. "I'm done with waterbending! I'm done with this training! What's the point of this if I accidentally hurt people that I care about? I want to hurt people I don't like!" Korra sat on the ground, still crying and pouting. Sokka decided to sit down right next to her, and put his arm around her to comfort her. "Well I'll tell you something," he began. "Accidentally hurting the people your closest to is a part of life. It doesn't matter if it's physically or mentally, you're going to hurt the people you love all the time, but it happens. It won't feel good, but it happens. And running away doesn't make it any better, so just keep that in mind too."

Sokka took his thumb and gently started to wipe away the last of Korra's tears. Next thing he knew, Korra was smiling and jumped right into his lap, hugging him tightly. "I'm sorry I caused so much trouble. I was just frustrated over not getting the move right."

"You did get it right, it wasn't your fault that the ice broke," Sokka said as he stood up, with Korra still in his arms. "Okay, ready to go now?" he asked her. "Okay," Korra replied.

As Sokka and Korra, now becoming hand in hand walked back towards the village, Sokka said, "Don't ever run away. Last time an Avatar ran away, he froze himself in a block of ice for a hundred years. Way to go, Aang."

The duo returned to Katara's house within an hour. There, Katara was waiting, along with Tonraq, Senna, and some White Lotus members. Once the siblings could see their faces, Katara walked up happily to her brother, hugging him tightly, thanking him for bringing Korra back safely. Korra's parents were relieved to see her, but told her she'd be punished for what she did.

"Looks like we'll have to be present at all training lessons now," said one White Lotus to the others.

Korra apologized to everyone for what she did. Everyone accepted the apology, and Katara even told Korra that she really did complete the ice dome move, it's just a common side affect for it to shatter while exposed to sunlight. Korra celebrated this news, and even Sokka himself celebrated with her, hugging her once again.

Sokka became one of Korra's best friends. In fact, at that time, till Sokka's future death, Sokka was Korra's best friend.  

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